Katrina Kaif to visit Salman Khan’s Ganpati today!

Sat, August 30, 2014 10:22am IST by
Katrina Kaif to visit Salman Khan’s Ganpati today!

Buzz is that the actress will head to Galaxy to take darshan

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan might not be lovers anymore, but that doesn’t stop the Dhoom 3 actress from paying her respects to his Ganpati every year. Like last year, Katrina plans to visit Salman’s Ganpati at his Galaxy building and pay her respects. 
Kat is still close to Salman’s mother Salman Khan and his sisters Alvira and Arpita and she’s welcomed warmly ever year at the Khan house hold. A source reveals, “Katrina has been shooting round the clock for her song with Hrithik in Bang Bang. She has also been a bit under the weather, but she definitely plans to visit Salman’s Ganpati today (August 29, Saturday) to take darshan.”
Wethinks its a sweet gesture from Kat’s side and hope this tradition continues for years to come!

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  • boyk

    Very good.very very good

  • Wazeer Joolfoo

    Wazeer Joolfoo say I wish to my favourite actress katrina kaif a happy Ganesh Chaturthi and a long life if god wish for her.Kat played in a film that related to the festival as Agneepath and if you have time watch the song Chickni chameli.

  • najatlovekiss

    what is wrong if she do that, katrina do what will make you happy

  • SALJAC Lover

    That’s good that still she respects salman’s family after betraying him!
    Hope she doesn’t come between Jaqueline and Salman’s love relationship #SALJAQ !!!!

    • euglo

      she is not a looser like jacquline to go back to an ass like him again i dont get it who comes with these fake news recently they said she wasnt there due to a song shoot for phantom so this whole thing is a lie she didnt visit him and i wish she doesnt go anywhere near him again

      • #SALJAC

        Chill out man! Do you know what are you saying? Katrina first used salman for gaining popularity and then went to Ranbir.
        But still she goes to Salman in need, and also today he launch her sister Isabella kaif in his first internatianal production!

        I think salman is lucky because katrina left from his life and jacqueline came in.
        Katrina made salman look older but Jacqueline brought glow,smile and charmingness back in Salman!

        • simile

          this is not true and let me remind this to you this news katrina made salman older it is not true .

          • #SALJAC

            I don’t blame you for saying so as everyone have own thinking!
            But I feel and many other #SALJAQ Fans do feel that Katrina made him old and Jacqueline brought life back in Salman giving him reason to smile,stay clam,glowing and staying happy whenever she is with him.
            If don’t believe check out #SALJAC on twitter and their cute pics.

            No hard feelings!

        • euglo

          first of all he looks 100 years old virgin plus she didnt call him to help her it was the makeup man so again its just he probably knows how to bribe people thus everyone is scared of that monster and so what now he launches her sister hope her sister never get that salman tag and he launched other actors too so dont give me that bloody crap

          • #SALJAQ

            Sorry man but I think I am wasting my time talking to you, soon every one will one power of #SALJAQ. And more thing Jaqueline got Dharmaproduction in career of 5 years and Katrina haven’t in 11years!!!!!

          • euglo

            bahaha dharma productions means success then let me tell u kat did chikni chameli for dharma prouductions and the role might be just playing eye candy of akshay since the title of the story is brothers and probably is between akshay and sidharth and i certainly dont want kat to do that no thanks so jaq as u call her can do many eye candy roles i fucking dont care

          • #SALJAC KHAN

            Good that you fucking don’t care!
            Let’s see now who will be bigger star in future Katrina or Jacqueline very soon.
            Jacqueline Fernandez soon to be Khan #JFK
            Or Katrina Kaif soon to be Khan Kapoor Roshan Abraham and many more.

            If you really have guts to abuse Salman and Jacqueline go on twitter and say same thing to #SALJAC FANS!

          • euglo

            hahaha one idiot is enough i cant deal with millions of fans i am sorry otherwise i will lose my brain and soon to be khan then her identity surely will die and she would be forever jfk and not an actor yea katrina is already a star so dont even compare her with jaqueline or whover

          • #SALJAC

            STFU you have proved you don’t have guts. Stupid Katrina fan! Hahahaha

          • Euglo

            U r fuckin saying I don’t have guts I said what’s true and me being stupid is better than an idiotic arrogant salman fan

          • #saljaq

            Then prove it Mr.Fan of Miss.Katrina Turquotte Kaif !!!!
            If salman fan are idiotic then he the one who launch Katrina and she respects him.

          • euglo

            she wld respect him of course she cant not respect him
            and he didnt launch her first movie she never got anyones help neither second movie its just he helped her bag a role opposite him so what now every girl he launched couldn’t handle him as a boyfriend could they makes you wonder what is so wrong with him that all his girlfriends ditch him he is nice overall but must have some issues

          • euglo

            and jacquline can never be a star with fresh talent coming in unless she makes salman her boyfriend but then again she would be called a user wldn’t she

          • euglo

            and BTW dont take that JFK tag seriously that was for movie promotions so chill we dont know she will be or not be jfk

        • Sirazulanuarmustafa

          u r right!

          • #SALJAQ

            Thanks! Finally got someone sensible and intelligent fan! :)
            Are you #SALJAQ fan too!!!

          • Sirazulanuarmustafa

            kait n salman n renbeer

  • Lara singh

    How weird..going for such an auspicious occasion to your ex-boyfriends house. Shouldn’t she start a new tradition with RK. Is she going to bring him after they get married. Weird weird weird.

    • Euglo

      She didn’t go