Khiladi 786 new song Lonely: Akshay Kumar is shamelessly irritating in this one!

Khiladi 786 new song Lonely: Akshay Kumar is shamelessly irritating in this one!

We could not find a better word than ‘pathetic’ to describe the annoying Himesh Reshammiya number starring Akshay Kumar and Asin

Our curiosity about what Akshay Kumar will be seen doing in his upcoming film Khiladi 786 is simply butchered by what this song presented –both visually and musically. Sung and composed by Himesh Reshammiya and penned haphazardly by Shabir Ahmed, this number is plain disgraceful. Akshay Kumar and Asin are seen shaking their collective booty desperately to make this number look funny. Going by the tormenting presentation, it seems that Akki is still in Joker mode and has not pulled himself out of the loony character he portrayed in Shirish Kunder’s disastrous alien saga.

Now you watch this song (though we suggest you don’t subject yourself to the sheer suffering) and tell us what torments you most – the music, the choreography or Himessss bhai’s (in)famous nasal voice.

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  • shashank

    its upto you , the viewers of this review to go to the video in youtube and look at the fantastic response the video is getting or listen to this biased and irritating review…
    its a fun song…i guess the reviewer here was trying to find sense in a satire song……..!!

    • san remo

      true… the song is very catchy n fun to watch….

  • Prakash

    this a fun masti song in the film and there is nothing wrong with the song. .take a look at the response in youtube…. Its a Hit already.. after Balma created a storm and youtube for some reason have stopped increasing the number of views many days before….

  • Vee

    Waahiyat… aak-thoo

    • Ankur bansal

      Song kaisa b ho, but tu realy waahiyaat insan h, aaak thooo tere upar.

  • Sid

    The song is fun and a spoof on Akshay and Himesh only, so nothing wrong in the song – it is hillarious and very different. I dont know why the reviewer is so anti Akshay…

  • arpit

    reviewer of bollywoodlife is anti-akshay … he is a loser reviewer !! this song is fun to listen

    • shashank

      hes one sad person with no sense of music…!!
      ask him to compose music…or choreograph a song…

  • neal shakya

    get ur ear tested bro!!PATHETIC is what ur critic is..

  • noor

    WTF.. this song is awesome….AKI is awesome.. keep rocking and we all love you ♥♥

  • Anurag

    Its an awes0me track u pathetic critic..itz a fun l0vng trak wid k0ol beats. Hr r0ckz al0ng wid YO YO H0NEY SINGH!

  • Sunny

    The song is quite catchy and fun..The review seems pathetic