Katrina Kaif: I don’t have any equation with Deepika Padukone

Thu, January 9, 2014 12:50pm IST by
Katrina Kaif: I don’t have any equation with Deepika Padukone

After working in only one film in 2013, which made history, Kat has four releases this year

Katrina Kaif is on a high after Dhoom:3. She is now part of the biggest hit of Hindi cinema.

And it doesn’t look like the record will be broken anytime soon. Here, the actor talks about what’s ahead in 2014, her forthcoming films and competition. Read on…

Now that Bang Bang has been delayed what do you plan to do if you have free time?

I don’t have time to do anything. I have four back-to-back films and even if Bang Bang does get delayed because of Hrithik’s health (it is not up for shooting in January), the dates will go straight to Anurag Basu or Kabir Khan or Abhishek Kapoor. So there’s no scope for going anywhere or doing anything. But I think BB will be on schedule.

You and Kareena have been the contenders for the No 1 position for years now and now Deepika is being talked about as your closest competition. Comment.

Why would I? (looks irritated) People have been talking about me and Kareena for years and now Deepika had very successful releases this year. So what’s there to have a take on it?

What are the films you have this year?

I have four films. There’s Anurag’s Jagga Jasoos, Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang, Kabir’s Phantom and then there’s Gattu’s Fitoor.

Are you being selective about the number of films you are signing?

This year when I was working for Dhoom:3, with the delays and the work that I wanted to put into it, it just happened that I took up less work. Since I had put so much into D:3, I guess I got a little consumed by it or caught up in it perhaps… It was just one of those things… There really was no great explanation for it. All I can say is that I was following my heart. I wasn’t pushing myself in places that I didn’t want to be in. These decisions I took on my own. After D:3 shooting got wrapped and I looked around me, there were a lot of nice films out there and I picked these four as they were the most instinctive and genuine. As an actor, I wanted to try and create something and feel a little new — those were the choices that I made.

Do you have an equation with Deepika?

No (coldly). I don’t have any equation with her. I am cordial with everyone but I have no equation with Deepika. Everyone is here on the merits of their work and if someone has three hit films this year, someone else will have three hit films the next year and so it goes on. The focus will shift to that person accordingly and that’s the way it should be.

Your reaction to Kareena’s comments about your marriage to Ranbir on KWK?

I took it in good humour, which is exactly the way it was said. In retrospect, I do feel people have gone on a bit too much about it but I feel soon it will blow over and everyone will forget about it.

Even Aamir and Kiran spoke about you and RK on KWK

In fact, Aamir has asked me to watch the show at his home. You have to accept that there will be phases when people will talk about this and phases when they will talk about something else. It’s all part and parcel of the game.

Don’t you want to be free and flaunt your love by being open rather than hide it behind closed doors?

I live my life exactly the way I want to. Nothing stops me from going out or being anywhere that I want to be. I am doing whatever I want to do. I do not live my life according to any restrictions whatsoever! I just don’t want to speak about it in print because I can’t see one logical reason to.

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  • Maha221

    Katrina is right, honest and straightforward girl that’s why she is my ideal i admire her alot

  • Mangal

    Love Katrina and hate cheepika i mean deepika

    • abhisekh

      haha me too

    • desigirl424

      lol! Says the fan where your fave so called actress used salman and now is using ranbir to be successful.

      • unknown

        you are right!!! deepika doesn’t need katrina’s equation!!!

  • Meshram

    Katrina is my fav actress of all time i love her in Dhoom3 kamli

  • Gurubhai Black

    she’s the real humble. deepika so forced to seem as humble and down to earth but she has a big big hidden ego. katrina has not. and i am looking from her beginin to this time, she devoloped herself to much.. look at her film choices i admired. i did not like her and now i expect too much things.

  • priya

    Jealous cat hate her. Deepika is much much better and talented that this jealous person

    • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

      nobody hate deepika, she pretend to like everybody but inside her is not true, katrina always honest if she like someone she say it, that is how human being should be,that why i love katrina

      • abhisekh


  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    as a humble lady like Katrina always honest to who she is, she is not wanna be or pretend , she is very open, Deepika should learn that from her,

    • desigirl424

      learn what? How to be insecure, frustrated, expressionless.

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    as a humble lady like Katrina always honest to who she is, she is not wanna be or pretend , she is very open, Deepika should learn that from her,

  • diana

    umm…honest? she’s hardly ever honest about anything. For someone who’s brought up overseas, she is regressive and comes across as being submissive even. It’s all an act and she’s better at acting in real life than she is in reel life. C’mon! kat! please do some theatre acting or something to improve your acting. You are visually stunning, but your acting is bad as my a lil kid learning to act.

    P.S. if I act as badly as she does, even I would be humble so that people like me and are not attacking my lack of acting skills.

  • nidhi

    give some sporty attitude kat..I can see how much ur humble..I just saw filmfare nomination,screen award nomination,star screen award nomination,but m unable to find ur name as a best actress category..I feel very bad..as D3 is successful because of u(according to ur fan) stil u r nowhere.U took whole yr just learn 3 songs frm d3 and not did any film..still ppl like u as a dancer..lol..Look at other actress ,they danced well,acted well,even some sang well internationally ..some gave back to back hits and good dance performances in one yr only..U just remained as a ad girl and pretty face to add some glamour (as a comeo) to movie..Be a honest wid ur work..U r star(some ppl thinks) but not a versatile actress..All the best..do well in all the area..

  • nidhi

    Dont compare deepika or kareena or priyanka wid katrina..nor even parinneti..these ladies r best in each role ..A heroin,actress,star should be like madhuri,shri devi,rekha,hema ji,kajol.

    And in our generation,she should be like priyanka,deepika,parineeti,kareena…these girls went ahead of her in each skill..

    priyanka,deepika dont have any god father..like kat hav(first salman,and now ranbir)..so stop all fights …@Najat Razak Mumuni-> a lady should be humble like vaheeda ji,madhuri,hema ji..

    • abhisekh

      VIdya, kareena , priyanka, parineeti can be called superb actors. But not deepika, plz

      • desigirl424

        same with kat who cant be called an actress even after 10 years. So sad.

        • abhisekh

          Atleast Vidya, kareena, priyanka exists. So fortunate.

  • Milana

    loove her because she is honest, beautifull and moooore :D

  • abhisekh

    She is not beautiful…she is beyond it.. love u kat..

  • Jenny

    1.beside being her small role in dhoom 3 nd hence not a single release in 2013 she was able to grab all the limelight nd didn’t lost her position on the top
    2.She is a Britisher she hv no link wid Hindi language neither with Bollywood but from her second movie onwards she s been able to speak all the dialogues herself
    She did amazing acting in movies esp. namastey London,New York,raajneeti whr she also proved she can speak Hindi so well
    Nd ajab prem ki gazab kahani would be incomplete without katrina as Jenny
    3.salman do hv a part in her success but he was the one who started her carrier
    He was not the one who made her at the top position coz if people dont find kat attractive thn he could hav done nothing nd almost in evry actor lyf someone is thr who help thm to be in ths industry as all the actors who belong to filmy background nd evn those who hav famous parents thy do get profited
    3.katrina is soo hardworking,Mene kbhi nhi dekha ki ye apne dialogues bhul gyi ho ya iski wja Hume retake Lena pda ho even I get inspired from her even isko hmare dialogues bhi yaad hote the – ‪#‎RanbirKapoor‬ on aap ki adalat
    4.when we were shooting for partner I jst looked at katrina how she worked so hard nd really feel complex that can I do what she is doing- ‪#‎LaraDutta‬ on koffe with Karan season 2
    5.i never felt hard directing katrina coz she ws so hard working that I use to call her lady aamir coz she did all the scenes wid perfection- ‪#‎VipulShah‬ (director) on live my life
    6.katrina worked so hard for performing acrobats in kamli tht her whole body was bruised nd got blue patches on the body that we used makeup to hide it- ‪#‎VaibhaviMerchant‬ (choreographer)
    7.katrina is the only bollywood actress to have a Barbie modelled on herself
    8.Consistently back from 8-10 yrs she is on the top position among actresses
    9.She is no.1 sexiest Asian women in the world consistently back from 4yrs
    10.she is Alwys in top position of most powerful celebrity list among all the actresses

    • preity

      I like katrina sooooo much… really she is queen of bollywood… and I hate dipika.. katrina is more attractive than dipika… luv uuuu & god bless uu katrina…