Katrina Kaif in no mood to promote Jagga Jasoos with Ranbir Kapoor?

After a lot of will they-won’t they, a decision has been arrived at. Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor will be promoting Jagga Jasoos together a month before the release of the film on April 17. This has been a diktat issued to the two actors by the other co-producers of the film – Anurag Basu and Siddharth Roy Kapur and their marketing teams. A  source has revealed,  that while Ranbir has a stake in this film as one of the producers, Katrina is no mood to listen.

The musical romantic drama that revolves around a teenage detective (Ranbir) in search of his missing father. Says a source, “A strategy has been planned. Before the release, some story or the other, either linking them together or fighting, will keep coming out in the news. Since last month, news has been circulating about Ranbir and Katrina patching up. There have been stories about both being very friendly with each other on photoshoots and on the sets. The production team wants Ranbir and Katrina to promote the film like Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh — with sincerity and affection. Ranveer is extremely exuberant, demonstrative and physical in his show of affection. Katrina and Ranbir have moved on in their lives, but the film’s team want them to be more affectionate and natural towards each other as they will be promoting the film together.”

The source continues, “Right now, they are not even talking to each other. They shot the last schedule in Mumbai last week in complete silence. They would come on the sets, shoot, and go back to their vans. During one of their earlier schedules, things had become so bad that Ranbir’s best friend Ayan Mukerji had to be brought in to calm them down. There have been enough delayed schedules and cancellations of the film’s dates because of the couple and the film has been delayed by almost two years. Now the producers don’t want to take any additional risks before the release.”

The source informs that the estranged couple have been told that, come what may, they both have to put on an amicable front. “Everybody has tried to patch them up off-screen, but it’s not happening. Whether it is stories about remaining together or patching up, they have to remain in the news, come what may till the film releases, so it remains hot. The producers of Jagga Jasoos feel that the cold vibes between their main leads might affect the box-office prospects of the film and there has been enough negativity around it. It remains to be seen now whether Katrina or Ranbir toe the line on this one.

(With inputs by Upala)