KHAN SISTERS review: How real is it anyway?

It looks less authentic and more scripted, but we still give it the benefit of the doubt and wait till the next episode unfolds

Remember the movie The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey as the title character? It’s about a cheery guy who’s oblivious of the fact that every move of his is being shot and converted into a hugely popular TV series. Truman not being privy to the secret plan was probably one of the reasons why the entertainment quotient of the show was so high. As yet another reality show – Khan Sisters – unfolds on TV, we wonder if applying the same strategy on our actors will help improve the quality of our Indian reality shows. We are complaining only because this desi version of Keeping up with the Kardashians has failed to impress us. As Gauahar and Nigaar get involved in an ongoing process of slugging it out and patching up the very next moment, we think these two glam sisters are stuck in an extremely boring act of raising TRPs than genuinely just being themselves. Moving mechanically as per the director’s cues and instructions, the show tries hard to hold the fancy of the audience. Nigaar tries to lose weight in one single day with the help of some vibrating machine, Gauahar creates a huge brouhaha about the wardrobe malfunction that happened while she was walking on the ramp eons ago, Nigaar goes on a date with a guy friend at odd hours of the night; well this is what happened in the first episode and you haven’t missed much if you haven’t seen it. We hope the babes sprinkle their own unique flavours, as the show picks up pace. After all that’s what the viewers want, genuine personalities portraying some real emotions on-screen…We wait and watch.

Khan Sisters airs every Saturday at 7 pm on UTV Bindaas