Khatron Ke Khiladi 5: Gauahar Khan’s top 3 dramatic moments!

Khatron Ke Khiladi 5: Gauahar Khan’s top 3 dramatic moments!

With the show wrapping up this weekend, we bring to you top three moments that will haunt us even after the season ends

Are you tired listening “Oh My God” again and again on Khatron Ke Khiladi 5: Darr Ka Blockbuster? So are we. The loud reactions and attempts to grab eyeballs has been an old trait of drama queen, Gauahar Khan. Kushal Tandon’s lady love has been a hot favorite of reality show makers, may be that can be a reason for this model turned actor to participate in several reality shows. Interestingly the Jhallah wallah girl’s co contestant on KKK5, Geeta Tandon had called her ‘dramatic’. With KKK5 wrapping up this weekend, we bring to you top 3 dramatic moments from the show, where Gauhar out do everyone in the task to grab attention.

Deep freeze – In this task the contestants had to be in a glass box, with ice blocks falling on them. They had to remove 100 tubes of three colors which were stuck to the glass and drop them in the boxes with the mentioned colors. Even though Ajaz Khan and Geeta attempted the task with our drama queen, Kushal’s ladylove made the maximum noise after the task. The actor said her hands were numb and had almost fainted. She screamed and shouted, asked for warm blankets and was immediately taken to the doctor’s care. Host Rohit Shetty even rubbed Khan’s legs to make her feel warm. The Bigg Boss 7 winner was eliminated after the completion of this task as her friend turned foe Ajaz managed to emerge victorious.

Torture tunnel – Ms Khan attempted this task with her boyfriend. While the Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai actor had to hunt keys from an ice box, Gauahar had to deal with thousands of insects in a tunnel and pluck flags with her mouth simultaneously. Indeed the task was difficult; however, Rochelle Maria Rao who was also attempting the task was rather calm and composed and the Ishaqzaade actor was loud and suitably equipped in her drama queen mode. The other contestants who were watching her were flushed with shock. Rochelle and Rajneesh Duggal who were attempting the task after the Bigg Boss 7 contestants , were terrified with Gauahar’s reaction. We wonder if this was her strategy to dismay the following couple.

Cross building task – This was one task which Kushan Tandon’s girlfriend refused citing phobia for heights. She had to complete this task with Deana Uppal, Ajaz Khan and Geeta Tandon. While the other three did the task, Nigar Khan’s sister tried to attempt it. However when she reached the task spot, the actor began to panic and refused to do the task. Though, she did not participate in the task, the Drama queen was seen advising everyone else involved in the task. What were you thinking lady?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sumayya khan

    jis pay guzarti ha wohi srif takleef janta ha kisi k baray me galat bat karna buhut asan ha lakin jub kud pay musibat aati ha tu pata chalta ha gauahar khan k saat hum sub us k fans ha ap ko jo galat likna ha likho apkay galat liknay say kuch nai hota

  • Tyana Jones

    Your absorption absolutely rite .i agreed.No doubt she is a big drama queen :)

    • Tyana Jones

      Yes i mean observation. LOL

  • Parvez

    Hmm Gauhar can be called a drama queen but more so she is just plain annoying. When Rohit explains a task shes like “Oh god, oh god”, like seriously we get it ok no need to keep talking! Its hilarious when she gives advice to people and she quits the stunt herself! Or when she gives advice and goes does something completely different then what she advised. And her overreacting in EVERY TASK! The smallest cut “lagi hai kaafi” like dude… honestly I do not want Gauhar to win AT ALL, I don’t even know why she came back just like Bigg Boss.
    If anyone deserves to win it has to be Salman, he’s always done his best with a killer attitude!