Kashmera Shah: I don’t have silicon breasts like others

Kashmera Shah is staying true to her bold and outrageous image. After coming out with a bare-all calender recently, the actor fights off accusations about going under the surgeon’s knife and photoshopping parts of her body to create the hot look for her calendar

There have been murmurs about how the quirky Kashmera Shah has gone under the brush to get her hot look in the recent calendar, and the actor is definitely not amused by all this talk. “Only the backgrounds have been photoshopped. And in some places the colour of my hair. Neither did we add any abs nor did we remove any flab to make me look thinner than I am. I have worked out for months and lost a lot of weight to prepare for the photoshoot. So no one can take the credit away from me,” says Kashmera.The sexy actress feels that the top female stars need to push the envelope when it comes to doing shoots. “When I watch the songs and photoshoots done by top stars, I feel they are very talented and that they can do so much better! They don’t really push the envolope. I wanted to do a bold, edgy and outrageous calendar as that is who I am! I have done over 40 films. I have survived in the industry for 10 years not because of my controversies! I am an actor first and then an item girl or whatever else. At least, I don’t have silicon breasts like others. Mine are natural!” she says, in her inimitable bold way. Is a certain Rakhi Sawant listening?