Katrina: Love just happens

Kat reveals her idea of love and how she maintains a professional relationship with ex-boyfriend Salman

Katrina Kaif is playing a dulhan in her forthcoming film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, but the actor has no idea about her real life wedding. “The question is, when will I get married? Sigh… Right now I am nowhere close to getting married,” she says. She is working with a lot of married or taken actors right now and insists that she never thinks about whether her co-star is single or not. “I believe in creating a positive atmosphere on the sets. So I am completely myself, whether it’s a married man I’m working with or an unmarried man.”

But what about working with an ex-boyfriend? Won’t it be awkward for her to do a film with Salman Khan? Kat replies, “We have done two successful comedies together and one film that didn’t work. It’s been a decent record. I was supposed to do Ek Tha Tiger long ago. And then Salman was signed for it. It was a coincidence. This is the only film we have signed right now. And I was like…why shouldn’t we do a film together? It just happened. I guess it’s ok. We are grown ups…we can work together.”

But if we remember correctly, a couple of years ago Katrina had said that she’d like to get married by 25. “Guess I was romanticising…it will happen when it has to.” And what kind of a man would she want to be married to? “You can’t describe the man you love or why you love him. Love just happens…and sometimes it doesn’t.” So is there no romantic relationship right now? “Absolutely not! But I hope there will be one some time soon.” And we second that!