Katrina Kaif to work with Salman Khan’s arch rival, Shahrukh Khan yet again!

Katrina Kaif to work with Salman Khan’s arch rival, Shahrukh Khan yet again!

Buzz is that Katrina has bagged a role in SRK starrer Raees

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif surely created magic on the silver screen when they worked together for Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan. And it seems that the two are all set to share the screen space yet again in the upcoming film, Raees. Yes, as per the latest buzz, Kat has been offered the film and apparently, she has given a go-ahead.

“Katrina is in talks to play the lead role. They have been discussing it for a while now, but latest developments suggest that she has given them a go-ahead. This will be her second film with Shahrukh Khan after Jab Tak Hai Jaan,” a source was quoted by a tabloid.

For those of you who don’t know, initially, Sonam Kapoor was being considered to play the lead role, but she opted out of the film to work with SRK’s arch rival – Salman Khan in Sooraj Barjatya’s upcoming film, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Currently Kat is shooting with Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang, after which she will be working on Jagga Jasoos opposite Ranbir Kapoor, but it looks like this film will be pushed ahead, courtesy trouble in Ranbir-Katrina’s paradise. Besides these two films, she doesn’t have too much on her plate as of now, so a lead role in Raees might be just right for her. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with King Khan, hai na?

Anyway, considering Katrina is still friends with Salman even after their break-up, we wonder what the Dabangg Khan has to say about Kat working with SRK in Raees.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Preety kaur

    Hahahahahaha .. Then again it will flop like Jab tak hai jaan ..
    6 mahine ki promotion kar ke bhi jab tak hai jaan Bodyguard ka record nahi todh paayi thi

    • Shubham Khatal

      l jab tak hai jaan suarhit hui thi 125 cro in india and overses mai 85 cro agar son of sardar nahi aati toh india mai 200 cro kamati

      • Preety kaur

        Lol 125 crore superhit hai toh jai ho 13o crore in india flop kaise huyi .. logic?

        • fdhxghgf

          jai ho ki start hi flop thi stupid star stupid film .. daisy shah ko sign karlia bewaqoof ne aur kat ko bol rahe ho

      • Preety kaur

        and bodyguard 15o crore thi in india 60 overseas total 210 cr thi WW Par Non Holiday release Srk kya bb dega non nonholiday pe

    • nims

      Dumboo JTHJ was not a flop, don’t know from where u get this news movie collect 100 crore or above in domestic market only

      • Preety kaur

        jai ho did the same collected 130 crore in india with non holiday release with no big heroine ..and 55 crore overseas 190 crore ww . stiil flop logic ??

        • tera baap

          lodu jthj 2012 me ayi thi aur jai ho 2014 mein. 2012 mein 100 cr was good earnings but 2014 mein it is just average.

        • arun

          Get you fact right Jab tak hai jaan was a hit because it was made for 70 cro while Jai ho was made for 150+ that why it is a flop even salman khan has stated the film was good but it didn’t do well

          • Meet

            Jai ho ka budget 54 crore tha 150 nahi tha
            aise hi kuch bhi matt bolo

    • fhghg

      ek tha tiger ka record kia tere bap ne tora tha

  • Preety kaur

    bakwaas jodi srk and katrina

    • vauuu

      bhag be jhandu

  • Preety kaur

    Srk sirf Dpad ke saath hi bb de sakta hai agar vo bhi 10 mahine ki promotion ho, high ticket prices ho, aur holiday release ho aur ya fir kisi star ka promotional song ho ..ghanta king

    • ravi

      Srk gave dpad first 200 crore movie . Varna dpad ke flop list kafi lambi hai

  • Shubham Khatal

    another blockbuster

    • Guest343

      SRK is not ecstatic about Don 3 since he wanted to make the movie Don 3 earlier even before he wanted to do Happy new year but that movie got delayed..I guess priyanka and SRK are looking forward to some more naatak as if people really didn’t know about them and act as if they are innocent..eventually they will come together becoz then KJO will be acting as mediator in this so-called drama…..There were also tweets coinciding that created huge splash in the media and both acted as if they were not referring to each other……it will be interesting to watch some more dramebaazi…

    • Preety kaur

      Like Ra one and jab tak hai jaan :Lol

      • abhilash darwatkar

        a ye film to sabse jada hit hogi…srk ara best

      • fgdfg

        pagal ho tum wiki parh lia karo news dekh lia karo ye do fimls b super hit thien …

  • rohit

    Blockbuster jodi!!!!! so fed up seeing dp-srk in every film

    • Preety kaur

      srk sirf Dpad ke saath hi bb de sakta hai

      • 077

        i think you are jobless..uhhhh

    • Preety kaur

      SRK dpad jodi masst hai

    • Meet

      m fan of SRK .But srk and DP Jodi achchi hai .. kat nahi

  • ganga

    I would love to see srk and katrina again onscreen , but katrina is not doing raees. She already has 4 movies to complete and srk wont wait for katrina so long. If raees people are thinking of kat. Raees will start only after sept oct . Coz sept jagga jasoos movie is going to complete.

  • najatlovekiss

    what kind of mean people do you have in indai

  • najatlovekiss

    i hope they do this film, because i really loved the first film they did,

  • anonymous

    Good chance for Katrina kaif ….and a gud move too ….salman khan is slowly loosing his popularity and it is difficult for him to give more hits …
    5 hits gud for him …..sunny days are over …those just 5 hits have gone to his head and he couldn’t sustain that kind of success.

    • Preety kaur

      hahahaha big Lol on you Beta Kick aa rahi hai fir pta chalega
      aur vais bhi Jai ho superhit hai Par tum logo ke liye flop hai
      par salman ke fans kabhi uska saath nahi chodhenge .


        kick aarai ha to .. HAPPY NEW YEAR b arahi ha

    • Preety kaur

      Aur Salman ki popilarity aur badhi hai as per forbes salman in no.1 at popularity .No.1 at Boi star ranking in domestic .And Worldwide .no.1 at Toi index ,FB .evrywhere bUT u ppl can’t digest

      • preety kaur chamcha of DP,SALU

        apne taraf se ranking ni bnao .. worldwide ranking ye han … bs salman ki side lete waqt jhoot bol rahe ho doosre kia pind se aai han .. tm ullu pagal ho ham sab ni
        1: amitab bachan
        2: shahrukh khan
        3: amir khan
        4: salman khan

        • Meet

          Nahi its right par SRK Bhi no.1 par hai at overseas ranking
          Domestic and WW Mein Salman hai aur Overseas ranking mein SRK

    • Preety kaur

      aur ha pehle apni grammer toh theek kar spelling bhi nahi aate .Loser

      • rahila

        itne sare comments kar k sirf tum apne ap ko aur stupid salman ko justify karne ki koshish karai ho hm srk k fans explanation aur justify ni karte becuz we all know shahrukh and aamir has always been better than salman khan .. khans k name per dhabba ha salman
        aur tm sallu k fans apb apni okat mat dhikana sach karwa hota ha

    • Tia

      Yea right! SRK is ageing and looking very old atleast Salman is looking good for his age and can make movies. Shah Ruk is over rated.
      Salman has talent personality and No1 status no one can replace him. Salman is going no where and his movies will always be a HIT.
      SRK needs to retire or get botox done! all them wrinkles are making him uglier than he already is.

      • dkd

        only people like you will tell this shit.

    • Subhash G. Shinde

      useless fellow. salman is a hit machine of bollywood who has redefined the box office of bollywood. even jai ho crossed the mark of 100 crores inspite of not increasing the prices of tickets as useless shahrukh does everytime before the elease of his film. after increasing prices of tickets only that totlya shahrukh could cross the mark of rs. 200 crores. you too useless boy start working for ‘being human’ and try to know what is the joy of serving society and also do not forget to watch ‘kick’ and ‘prem ratan dhan payo’ these films you can watch with your mother, sister, father, grand father, grand mother and all elders in the family unlike totlya shahrukh who gives onscreen kiss scenes and we feel ashamed to watch his films with our family. we sallu fans have killed the ghost of ‘katrina’ from our minds and praying for good health, charity and success of our dear sallu. since 1989 sallu is on the top in the charts of popularity and he will remain the same forever. jai ho!

  • Eman

    Comments Tabath in all opinion and expression of hatred and jealousy Salman catty person does not like him

  • Eman

    I hate both of them Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif & l love u shah rukh khan

  • Preety kaur

    SRK Is like ranbir who like second hand goods

    • srkdeepika

      oye sun cheapika ki fan. apna muh band rakh. wo film kare ya na kare tere se koi apni suggestion nhi mang raha. agar film kr b li toh ticket na kharidiyo….pray kr ye film flop ho jae. ab khush. chal ab bhonkna band kr. and yes, cheapika 29 ki hai kuch dino me wo b second hand ho jaegi. apni life sudhar fir comment mar

      • Preety kaur

        Lol . maine toh deepika ka naam bhi nahi liya
        i pitty on you ..

        • bachal

          biztiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hogai na teri pretty kaur

          • Preety kaur

            in ur dreams .
            aur haan u doing very poor job . grow up

          • bachal

            tum kaho to is age mein b good job kar sakta hun tumare 7 us kaam mein grow up se koi farq nai parta hhaahahahah huhuuhhuh hahahaahh again bizti

        • srkdeepika

          cheapika ka naam le ya na le…boss tuj jese deepika k fan ek b mauka nhi chodte katrina k bare me bura bolne se. or vese b ye bollywoodlife website shayad cheapika hi chalati hai or tuj jese log kya pata us dumb a** k pr ho. who knows. jahan katrina dekhi nhi apna ganda comment marna shuru.

  • nancy

    they dont look good together. Yuck. katrina looks younger. She looks good with Salman Khan. They have an amazing chemistry.

  • EE

    SRK and Katrina had thanda chemistry in JTHJ

  • Tia

    Jab tak hai jaan bakwaas movie!

  • indian

    you paparazzi’s exaggerate too much with pictures, its all bullshit

  • dev!

    go kat! you are the best !

  • dev!

    Preety kaur is dp pr chamcha! funny

  • anon

    they look really amazing together. they should work together more often

  • 007

    preety kaur is licking depikas pussy!

  • rahul

    awesome news and they will rock together aur jo dp ke chamche mandra rahen hain unhe bata do ki dp ka time ab gaya, sare katrina ranbir and kareena fans are going to boycott dp movies from now on, vaise bhi bina rumors ke dp kuch bhi nhi hai.

  • abhilash darwatkar

    super hit hai jodi….shahrukh aur katrina

  • milana

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i hope this is TRUUUUUE, they are sooo cuute togetheeer!!!!

  • Manish

    Because of Katrina’s huge face and amazon looks, she looks much older and bigger than SRK, Salman or even Aamir. Besides she cant act to save her life.. Her barbie looks and monotonous hairstyle and expressionless face make her one of the worst heorines in bollywood who gained success only because she was Salman’s bitch for 5 years and he promoted her.. Now she has leached on to RK and milking him for all he’s worth

  • sady

    Noooooooo!!!!!!!! TT.TT I’m getting tired of her wooden acting!

  • Sandi Mann


  • guest

    noooooooo not again. enough of seeing him with young actresses. may be bipasha or kareena but not katrina for sure. he looks too old with her. and they probably make the worst couple. hope this is just a bullshit rumour.

  • Anonymous

    Srk is the best….The best actor….I hope he releases more films…

  • Rasmi

    Katrina does not look to SRK , no chemistry , also looks very good with Salman . I do not like these couples . SRK
    too old , he looks like grandfather , and that’s a fact , he can
    not be removed with young actresses , they only emphasize his age .
    Katrina should be removed only with Akshay , Akshay only helped her
    early career , the other actors did not want it to work then , SRK including because he loves only top actresses , does not like to help
    young , Akshay and Kat is the most beautiful pair of Bollywood