Katrina Kaif will not produce film for sister, Isabel

The actor who is currently reigning in Bollywood, recently bagged a role in the Yash Raj camp

Katrina Kaif will be the next Dhoom girl opposite Aamir Khan, while her career is soaring high, it is learnt that her sister Isabel also harbours a desire to enter B-town.Now, Katrina Kaif is aware of her sister’s wishes, but claims that Isabel is not yet ready for Bollywood. The sister is apparently still learning acting and will take some time before her launch in the films. Just a thought, was Katrina ready for Bollywood when she entered the industry and was her acting skills top notch then? Katrina says that she will help Isabel in every possible way now that she knows the ropes of the industry but will not produce any film for her. If you ask us, the elder sister may just be a little ansty with all the talk of Isabel making it to Bollywood. Tch! Tch! Katrina!