Kushboo slams Swami Asaram Bapu for rape remarks

Thu, January 10, 2013 3:40pm UTC by 7 Comments
Kushboo slams Swami Asaram Bapu for rape remarks

Godman Asaram Bapu at a recent rally stated that the Delhi gang-rape victim was equally to blame for the incident

Kushboo, who is always outspoken, came down heavily on controversial swami.“A mistake is never from one side alone. She should have called those rapists as brothers and it would have prevented the attack,” said Asaram Bapu, triggering a controversy. Reacting strongly to these remarks, Kushboo, who is now an active politician, said, “These are insensitive and irresponsible comments. This clearly shows how he treats women.”

She added: “Asaram Bapu probably made these remarks for publicity. His followers should stop following him. This is something beyond male chauvinism. How can a woman call some heartless creatures brothers?”


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  • Marisol

    As long as India deprives its female population of dignity, respect, and equality, it will forever remain a third world country, with half of its population continuing to perpetuate heinous sexual crimes against women and children with impunity. SHAME ON YOU, INDIA and shame on all of you who preach this misogynistic, patriarchal attitude towards women!!

  • Sadhak

    Khoshboo, have you heard the satsang whre Asaram bapu mentioned this…… Listen to it, understand the context and then make comments on a Saint who is truely a GODly person.

    Check out with the 100s of crores people listening to his satsang.

    • Barun

      Now see God never do mistake. Asharam bapu not a GODly person. He is a rapist.

  • Jitendra

    Khushboo, pls. make it clear that Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu is not a beggar like u for popularity. He is a Saint , & a Saint always show people the right way of living. U r unhappy by his statement on Delhi gang raped girl, let me ask u, what did u people did for the criminalised society? What action u had taken after the incident. Please try to recall the story, why Rakshabandhan is celeberated in our society. Believe me, the evil of incidents of rape mainly from your films, your nude photographs on filmy magazines. Lastly who r u to appeal for BAPUJI for punishment, since the case is till under jurisdiction. Allegations r not yet proved in the court. U just think about the colour of your bikini u need to pose. Hope u must have got your answer.

    • Barun

      First all, If case is under jurisdiction, then how can you know he is good or bad person. Why you are promoting asharam as good person. If he is a good person then why people are charged allegation against him. First off all, he is a common man created by GOD. Don’t give honor as a god. The people like you promoting these type of fraud sant only because of own profit. If you are helping him & encouraging him as GODly person you are also a part of encouraging crime. If ur daughter or sister would victim of this fraud sant, then you understand better the feeling those women or girl who lost their honur & dignity. Sant shows right way of living. Then you tell me where crore people are home less only because of land, in that country asharam was illegally covered public property. Is this right way? We should do that type of illegal work? Then what is the difference between Mafia don & Asharam?

      • LaxmidharSahoo

        I support Barunji

        • PARSHURAM

          asharam may be culprit but it is never be possible..he is a saint and showed thousands of people a light.
          IN world after every good person ,people try to accuse him of being faulty acts,and after his death,those people make him God again..

          faulty people of any level should be punished