Katrina Kaif spends the night at Ranbir Kapoor’s house?

Posted Mon, August 6, 2012 3:17pm IST

And we must tell you that it was one sneaky and hush-hush rendezvous

Remember how everyone speculated about Katrina Kaif being the reason behind Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone split? But the duo have stoically maintained that they’re ‘just good friends’. What’s more, Katrina has even confessed to the media that she is single.

Hmmm, now does that mean we should believe there’s nothing brewing between Ranbir and Katrina? Perhaps not. ‘Coz alert birdies spotted Kaif paying RK a visit at his Krishna Raj residence in Bandra around 2am on Saturday night! Ahem ahem.

But what actually makes it even more interesting was that this secret rendezvous took place immediately after Ranbir spent a nice, pop corn filled evening with his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone at Ketnav studio at a private screening of Gangs Of Wasseypur II. Whoa! Now that’s pretty….ummm…twisted, right?

Birdies suggest that RK left from Ketnav at 1.30am and reached his Krishna Raj bungalow within a few minutes. Soon after Katrina’s car that fleetingly stopped at the bungalow and then left – hold your breath – without Katrina!

And while we refrain from asking what Ranbir and Katrina did all night long, apart from of course, sharing a friendly 2am coffee, what we do want to know is – did Dippy know about your plans, dear Ranbir? And did she care? Looking at the smiling, fun-filled pics of the meet at Ketnav studio that included RK, Deepika, Anushka Sharma and Imtiaz Ali, we surely doubt that. Wink, wink. Check out the pictures below!

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  • Zeya ashraf

    Fake News..all things are imagination or Invention of media To Create Rumours and full filled their News Coloumns.I Just Hate It These Reports.! According To One Of My Friend Live In Bandra Katrina car was Parked In Galaxy around 12 am mid night and she was just returned From Promotion with Salman Khan and Yash Raj Studio.!

  • rishabh falke

    ranbir kapoor i lov u….a lot

  • Guest

    what the hell..these pictures are sooo old…. and why do u always have to bring in katrina and deepika IN EVERY NEWSS…like who f’n cares if she was at his house..soo bloody whatt..and wth does deepika have to do with this…why is it only focusing on deepika..RANBIR was present with anushka as well..i dont see any headlines making that!! ..is this really what jounalism has come up to…(shaking head)..this old streched fued between these two heroines is seriouslly GETTING ANNOYINGG!!
    THESE actresses prolly dont even give a shit about each other..