Katrina Kaif to shoot her hottest song with Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang!

Katrina Kaif to shoot her hottest song with Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang!

The actress will be shooting a sizzling song with Hrithik in Bang Bang

If you thought that Tu Meri was scorching, then wait till you see the song that Hrithik and Katrina will be shooting in the coming days. A source reveals that the track which will be shot in the next few days is going to be Kat’s hottest song till date not just visually but also in terms of the choreography.

Katrina has already proved her dancing skills in Mashallah from Ek Tha Tiger and Kamli from Dhoom 3. Now with this song she plans to take it to the next level. The source says, “Katrina has sourced clothes for this song from all the big international markets like Milan, London, Paris, even Russia. She will be seen in several change in the song.”

Hrithik and Katrina have been rehearsing for this song round the clock for the last few weeks. While Tu Meri is more of a romantic track, this new song will have lots of sex appeal and hotter chemistry between the two!

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  • varindar

    eagerly waiting

  • lol

    Miss you so much on the screen…………

  • asmaperez

    her pr really need to take a break they r just ruining her hardwork by over publicizing it. they over hyper dhoom3 n its title track n now this they raise the expectations like never done or seen before like jj stunts dhoom3 song n stunts etc bt reality is far different. plz dont make joke of her.

    • pooja

      Kamli dance is slap on ur face!

      • asmapervez

        y my face there was a body double too n katrina herself admit this in her interview to DNA n i m talking abt dhoom 3 title track before title track release her pr team said k she work for 6 weeks for this particular track n we all see the track n dhoom3 stunts she was only in songs n then jj stunts k most difficult one never seen or done before etc n aunrag basu said k katrina stunts wasnt difficult at all so instead of getting angry n abusing think neutrally n logically if u r her true fan plz see k she works hard which i earlier mention too bt her pr destroy her hard work by false claims n over hyping it. n then when we didnt see it so obviously u know waht happen then she seems to be a liar then

        • HBK

          can you give the link to the the interview

        • Hrithikans

          Anurag basu didnt talk about difficulty but he said not hectic! N really kamli awsome no one can do that dance. Just tremendous kamli, lov it!

  • asmaperez

    “Katrina has sourced clothes” hahaha funny coz we all see what she is wearing in bang bang tu meri mein a skirt borrow from a 15 yr old girl n teaser mein 4 yr old kid k.

    • akasha

      Deepikas clothes sourced from sunny leone.

      • asmapervez

        hn na agree y sunny woh bhi 10 11 saal ki kids k. n secondly wats the point of bringing her into this. i m not her fan cant stand her bt katrina fan shouldnt fall this one to bring other ppl into it we talking abt katrina then keep it to her.

  • najatlovekiss

    i will love to see watch, keep it up

  • meenu

    deepika fans r busing with jealous?lol how desperately poking nose in kat related article?evnetho this site is deepika PR paid website cerftfied by alll other fans.noone evn visit this webiste bcz this site is degrading other actresses n praising deepika bcz her PR

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  • lola

    how exciting