Katrina Kaif dines with Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Singh!

Katrina Kaif dines with Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Singh!
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The couple, who are said to be in a hush hush relationship, were recently spotted dining at a high end restaurant

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s relationship has got the green signal from the Kapoor kid’s mum Neetu Singh – well, at least that’s what the buzz suggests.While mommy dear was a li’l hesitant about giving her nod to Deepika Padukone, with Kat she doesn’t seem to have the slightest of reluctance.

We thought all this was mere gossip and a piece of hogwash and there’s nothing between them apart from plain dosti. But it all started to smell and sound a li’l fishy when the two secretive birds were spotted enjoying a scrumptious dinner with Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. Well, what can we say, we don’t about wedding bells, but we can surely hear the love bells ringing…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • B’TownSpy

    OMG. Katrina the Kall Girl becoming the Kapoor Bahu?? Will Terry Stephens be invited to the wedding???

    • Bishnu frm nepal

      Kat n ranbir cute cupple

  • Raj

    She looks older than him! Oops! I said nothing!

  • Sonia

    I guess Neetu doesnt know about Katrina’s call girl past

    And also her real age.. (37)

  • CHI

    CHI CHI CHI.. neetu kapoor.. are you out of your mind??

    You DO know that Kat is a “uss type ki larki” .. right?

    you will ruin your son’s life..

    also, she is 37 years old.

    • Jessica

      Katrina is 39 years old..she was 37 in Feb 2011.

  • Vid haters naicker

    Katrina looks older than Ranbir. She doesn’t look good with him. I think Neetuji should not except her at all.

  • cat

    what the F. kat is hooker before she came to india n what the hell ranbir so u did cheat with deepika n stole salman’s gf. god will never forgive u for that n u guys will never be happy together wait n watch guys….. this bollywood F up.

  • naro

    Cute couple katbir…..

  • EM

    ewww. I really don’t like both of them, so it does not matter.

    beautiful deepika is soooo lucky that she had broke up with such a guy. she deserves a better guy.

    salman also deserves someone who is way better that kat

  • Bishnu frm nepal

    Katrina n ranbir realy perfect cupple. not like dipika old face.

  • Bisnu

    Gd news katrina n ranbir gettogether? My fev cupple i wish u best of luck.

  • ******

    cute couple

  • aiza

    Katrina has been gulsan grover’s slut then salman screwd hr for 4,5 yrs now remaing is left fir ranbir woh b chaaat lai

  • divya

    wow this couple rocks…kat and ranbir is made for each other…deepika used lots of guys…her ex bf is dhoni,yuvi,nihar pandey, siddharth mallya and now RANVEER singh god deepika is so damn cheap…plz get sme old guy gurl…u deserve old guy who is rich and filthy.

  • Arjun

    I agree its a goody. I think folk mixed with pop is underated. Funny thugoh she is sooo pretty but she is one of those people whose face dosn’t match her voice some how. She looks more sophisticated than the innocent song, cheers Katherine[]

    • Irina

      I hat kat…ranbir hw kn u giv up such a nice n innocent gal lyk deepika

  • Yyyy

    Kat nd ranbir r perfect together..deepika is a call girl,she uses guys for her own benefit.