Katrina Kaif: Remuneration of female actors hasn’t changed

Katrina Kaif: Remuneration of female actors hasn’t changed

Kat seems to be disappointed as far as remuneration of women in Bollywood is concerned

Lauding the number and nature of women-centric films in the country, Katrina Kaif however laments that there is no change in the remuneration for them in Bollywood ever since she joined the industry in 2003.

“Since the time I entered the industry, the growth (of women-centric movies in Bollywood) has been phenomenal. The kind of roles being written is great…Kangana Ranaut has done Queen, Vidya Balan did Kahaani…now it has more layers. Our cinema has come a long way,” the Dhoom:3 babe said.

However, according to her that one thing which hasn’t changed is the remuneration for women. “But one thing which has not changed is the remuneration for women. There is still a huge disparity. Let’s see what happens with that,” Kaif added.

Earlier, Kangana and Kareena Kapoor have been vocal about the financial compensation of female actors in tinsel town.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • hansika

    hahahaha.. n your acting skills are also same from 2003.. that wooden face without any expression.. You must leave Bollywood.. Ranbir please take her away from Bollywood.

    • najatlovekiss

      fuck off, what do that got to do with this, for once stop this, and stop your heart for hating someone you dont no or meet before, i can see you are a bad person

    • Lily

      Pls don’t be bias. She has really worked hard. Be objective!

    • Manish

      Agree.. None of her movies have gone on to become a success because of her. Its always cos of the hero or storyline. Her acting skills have always been sub-par.