Katrina: Lady with ‘the’ legs

There’s something about the Kat-woman that we cannot help notice – her shiny black pants!

Once upon a time, there was a young lady called Katrina Kaif. She had long legs and a curvy figure, but very little grace or filmi ishtyle. Her first film, a disaster called Boom, went bust at the BO and rarely features on her resume. Then, suddenly, when we were not looking, she grew up. She hooked up with the ever-supportive Salman Khan, she signed mega-hit films with Akshay Kumar, squeezed into a pair of shiny black latex pants and danced sinuously and jiggled and wiggled an astonishingly toned middle to an item song called Sheila ki jawani. She wore those pants again and again…and again, dancing with verve and considerable grace at more stage shows than any one of us could imagine. And now life is new and exciting for Katrina – her superhit gaana plays everywhere, in every awards show, every televised special event, every paan-beedi shop, autorickshaw and gymnasium in the country. Recently, at the IMA function, two of these factors came together. The famous shiny black pants and the item number. Her choreographers re-jigged Sheila ki jawani to become more modern, updating the belly dancing, lezhim-inspired groove to become a locking-popping, hip-hop-ish number that had the audience – and us watching at home – dancing to the infectious beat. And believe you us, Kat did a great job, even though we all kinda did hold our collective breath at one point when her spangly red top threatened to slide off her shoulder – it did not, please note! Those shiny black pants added a special tough-girl attitude to our lady’s delicate beauty and her fan club just grew by a few zillion!