Katrina Kaif reveals the reason for breaking up with Salman

Katrina Kaif reveals the reason for breaking up with Salman

The actor admitted in a recent interview that her first serious relationship with Salman Khan didn’t last long coz of the actor’s over possessive nature!

Ms Kaif finally confesses that she had a thing going on with one of the most popular Khans of B-town. Although Salman has been the one who opened the gates for her in Bollywood, the gorgeous actor doesn’t regret calling it off with the person who gave the much needed boost to her filmy career. Kaif says that she brought the relationship to an end only because she couldn’t take any more of her beau’s dominating attitude. Salman’s tendency to create a scene every time Kaif was linked with her co-star (remember Ranbir Kapoor) didn’t go down too well with the sexy babe. Now that the affair has ended, Kat thinks that whatever’s happened in the past has helped her learn a great deal about relationships. Also apparently, when it comes to romance, the babe thinks she’s hopeless and it takes more than a few mushy lines to make her go weak in the knees. Now fans who want to try their hand at wooing the babe can take a cue or two from this statement of hers. Well Kat, we hope you find your soul mate soon. But if you continue working with your ex (Ek Tha Tiger with Salman), we wonder when will you get the time to find that special someone.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jay

    kam nikal gaya to relationship end ho hi jata hai ladkiyo ka………….whole world knows that girls only use boys…..when work finish relationship also finishes.

    • simran

      wen guys knw they are used what 4 they are allowing themself to be used???????

      • Harsh

        we are allowing ourself to use coz we always thnk shayad kahi koi ladki toh aisi nai hogi but damn it yar all are still d same…..

    • Surendra

      Kam katam tho admi katam ka Concept!!

      • Roopali

        Everybody on this earth is posessive about his or her love.If salman is also that means he was truely in love with these girls.Ambitious people quite often use people to climb the ladder of Sucess.
        I believe salman should not trust people so easily and go for someone who will be really devoted to him.He should Find a suitable soulmate for himself.Love is something when we live for each others happiness.And not end up relationship for one’s weak points,as no one is perfect to the point of perfection.

  • Katty

    Thank you Katrina for speaking the truth. When Aishwarya spoke the truth about why their relationship ended people didn’t believe her & to this day Salman fans claim she’s lying. Now you have 3 ladies, Somy Ali, Katrina,and Aishwarya that have claimed Salman is possessive and abusive(Somy and Aish.) You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the women are telling the truth! Salman fans,why would all 3 women lie about something like that if they’re not getting anything out of it?

    • Arpit Jain

      ladkiyo ki fitrat hoti he apna kaam nikalna or Jhhot bolana
      Agar Aisa the to Ms. Katrina abhi tak chup kuy thi… ab achanak unme itna satywadi banne ki akal kaha se gayi…
      Kuyki Ms. Katrina ko pata he k unka carrier ek bar phir se dhalan par ja raha he or agar use koi bacha sakta he to puri film industry me Salman Bhai ke alawa koi hi nahi…
      Sab apna kam nikalwane ke tarike he.. Phir chahe wo Somi Ali ho, Ash ho ya Kat…. sab ladkiya sir matlab ke liyr rishte banati he….. Samjhe aap……

      Don’t say any disaster about SALMAN BHAI … HE HAS GOLDEN HEART WITH LOT’S OF LOVE….

      • Debasis

        Madam ji, Hame ye pata hai ke jo bhi Salmaan ke nazdik aane ki koshish kiya hai wo sirf Taraki karne ke liye aur ye bhi pata tha ke Katrina bhi ushe use kar rahi thi Bollywood me establish kar ne ke liye & ye bhi pata tha ke ek naa ek din ye rista khatam hoga. But at the same time we are damn sure tat Salmaan is over possesive about the girls wid whom he had been linked and tats the reason why al broke up…

        • Manish

          That makes sense.. But in the case of Katrina, it wasn’t his fault entirely. We all saw Katrina was openly cheating. We all saw her spending time in bikini and all that with Ranbir. Several times. So anyone would have gone mad, including Salman. There are no flames without fire, sir!

      • Sunjoy

        No self respecting girl would like to get beaten and abused in the name of love and possessivness as displayed by Salman. Salman is twice their age and looks like a father rather than jodi with them. Salman would have been in jail long time back had he been in any other country, for committing so many crimes – killing pavement sleeping people by runing over a car, killing protected wild life, abusing 3 well known woman, there may countless many more who are not well known and afraid of going public.

        • Shah

          Ya so y did she hook up wt him in the first place. Self respecting my foot. No self respecting woman would use a guy and dump him for a younger guy. At least respect the person who made u what u r. Specially when u don’t know how to act and still u r top actress only because of Salman.
          She doesn’t respect India. Y she talks Hindi wt British accent after so many years in the industry? Isn’t it India which has given u respect and money? Shameless.

          • Katty

            There is no way Katrina should have to suffer any longer staying with a man who needs hair transplants, a man who looks like her father, and a man who is possessive over her. It’s one thing to be in love and want to spend time with the person, but you have to give the person space too. You can’t suffocate them and control their life. If you think everyone in love acts that way you are wrong. He’s not a 14 yr old whose love struck he’s 50 and has enough experience with life to know that is wrong. Even if he has something to do with Katrina’s success it still doesn’t make it right for him to be possessive and controlling. She has her own life.

          • Manish

            Yeah true.. Its not about living with him. But its about respect. You have to agree to the fact that whatever Katrina is today, she is because of Salman.. And now what she is doing? She openly cheated on him, there are so many media evidences. And now openly telling in media that Salman was responsible for their breakup and all.. Saara theekra Salman ke sir pe?? Why man?? Atleast be courteous to your godfather. That’s all what anybody would ask for.

        • charu

          Well said. Just because Salman made her career should katrina become his slave and act in his tune….that ‘s wrong. Frankly speaking both used each other. Salman used katrina for sex and she used him for getting into movies. Tit for tat chapter closed.

          • monika

            yes, u r right charu. film industry works on this fact…. from long ago…..

          • Celeste

            Your stupidity is showing charu. Salman doesn’t need to use anyone for sex – women are throwing themselves over Salman every day. He can get any number of women, any time of the day or night for sex or anything else – without having to pay them, like he paid these trashy females.

          • rach

            they too will…but for their own advantage

          • kk

            so u mean to say since he can get or use any number of women he is great but if he pays it is wrong. ryt

        • Baap

          Sale @Sunjoy,Abhi bol Diya to Bol Diya fir kabhi na Boliyo,Nahi teri itani marunga tu confuse ho jayega,ki sansh kaha se lo aur……………………….pagal insan.ja jake apna cheak up karwa.

        • Raj


          In USA, he would be in prison for at least for 10 years.
          He got away with manslaughter and if he was drunk at the time of accident, it would be considered a VEHICULAR HOMICIDE which is life in prison without the possibility of parole.
          I am sorry for people back home where these are considered okay. Only when one of our family members are killed, we want justice. Until then, These are okay as it is somebody else who died.

          • Hardik

            U r right Raj. He would be in prison for at least 10 years if he would have been in US or any other western country. He has killed 4 people in road accident. He has also killed animal. This show us that he is completely psycho. He lost his mind after broke up with Aish.

          • Celeste

            The entire USA should be in jail for senseless slaughter and murder of innocent people across the planet. So, don’t shove america down anyone’s throat. Shove it down your own!

        • Manish

          No one ever got beaten. Aishwarya said no when asked by police. Katrina never claimed that. Somy or Sangeeta too never claimed anything such.. Bhai man-marzi ki kahaani kyu banaate ho?

          Regarding other crimes, he will get punishment sooner or later. Don’t mix those things with relationships. Be logical. Be genuine.

    • Diwakar

      Isn’t it more than coincidence that all three in question were struggling till they caught the proverbial straw and after reaching the shore, suddenly started shouting that straw is actually trying to sink them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And that other ladies not in relationship with him like Kareena actually find him very friendly and actually prefer to be seen with him rather that other big khan.

      • Celeste

        Good one Diwakar! :)

      • irmar

        Sometimes a person will be different as a friend and different as a lover/husband. They will be nice and courteous to their friends, and then go home and beat their wives/girlfriends.

        • Manish

          Somy Ali never said this sort of things about Salman..
          Sangeeta Bijlaani too said Salman is a good person and she is still a friend.
          You get the difference? Those who wanted to be in bollywood (Aishwarya & Katrina), had a different attitude and those who left bollywood (Somy & Sangeeta) had some different opinion. Person was the same, Salman.. Understand something??

      • Manish

        When Aishwarya was questioned by police commissioner on her report, she accepted that Salman did NOT beat her in any sort.. It was just to get sympathy..
        But never mind, god will bless everyone as per their Karma..

  • sarah khan

    Katrina would not exist in Bollywood if it wasn’t for Salman, she would end up making b-grade nude films like Boom. It was salman who helped her foray into Bollywood, despite katrina having not talent and not even being able to speak Hindi. Salman has a good heart who has helped many people financially and he is not a phony like most actors. Despite negative publicity from the media, he is still ruling for over 20 years and will continue to rule, by then katrina will once again end up making b-grade porn movies. lastly, most men are bit possessive, if you love someone than you have to be. especially in bollywood where all kinds of people exist.

    • Murlidharan

      Salman is a violent wife beater who has beaten Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. He demonstrates rage and has even killed 4 people while driving drunk. I’m glad she dumped his stinking a**.

      • SJP

        Mr Muralidharan,

        Its not that salman is born violent, any human being will react the same say if he is being cheated on and on and on.What is wrong if he demands litle attention and care from his lady love and when katrina was so keen on making a filmi career why did she accept Salmans love proposal? What has Katrina done to prove her love for Salman if she was so serious about this relationship?Salman has a heart of Gold all he needs is love care and RESPECT.

        • Anchorock

          Respect for killing people in a drunken stupor !!!Are your brains on holiday!

        • Katty

          Are you saying that a man has a right to hit a woman if she cheats on him? Give her a black eye and beat her black and blue? I don’t know where you live, but I live in the U.S and hate to say it but maybe that’s why our views are so different. Look at all the idiots defending Salman, you are blinded by your love for him and you can’t see anything else. It’s so easy to always blame the woman isn’t it? It’s not like this is the first time a woman has accused him of something like this. All his past girlfriends have said this.And he is like 50 & still not married! There is obviously something wrong with him! Not the women. His screws are loose in his head. Heart of gold,my foot. Someone with a heart of gold has respect for all life on Earth. He shot & killed animals. He has been to jail before. He ran over homeless ppl when he was drunk. There was a tape going around where he threatened Vivek Oberoi and said really bad things using the most foul language. What do u have to say about his criminal behavior?

      • Mohammed

        How you say Salman is wife beater when he has not married yet. This is all media created. Ladies use him because he is too generous. Both the ladies you are talking have risen because of his help.

        • Anchorock

          Sure, now get your sister married to him!

      • lolo

        did you see him hitting them i think know so shut up and he is ahuman being and we all do mistakes

    • 3367499

      Salman is too old now. He can’t get it up. Kat is too young for him

    • 3367499

      Salman is too old for Viagra

  • arjun

    every girl in bollywood know salman is not marriage material and he is not good by nature and habitutial. kaif now helpless coz of ranbir kapoor, he did and threw.

  • kamalendu

    salman is a kind hearted person.That why all the the thing happen.But Sallu bhai you learned the lesson form Aishwarya.At that time you have to think at least once when it comes to helping the people.All only used you to established in the industry.Ek baar kaam nakal jaye, phir aap ke bare me media main aake bakte hai.

    Madam katrina ji.Aap jahan pe bhi ho wahan tak aap ko shirf kisne pahanchya woh to aap ko pata hai.Aap to matlabi ho gayi.Relation tod na tha to joda kyun.Joda to phir public main aa ke kyun aisi baat bolti ho.Media main bolne ki koi jarurat nahin thi.Is main ek baat saaf ho gayi all you are lieing about sallu bhai.

  • Sajid Iqubal

    editiors are making fool to the people by gosips.. this is fake news :P

  • Sruti

    Before blaming Sallu, katrina should check her past life.What she was earlier and how she is today. All this name fame has given by Salman only. So if he is possessive for his girl friend what is a big deal in that. All those who are in Love are always possessive. But she will not understand that as she is not in True Love with Salman.

    • anil

      shruti u r correct who are in love are possessive,,,because love starts frm possessiveness.

    • aryan kumar

      stupid,,of katrina not come in bollywood,,,beside it ..she cn earn a lot of money n name n fame,,,u cn success due 2 teache r,,,,bt y u leave behind?/

  • Syed M. Shareef

    It seems that Sallu is dash dash dash daaaash…. he probably cannot satisfy women, that is why all womens dumped him.

    He might need to check with sexologist.

  • User

    First use and then throw?

  • a friend

    thanks katrina, but you are finished (not that Salman would do something), but damn sure, you lost lots n lots of fans!!! May GOD bless you!!!

  • yankees30

    i don’t follow the story between these 2 but seriously salman getting dumped by a B rated woman .. hard to believe.. she should try match.com


  • sajid khan

    its nice katrinaje. you use salman well for building yourself in bollywood. now all big happening guys were with you. so you have to give bye to “possessive salman”. its nice that you leave salman because he was very honest with his love. but you was not honest.possessive nature from person always come out when you love someone deeply.you want to do big in bollywood. now platform is with you.all the best for ur bollywood days…..

  • mohsin

    Real lover is always possesive. All these beautiful ladies dont like interference to their freedom.

    • Mack

      katue kahin k

    • Nisha

      yes i agree. in the similiar manner, ashwariya rai broke off with him…

  • Pavan

    Katrina was love-struck by Ranbir and had a hot affair with him and thats the reason Salman and Kats relationship ended… The world knows that Kat and Ranbir had an affair.. Kat kept fooling Salman and would go all around the world to meet Ranbir and there are pictures with fans and in resturant together and all that to prove it .. for a very long time if u remember her 2-timing game was all over the media …and this all happened abt a year ago, Deepika has also said the same … Now after ranbir left Kat she is trying to defend herself by saying all this crap. Ranbir has accepted indirectly tht he had an affair with Kat but kat is still lying … If anything Salman kept defending her by saying she was still his GF…untill finally he realised that he was taken for a ride.

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir never had affair with Katrina and he is not even now. I hate you Mrs Kaif.

    • somu

      saale tumlog kya kya soch lete ho..aur itne confident ho ki post b kar dete ho

  • Ravi

    Katrina-Ranbir affair was reason for Salman-Kat relationship end …that fact was all over the media a few months ago. Kat thinks public memory is short so if I now accuse Salman they will believe it. WHAT A FOOL.

    • Mahi

      Exactly!!! Trying to make herself look like a victim instaed of the culprit.

  • Rav frm Ausland

    I am not really a fan of Katrina but i believe she has done the right thing. History speaks for itself and Salman doesnt have a great record with his gfs so far. Every women has a right to end the relationship if she is feeling suffocated, abused or not happy. Its not the end of the world to take some time off before you move on with your next relationship. Its better to be with no one then to be with the wrong one.

    • maha

      girl they all are users salman is sooooooooooo kind and people are using him that is his problem and for your information salman is in agood relationship with all his ex girl friends and he has never abused any woman aish didnt have any prove until now so you should blame him without a prove

  • lolita

    salman? who is he? lol looks more like a bored bouncer at a bar no less!! lolz

    • lolo

      you loser shut up if you dont know salman ok salman is the biggest star in india today and you are just aloser

    • walaa

      can you shut up salman khan is one of the biggest star of all time in bollywood without him this girl would be nothing

  • Mahi

    It’s funny how as soon as she has become a ‘successful’ actress (which is debateable) and don’t need Salman Khan’s influence to get her more roles she breaks off the relationship because if Salman’s possessivness…Whatever!!!

    • bhaskar

      u r Mahek, right???

  • Mashkoor

    Whenever I saw Priyanka picture it gives me a feeling as she is most wonderful lady,she is charmy,simple and bebak lady who understand pain & egony of common people.I really love her as a respectful lady.

  • Jignesh

    Good content but what a terribly done site. You don’t know where to look it is that dik-chak!

  • zia

    u mango people don’t have any rights 2 blame salman or katrina they r happy or sad they r good or bad in there life. 4 us they r just an artist they know very well how 2 deal with it.salman&katrina is above 18 they didn’t need your advse.

    • zee

      are you mad or what we are not blaming them but this woman cheated him with another man ranbir kappoor also he also was in a relationship with depikka they are just acheater i feel bad for salman and depikka

      • Rohini Verma

        Ranbir is not a cheater ok. Katrina doesn’t deserve him! He is much better than her
        Him and Katrina don’t match



  • Sam

    She is another user! Salman is so dumb – he gets used by all these girls and then they don’t even ask about him. she agreed to do a movie with him only cuz he has given hits after hits after hits… she just wanted to join the bandwagon that’s all…

    • Sanjay Sarjal

      Sahi hai yaar, Matlabi hai kat, Use pata hai, salman ke saath rahenge toh bhudhape mein bhi solo role milege, is liye break up ke baad bhi uske saath hai aur alag hone ka result bhi use pata hai jiase ke aish ko koi puchata nahi waise uski haalt ho jaygie. SAli ladkiya bahaut chalak hoti hai.

  • zahid

    nce Akshy kumar was asked how he managed kat to be with him film after film he replied that” I keep secrets of her and do not disclose” what does it mean?
    Kat might had some dating relations with Akki too for years and he kept them to himself.
    salman khan knows all that she had with akshy kumar,John ibraham,and Ranbir kapoor. he could not trust her in future if he reunions with her too. this is major factor kat lost in salman khans heart.

  • aryan kumar

    dekho..ye sb katrina pr leave kro,,,salman khan usko bollywood me laye ,,eska means ye nhi k katrina k puri life,,salman bhai k hath me h,,,,es tarh to roj m kisi na ksis girl k help krunga ,,,aur ye umid krunga vo meri g.f h,,aur aap sb support krna,…mere sath dokha hua h,,,????uski bhi ek life h yr…vo ab litlle baby to nhi h,,,apna achha ..bora janti h??

    • Manish

      Its not about puri life uske haath me.. Its about the attitude.. She remained his gf till she needed him.. Now that she thinks she got settled in career, she actually left Salman for someone of her age and good name.. And now putting up the reason for breakup on Salman.. That’s pathetic attitude.. That’s what we call as using someone for one’s own greed..
      She indeed cheated on Salman as well.. Salman must be having pretty good sources in bollywood everywhere.. So fuming on a rumor is not his thing.. If he got angry on a rumor, there must definitely be substance in it.. You know, there are no flames without actual fire..

  • debasish kar

    I think salman & kat are the best cuple. so kat go with othr….saluu is a vry gud guy… ptch up wit him.. i hope ur jori wil b last long & 4evr dat nevr ends,,, god bless

  • Dev kar

    kat doni go wit othr guy… sallu is perfect 4 u….