Katrina Kaif and Sushmita Sen get all sporty!

The two babes were spotted at their casual best recently. While Sush looked cool in track pants and tank top, Kat’s all black avatar disappointed us

Bollywood babes have always been extremely diligent when it comes to sweating it out in the gym. But looks like ‘outdoor exercising’ is the new thing. So while we love the way Sushmita Sen is displaying her penchant for keeping fit by strutting on the streets in her uber cool track pants, tank top, with her ears glued to the iPod, Katrina Kaif’s fitness ensemble disappointed us a bit. The overall black shade made her look way too thanda. A pop of colour wouldn’t have harmed you Kat. And especially if you wear that on a gloomy rainy day, imagine what it will do to your mood.

However, we like the zest of these stars and the way they are coming out on the streets and displaying their discipline for fitness. While Sush cracks the ‘how to look cool in tracks’ style code perfectly, we hope the next time around Kat ditches the all black style for something more bright and vibrant!