KHILADI 786 new song Hookah bar: Akshay Kumar and Asin are over-the-top in this blah number!

KHILADI 786 new song Hookah bar: Akshay Kumar and Asin are over-the-top in this blah number!

Garish Akshay and hot Asin try too hard to please the audience in this ordinary party song

Looks like Himesh Reshammiya is desperate for attention more than ever before. But the ‘capped’ singer is just not interested in creating something refreshingly different and original. Just when we said that the Saari saari song from Akshay Kumar-Asin Thottumkal’s upcoming film Khiladi 786 could be the saving grace of the entire album, Himesss bhai has disappointed us yet again with another thumb-downer Hookah Bar!

Much like the other songs, Hookah bar too fails to offer something worth listening to with Akshay breaking into a mindless jig. Though Asin looks smoking hot and captures our attention with her groovy moves, the song’s composition and its terrible choreography turned us off completely. Himesh is trying to sound quite celebratory in this party number, but he doesn’t quite strike a chord.

All in all, despite some pulsating beats and colourful presentation, Hookah bar just fails to hold your attention either visually or musically. Now, you watch the song and tell us what do you think, BollywoodLifers!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • viewersays

    Dear mr.yadav, seriously you need some rest. Take a vacation and relax. Am afraid that you are getting to a serious psyco prob..Or else you could’ve enjoy this dhamakka song..Feel really pity on you..Pls accept my words – take a break dear..

    • kiran patil

      you are right buddy mr yadav definatly need a rest yar what a bakawas review realy this song is catchy ………..

      • Ashutosh singh

        i agree
        dude yadav
        u really need to take a break
        uve got no taste
        coz i love dis song

        • V

          It’s Jadhav not yadav….. lagta hai hookah baar ki kick lag gayi….

  • shashank

    when i read the tag line…i knew it u yadavji…
    u have a personal bias again himesh…dats fr sure…i was amazed hw u appreciated sari sari raat..maybe coz u were really critisized on ur post on Lonely song…
    nyways apne ek baar aur apne aap ko saabit kr diya… u dnt deserve to be a reviewer man… u have zero sense…

  • moddalsathi

    Hukkah Bar is the catchiest tune i’ve heard in B’wood over a decade. You need to STFU and re-think , get a musical perspective. You are tool OLD !

  • Saheli

    Tandoori nights at hookah bar xD

  • American Hookah Bars

    This has been all over the place, I’ve watched this on Youtube and the tune is very catchy.

  • sandip

    the best rock song of 2012.

  • kumar

    himesh is a thief, this is a full copy of Chris Brown’s song Turn up th Love ……..this song is fake nt original

    • naval

      what a wonderful song..

      but i differ here in-spite of himesh fan that the o o o ooooooooo part is inspired from chris brown song that is mentioned. but to be frank… very cool thing to hear. this one sounds better than chris browns :)

  • Jitendra Chauhan

    Itna mast song h be…behra h kya tu…thappad maruga to sab sunai dene lag jayega

  • Avi

    Mr Yadav Sounds that your bit deaf for sure

  • jai om kasaudhan

    himeesh sir fir se back kya gana hai its rock bar

  • Pinky

    Actually Mr. Jadhav purposely criticizes bollywood songs so that he can hear good comments of the particular song lovers, I must say, he really works hard for bollywood industry by collecting public responses, and what a way of collecting them!…very decorative criticism and he shows as if he is really an anti-bollywood song person, last time I posted a comment, when he was criticizing song aga bai, but that comment didn’t appeared on this page, only God and Mr. Jadhav knows why, lol…maybe my point was too serious and bold for him, by saying against the songs and finding faults in them each time, he increases anger in the hearts of song lovers, it is one kind of politics, isn’t it Mr. Jadhav? nobody can understand bollywood, this industry, no I mean all film industries are full of politics, conspiracies, gossips and controversies, anyone can change their color in a second like ‘girgit’(chameleon)

  • i am not gawar like you

    What the f#*@ !!
    how the heck he copied turn up the music by chris brown ….himesh tuchha nikla…bhagwan ne usko deemag uske karne ke liye diya hai..churane ke liye nahee…saare mehnet pe paani pher diya…increase some respect for india !.using ur own material..learn something from psy…korea is high fly…i can rhyme…tell theez fake guyz that itz cryme..

    • A Mohan

      They have purchased the rights for music … not done clandestinely (Pritam does that)

    • zenith

      Turn up the music by chris brown is one of my favourites. Himesh repeated the well known copy cat history of hollywood songs. Nothing amazing!
      Even the title song of ‘Jane tu ya jane na’ was also copied from George Benson’s Beyond The Sea.

  • Chetan Gaonkar

    Are u kidding??
    i mean wht mre u xpct?? dis song is been playd all ovr the places, even in south India.
    the impact this song has made on youth is just amazing??
    i am nt big fan of himesh bt this song is rockin!!

  • A Mohan

    Ordinary song ? You will be surprised how many think otherwise …

  • Rajarshi Dhar

    Great song and composition. This is not a copy in any way. A slight portion may have been taken from the brown song. Sorry to say but the review is totally biased. It happens because many people dislike Himesh. You can ignore the man but not his music.

  • Brisdon

    Listen to Akcent’s “thats my name”..All the good part in “hookah bar” is from that song.. Nothing else by himesh

  • Pathan Saif

    Best song of the year 2012

  • Number1Fan

    This is my absolute favourite song!! Himesh sounds so sexy in this I love the way he sings in it :) yay

  • randolph pereira

    you have broken the first rule of writing an review -personal views should not been taken into account while writing an review.As for the song it is one of the best party songs ,if you where talking in terms of the lyrics ,which Bollywood songs has one? one of the worst reviews with an completely different take on a song which most of us like. Go hear an old song stop writing reviews ……………..