Katrina takes part in ‘Satsang’?

It ain’t her search for nirvana but a new film by Prakash Jha that the biker babe from ZNMD will soon be working on

Is the sexiest woman on the planet getting all spiritual? Nah, it’s just a film she signed on for that seems to be finally taking off. Last year Prakash Jha, who gave Katrina Kaif an entry into ‘meaningful’ cinema with Raajneeti, announced that he would be making a new film called Satsang, for which he nabbed Kat before she got busy with more work than she could handle. But then he got occupied with Aarakshan and Ms Kaif took off to Spain and parts beyond for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, so nothing was heard of the project. Everyone assumed that, like so many of its kind, this one would wander off into the sunset and be forgotten. But Jha has now revived plans to make the movie, the story of a young firang looking for the real meaning of spirituality. Apart from the fact that it sounds most familiar (remember Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, whatever?) there is, of course, the added enticement of a Katrina in a non-glamorous avatar without makeup and wearing saffron robes. But neither Jha nor Kat will commit where dates of shooting or release are concerned, since our sexy star has more than she can handle on her delicious plate with films co-starring Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan (separately of course, we do not want the next world war starting!) and Jha…well…he just has to wait if he wants her on board this one, no!