Katrina Kaif beats Deepika Padukone to be on the numero uno position

Katrina Kaif beats Deepika Padukone to be on the numero uno position

As per industry experts, the success of Dhoom:3 and Katrina’s sensational act in the blockbuster has stormed back to the number one position

Katrina Kaif, out of choice, did not have a single release for over a year. There were some who questioned that decision, considering Deepika Padukone had managed to make a mark with four successes in Kaif’s absence. But the unparalleled success of Dhoom:3 has changed the equations all over again. The film is on its way to be declared as Bollywood’s biggest hit ever. And Kat’s sensational act in the film has dwarfed the competition. Looks like Kat saved the best for the last — no wonder industry experts now believe that with D:3, she has reclaimed her position as the undisputed Numero Uno actor in the country.

When Kaif chose not to do any film until Dhoom:3 released, there were skeptics who believed she was making the wrong move. Industry watchers felt that this gamble wouldn’t work because ‘what would she have to do in an Aamir Khan film anyway?’

But Katrina followed her mentor Aditya Chopra’s belief in her. And her confidence bore fruit. No heroine in the franchise (Dhoom) has benefited as much as Katrina. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did make a huge impact in Dhoom:2 but the star of the show was easily Hrithik Roshan. However, in the latest installment of the series, Katrina is very much a factor for the repeat audience. Says a leading distributor from the North, “You have to see the reactions to Katrina’s introduction song. Yash Raj did the best thing by not revealing much of the song on television.”

The year was tough for Katrina. She didn’t have any release; her personal life was under scrutiny. And then there were people who tried to hit her professionally by speculating about her marriage. The last big voice to resonate that was Kareena Kapoor Khan’s on Koffee with Karan. Needless to add, Katrina quickly corrected that stating that she had no such plans in the immediate future.

It has been a good year for Deepika Padukone and one cannot ignore her successful run at the box-office. Maybe if Dhoom:3 hadn’t created history like it did, Deepika would have been on a stronger wicket. But Adi Chopra’s all-time blockbuster just keeps getting bigger with every passing day. Most importantly, Katrina has a larger role to play in its success and that’s something that the audience as well as critics have agreed upon.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh cannot believe how strongly Katrina has struck back. “She has certainly got back with a vengeance,” he says. “One hit benefits everybody and changes the whole box-office popularity of a star. Katrina is definitely one of the main reasons, apart from Aamir and the Dhoom franchise, that D:3 is such a big hit. Katrina is still super hot.”

“It’s difficult for Deepika or any actress for that matter to have another year like the year gone by — where you have three successes,” says a top exhibitor. “And then one film that is so huge, so beyond reach and so striking comes along and changes everything. Deepika will never have a year again when her closest contemporary, Katrina Kaif, won’t have a single release. That time has come and gone.”

The year 2014 will see the battle of supremacy getting fiercer. Katrina is well settled at the top once again. She has Bang Bang with Hrithik and Kabir Khan’s next with Saif Ali Khan as her next big ones. But it’s not just her. Deepika now has to watch her guard from even Parineeti Chopra and Anushka Sharma, who’re tremendous performers and have a good slate of films coming up.

Trade speak

She is the only heroine to have a Rs 300-cr film: Komal Nahata

It was presumptuous and wrong of people to write off Katrina Kaif just because she didn’t have any releases this year.She was always in the top bracket and with the huge success of Dhoom:3 she has shot up even more. Apart from breaking records like the fastest Rs100 crore bracket etc the film will soon cross Rs200 crore and estimated to gross R s300 crore in its lifetime figures.

She will then become the first and only heroine till now to have a Rs 300-crore film. While many things contributed to the success of Dhoom:3, including Aamir Khan, Katrina’s song Kamli has tremendous repeat value. I have had many people tell me that after watching Kamli they were ready to walk out kyun ki unka paisa vasool ho gaya!

She’s back on top: Vikas Mohan

Whatever Katrina has done it’s a tremendous job and she has given 100 per cent to her performance. If people had been writing her off it’s because of her own stupidity! She wasn’t seen on screen the whole year. She has signed some good films next year — they become hits and she will be right back on top again!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    that is where she belong, she will be there for the next 10 or 20 years to come, thank you for putting it here, she deserve it,

    • Soraya Sameera

      Yessssss she doesssss

  • desigirl424

    Pretty obvious that Dhoom 3 would break tons of record at the box office because of the franchise and Aamir. Just saw it recently, and kat had such a small role. She may rule at the Box Office, but never ever at acting. Number one isn’t just at the BO, but only in acting as well.

    • Soraya Sameera

      Are u stupid or just a jealous biatch
      listen carefully biatch katrina is the most successful actress in bollywood despite her acting ability and u know that very well
      Whether she had a small role or not she is crowned the box office queen once again beating cheapika
      Every movie that katrina will be a part of whether small or big is superhit
      The 3 khans salman aamir and shahruhk also believe this soo u need to shut the fuck up about katrina because she is very talented and amazing
      the best actress
      go and kill urself please

      • desigirl424

        i think your a stupid bitch for not even noticing huge difference between katrina and Deepika. See the thing is, kat is always noticed as an arm-candy. And katrina talented? lol! Good joke silly bitch. Which movie JTHJ? Yeah, she was that talented that people fell asleep when she tried to do an emotional scene. She got lucky when she was dancing because that’s the only highlight of her role in the movie. Same as in Dhoom 3, she had less footage because she cant act and its good so she wouldn’t ruin the film with her so-called acting. Also, how is Deepika cheap? Having 5 back to back hits along with critical appreciation is cheap? Then it proves your a jealous bitch and you should stfu. Also, Cocktail, Ram-Leela had no huge star cast and yet it was a hit. That is called an achievement, something your kat will have trouble achieving. And no, why would I kill myself? Just because I have no interest for an untalented person. As usual, kat fans like you are delusional.

        • Soraya Sameera

          Okay everyone is entitled to their own opinion but ur opinion is just pathetic, beyond pathetic
          Katrina is the most successful despite what she’s noticed for, I have never come across such a stupid person….
          I don’t even think u know what talented means, please go and make urself understand bitch then maybe if ur smart u would understand y katrina is the most talented
          stupid people like U with no brain think and believe that just because the word “actress” has the word act in it than u have to be the best at acting but that’s not how it works, cause if it was like that then half of these actresses wouldn’t be here in this industry including ur deepika who has no talent what so ever
          Before u assume, go and get ur facts right on dhoom 3 and what Katrina’s role exactly was and y she did the movie
          she didn’t fuckin have less footage because she can’t, that’s how the movie was supposed to go and that’s with every dhoom movie.
          dhoom 3 was a massive hit not only because of the franchise and aamir but because of katrina
          How is deepika cheap???? Well she has a fake personality, that should explain everything
          Who cares if she had 5 hits, she was noticed after 5 hits don’t u c the difference between deepika and katrina
          Katrina was noticed after 1 hit, it took deepika 5 to reach the top and get noticed
          And please biatch y would I be jealous of deepika srsly she’s just a plain and boring tree
          these days a lot of movies have no huge star cast yet they make 100 croes, theirs something called storyline, directors and music that make it a hit, u need to grow a BRAIN
          that’s sooo not called an achievement! something u will have trouble understanding since deepika can never be 1 around katrina
          katrina is very talented so please go fuck urself and I’m not being delusional, it’s the truth
          They always say the truth hurts that’s y it makes jealous, brainless and blind people like u talk
          If ur gonna reply it better be good and worth me reading it

          • desigirl424

            i dont think i need to f*ck myself for not liking an untalented person as i said before. It makes sense that i will be F*cked up if i say kat can act. Also, no need to be jealous of a person who is called a star thanks to her Godfather Salman khan and again cannot act. But again, kat will still have hits because of her co-stars and her non-acting. kat’s stardom is way to easy compared to Deepika who actually worked hard with her acting and doing different roles. How is Deepika a tree? Because of her height. I think i made a mistake. Your not jealous of Deepika, but your just a bloody hater. Yes i do have a brain thank you. I have a brain to chose a talented actress like Deepika over an untalented expressionless person like katrina.

          • Soraya Sameera

            ur comebacks are just useless, all ur doing is repeating urself and ur not even making a good point
            U obviously got cut and u know I’m right
            open ur brain biatch, acting isn’t the only thing that matters in this industry, is that so hard to understand
            I’m not bothered nor do I have the time to explain to u
            Deepika worked hard for a reason and where did she learn this hardwork from??? Katrina ofcourse, she even admits in an interview…..
            “Deepika doing different roles” this just proves how pathetic and brainless u fuckin are, I can’t believe I’m explaining this to u but anyway every movie has a different storyline therefore every actress plays different roles, so basically theirs nothing unique about that
            Glad u realised that I’m not jealous of her but I’m a hater
            u CLEARLY don’t have a brain so please grow one
            Katrina isn’t the best in acting but she is above average and I’m sure ur not a director to make a statement on her acting ability
            If directors are praising her and stuff, then who are UUU?
            Katrina has a lot of talent and u either just don’t want to accept it, ur having trouble understanding the fact that she’s the best.
            “Katrina’s stardom is way too easy compared to deepika” excuse me bitch if her stardom was easy then deepika would have been 1 but like I have said deepika will never be 1 around katrina

          • desigirl424

            well excuse for having a crazy bitch like you having me repeat my thoughts on katrina being a bad actress, and her stardom being way to easy. But if you want something different then people on KWK rank katrina last on acting abilities. Also, I think you dont have a brain, saying kat is better than Deepika. lol! kat cant do Cocktail, YJHD, CE, or Ram Leela. All she has is dance, acrobats, which are nothing compared to acting.

          • Soraya Sameera

            OMGGG I can’t believe this, ur repeating urself again and again and u know what it ain’t working bitch
            what exactly are u?? Some motherfucking anon behind the computer screen talking crap, ur opinion isn’t gonna matter so stop repeating urself, it’s getting really annoying and boring
            Ur a no body to claim and make unnecessary statements on katrina and her acting, ACTING is not the only thing that matters when are u gonna understand that
            I understand that everyone is opinionated and I’m not telling u to agree with me but I do expect u to understand better because I have been giving u really good reasons and ur reasons on deepika is just she can act better that’s all ur saying, and that’s not enough, ur reasons are pathetic
            And I do have a brain for saying katrina is 1 and the more better actress because I understand that acting isn’t the only thing that matters and I also know what talented means unlike u who is still tryna figure out
            Yjhd, ce and ram leela was Katrina’s movies, she was chosen first for those roles so what do u mean by she couldn’t have done those movies
            I’m positive that the directors know better than u so stfu
            Please please grow a brain
            God help u UR SOOOO DUMBB

          • desigirl424

            lol! itna gusaa kyun? Firstly, Deepika was approached YJHD first, then kat, then either anu, then back to Deeps. I think your really dumb to say that katrina was offered CE because the only three names were Deeps, Bebo and Asin. Thirdly, its doubtful that katrina was considered for Ram Leela because Bebo was the first choice. But to think of it, i think senseless and dumbass people like you would enjoy it with kat as the lead, whereas people know the difference between acting and non acting would definitely say katrina ruined the film with her bakwas acting. What’s that you said? Acting is not the only thing that matters? Are you just trying say that because your fave katrina cant act. wow your so delusional and stupid. The whole point of being called an actress is knowing how to act. Unfortuneatly, kat is not an actress. She is only a good dancer, and a star. Your telling i dont have a brain? yea right! If Deepika couldn’t act, then I wouldn’t consider her as one of my fave. Also, katrina’s only #1 in terms of Box Office, not in Acting.

          • Soraya Sameera

            OMFG, unbelievable
            To begin with go and get ur information right before u talk nonsense on which actress was approached what and when
            And NOOO u dumb fuck, I’m not saying acting isn’t the only thing that matters just because of Katrina’s acting ability so stfu and stop assuming
            are u tryna fuckin tell me that every fuckin actress is the best in acting just because they have the word act in their career name
            Honey if it was like that 80% of the actresses/actors wouldn’t be here in bollywood today they would be in search of a new career u idiot, I’m soo speechless at how dumb u are and I feel like I’m explaining this to a 5 year old
            How stupid can u srsly get???
            OMG please, just fuck off, I’m getting bored and annoyed at ur dumbness

          • desigirl424

            seriously girl, i dont want to continue on with this. I told you i made my point and find out for yourself what is and isn’t the meaning of acting. Acting is something you can find in Cocktail, CE, or Ram Leela. Non-acting would just give you expressionless, an only good in dancing. The rest is all up to you. We’re done here God bless you.

          • Soraya Sameera

            I can’t fuckin believe that I wasted my time on u explaining things and yet u dumb fuck still don’t understand
            what makes u think I wanna continue with this, ur the one who was and still is having trouble understanding things
            ur not even making sense and ur far from making a point biatch
            god bless me LMAOO ur the one that needs its blessings….
            we are soo done here and just to make it clear, katrina is 1 and will always be
            Now escort ur self bitch bye xx

      • Kat’s Buff

        she’s a born hater of katrina! She myt be using deepika against her here.On some other articles she uses PC,or otherS

  • abc

    Balls!!!!I feel like laughing :P

  • abc

    if u people call her number one for the role she played in dhoom 3 i must say u hv no idea abt judging a film. one earnest request plz don’t make such useless pages!

    • Soraya Sameera

      Katrina has always been number one, looks like u don’t know how to read
      2013 katrina had 1 release so that put her in 2 now she’s back because of how successful dhoom 3 was biggest box office collection ever
      Dhoom 3 was awesome biatch and one small request keep ur useless words to urself

  • xyz

    R u kidding wid me????? RIp acting skills see only BO collections ryt????? Bcoz of reviews given like this we audiences r misguided about movies. It’s very sad that u don’t know talent and money r 2 separate things. Money cannot measure talent bro :) article’s a big big big piece of shit!!!

  • kwanjai

    Katrina beating Deepika? What a bunch of bullcrap. Kat cannot act at all. She may be more beautiful but she has no talent whatsoever. Deepika may not have white skin and be considered beautiful like Katrina in most people’s eyes, but Deepika is far more talented and versatile compared to Katrina. Katrina only had 1 successful movie for the year whereas Deepika had 4 successful movie for the year. Now, who is more successful? So what if Dhoom 3 may become the most successful Bollywood movie in history? At least Deepika’s movie “Yeh Jewaani Hai Dewanee” made it to the top 3-5 with Ranbir Kapoor, the man whom is supposedly “dating” Katrina and whom is also Deepika’s ex-boyfriend.

    • Soraya Sameera

      are u fuckin serious, deepika more talented than katrina LMAOOOOOO
      well at least ur admitting to the fact that she is more beautiful than deepika
      Katrina is by far the most successful and talented actress, I don’t even know y people compare katrina to deepika like SRSLYYY deepika should be compared to a tree because it’s tall and plain just like herself
      it’s not Katrina’s fault she had only one release in the year 2013, dhoom 3 saved for the last but the best, katrina is very talented and if u can’t c that in dhoom 3 (songs) then theirs something really wrong with u
      who cares if deepika had 4 successful movies like soo what and are u dumb katrina kaif has had way more success than deepika we are not referring to 2013 here only but 2007-2013 if u compare their success from their than it’s katrina all the way

  • ravi

    This artical is wholely based on the reaction audiences gave to katrina in dhoom3. People wanted to see more of katrina. The theaters were filled with wissilts n claps at katrinas entry. No other actress other than madhuri had such reaction from audience till date. This artical had to come someday as reply to neumorus artical how deepika replaced katrina everywere. Trade people had to clear that katrina is still hottest and very much in demand of all the top actress in the btown when it comes to audience. Well now finally timex celebex top actress, all surveys of katrina being top choice of public n this artical is tallying . And no.1 is not just acting or I feel sonakshi as pakhi n sonam as zoya were far far effortless than deepika. Deepika has tried hard n made improvement but she is not epitome of acting .

    • Soraya Sameera

      OMGGG thank uu someone here has a brain
      Totally agree

  • Allishh

    I knew it that only Katrina is only bollywood heroine who has Karizma to beat anyone she has super stardom the way she act in dhoom 3 is tremendous indeed she is the most sought out acress of bollywood.And deepika has nothing over it she is gone

    • Soraya Sameera

      Totally agree
      deepika can go fuck herself up somewhere

  • Kanza

    Wow… Katrina rocks in dhoom3 what a dance she pulls out is amazing good job she has something which attracts us

  • Nitisha

    Kat is the best and this is a fact kat ke samne
    Aish ashes ban gayi toh deepika Kya hai
    And in fact frm Elle magazine she comes frm the best international star IT’S A FACT

  • Nitisha

    Love u kat we love to see new things frm u
    Not that crap lungi dance

    • anu

      i think u don’t have a brain to think about deepika. deepika stands 1st when compared to katrina. if u don’t believe me then ask anyone in film industry that “who is a better actress deepika or katrina?” watch “koffee with karan”. in that everyone says that deepika is better than katrina. ok? did u undertand stupid crap felliow???

      • Nitisha

        deepika is no1 in dreams hahaahahahah

  • Harry

    Katrina factor had worked for Dhoom 3, she is the only actress who can sideline Amir khan.
    The crowd was out of control on Katrina’s entry in d movie.
    Though Deepika did good job in 2013, Katrina has stolen whole attention in a single movie !For deepika its not.possible to get No1 slot !

    • Soraya Sameera

      OMGGG IKRRRRRR truest thing
      deepika got attention after 4 fuckinn movies while katrina got soo many attention after 1 movie
      audience was uncontrollable even in America and australia

    • desigirl424

      lol! how did expressionless katrina can sideline the Perfectionist?

      • ann

        Agree , I cannot not understand why people like this stupid Katrina .
        Deepika received 4 back to back hits but still people think that Katrina is better .

  • Amy

    I’m currently laughing at all these hate comments. If you really think Kat is rubbish actor then why is she at the position she is at now. Deepika is good yes but then why did Kat get such a good reaction from Dhoom 3 it’s only you few jealous ppl who don’t think so

  • tenzin lhamo


    • anu

      just go 2 hell! got mad? if katrina will be 5-10 years then deepika will be 15-20 years. think with your brain and tell that deepika is better than katrina. i’ll get headache if i see katrina.


    kat is always no-1 position….

  • jack

    Katrina is d bst. No deepika can beat her in ny way .deepika was n is n will b a bullshit .kat is d nly actress who is vry beautiful leaving ash n deepika , vry far away. She is d nly actress who has a charm 2 entertain ppl wid her spectacular moves n a perfect feminine figure. …love u Katrina