KHAN SISTERS review: How real is it anyway?

KHAN SISTERS review: How real is it anyway?

It looks less authentic and more scripted, but we still give it the benefit of the doubt and wait till the next episode unfolds

Remember the movie The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey as the title character? It’s about a cheery guy who’s oblivious of the fact that every move of his is being shot and converted into a hugely popular TV series. Truman not being privy to the secret plan was probably one of the reasons why the entertainment quotient of the show was so high. As yet another reality show – Khan Sisters – unfolds on TV, we wonder if applying the same strategy on our actors will help improve the quality of our Indian reality shows. We are complaining only because this desi version of Keeping up with the Kardashians has failed to impress us. As Gauahar and Nigaar get involved in an ongoing process of slugging it out and patching up the very next moment, we think these two glam sisters are stuck in an extremely boring act of raising TRPs than genuinely just being themselves. Moving mechanically as per the director’s cues and instructions, the show tries hard to hold the fancy of the audience. Nigaar tries to lose weight in one single day with the help of some vibrating machine, Gauahar creates a huge brouhaha about the wardrobe malfunction that happened while she was walking on the ramp eons ago, Nigaar goes on a date with a guy friend at odd hours of the night; well this is what happened in the first episode and you haven’t missed much if you haven’t seen it. We hope the babes sprinkle their own unique flavours, as the show picks up pace. After all that’s what the viewers want, genuine personalities portraying some real emotions on-screen…We wait and watch.

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  • Ram

    the khan sisters are neither actors nor stars nor done anything noticeable or worth till now,i dont understand who is watching this show.

    • tasneem

      i dnt understand who r u to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!have u really done sumthng whch is noticeable…… i dnt understnd y ppl dnt luk at thm b4 commenting……………by reading ur comment i only found u a biggest foooolllllllll

  • ashu

    worst show…..

    • swati

      wash your face and then come……….

  • Rajesh

    I have never seen a show like this and would never want to see in future. You have money means what you will show anything you want…. Shame on you.

  • Indranil Barat

    I really love the show. Khan Sisters is a off the stream show, & is presented in a great way. It may be that there are fake and planned stuffs or whatever, I believe in the entertainment part it. A simple show but very vibrant indeed.

  • Raj shoots

    is any one even watching it??

    y are the producers wasting their money ?????

  • Riah

    I loved the third episode
    Didn’t see the first two..
    Its interesting to see others’ perspective…n to figure out their acting emotions if not real

  • RK

    I’ve seen all the episodes that have aired so far, and I think the show is really entertaining. Best wishes to them in their futures.


    i luv this show….nigaar u rocks…i luv ur attitude….

    • ronny

      yehe sab dekhte raho betichod…..

  • Charu Srivastava

    Simply love the show…
    Gauhar Khan is Superb

  • Ruhi Aggarwal

    i love this show a lot…………….jst wait for saturday nite… Gauhar khan uh rockz,, love ur simplicity, ur style……

  • sheela

    dis was an awsm show….!wen iz dh second season cumin?very eager 2 see….!!!love both of dem….<3<3<3

  • gauhar khan

    thanks guyz 4 sooo much of luv….!dh second season wl cum sooon….!til den good bye,keep smiling,luv u all…!
    gauhar and nigaar khan.

    • Rimal Malik

      I personally loved the show…yea there were moment or scenes that I kinda disliked but I do wish to continue seeing this show especially moment with Gauahar ans Sahil because they were so real and adorable and I don’t think that anyone can call those moments scripted. And on the other side Nigar should also move on with Mazer they are really cute together…and she really cares for her sister I just hope that Gauaher realizes that soon.
      I’m waiting for Season 2!!!!!

    • sakina

      hey gauhar and nigaar how are u ???
      i am a huge faan og urs !!! i just love the way u bith carry out ur self !!!
      i am eagerly waitinf for season 2 !!
      any idea wen will it start????

      • sheeraz

        When will come the second season?:)

  • Sofia

    Hey I’m huge fan of Gauhar and Nigger Khan really love you guy when season 2 will begin. I am just waiting for that. More then 15th times I have repeated season 1. If I repeat season 1 for 100 times also I won’t get bored so please please just tell me when is season 2.xoxoxo

  • sheeraz

    This show is the best:))
    Pls make season 2 :D
    Gauhar and Niggar are rhe bests :-D
    Pls Continue!!:)

  • sheeraz

    Gohar i am your biggest fan :) )

  • sheeraz

    Gohar i am your biggest fan 4ever i will never forget you:*

  • sheeraz

    Gohar and Niggar you are the bests:***

  • Jennifer Ali

    I just watched khan sisters that aired on 3/3/2015. Gauhar you are so beautiful and so is Niggar. Niggar you touched my heart when I watched you helping Shilpa find work, taking her to the NGO to meet Shaheen and meeting with Shilpa’s guru and walking thru the slum area to get to Shilpa’s house. I mean you literally are one person who when I watch crying over the issues, I cry together, coz I am such an emotional person. I truly believe you are the most humble of stars I have watched. I love your show and make sure I don’t miss watching any of them. Keep them coming. Love to both of you.