KBC 5: A contestant reads Big B’s face tonight (13-10-2011)!

Tonight’s episode will witness Mr Rajendra Latane on the hot seat. Rajendra hails from Satara, Maharashtra and has been in the profession of teaching since last ten years.

Rajendra narrates an extremely heart touching story to AB about his life and how he lost his father when he was young and since there was no earning member in their family, his family had to see extremely distressing days! Rajendra also informed AB that he had to relinquish his studies and start earning, only to accomplish the vital needs of his family. Later when Rajendra felt the need to pursue further studies, he started studying during the day and working in the night in order to make both ends meet. Rajendra gifts AB a sketch of him that he had made especially to gift him if at all he makes it to the hot seat.

Rajendra also reveals that he has the talent of reading people’s faces. On knowing this, Big B immediately requests Rajendra to read his face and tell something about him.

Curious to know what Rajendra says about Amitabh Bachchan by reading his face? Don’t forget to watch today’s (13-10-2011) episode of Panchkoti Maha Money Kaun Banega Crorepati at 8.30pm on Sony Entertainment Television.