Kick box office collection: Salman Khan’s film beats Shah Rukh Khan, mints Rs 148 crore!

Thu, July 31, 2014 1:15pm IST by
Kick box office collection: Salman Khan’s film beats Shah Rukh Khan, mints Rs 148 crore!

Kick, which also stars Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in pivotal roles is going rock steady at the box office

Salman Khan’s recently released film, Kick opposite Jacqueline Fernandez has indeed got the cash registers ringing at the box office. The film has made a total of ₹ 148.66 crore at the domestic ticket windows ever since it hit the theatres on July 25.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted, “#Kick continues its victorious march, collecting ₹ 21.66 cr on Wed, taking the 6-day total to ₹ 148.66 cr nett. PHENOMENAL!.”

With this the Dabangg Khan has shattered the record of Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express, which also had Deepika Padukone as the female lead. Rohit Shetty’s directorial that released on Eid last year made around ₹ 137 crore on day 6 while Kick has done more business at the box office on the sixth day of it’s release.

So while Salman has whizzed ahead of SRK as far as the numbers are concerned, however let us tell you that he has still managed to break the record of Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 that made ₹ 100 crore in just three days while Kick entered the ₹ 100 crore club on Day 5.

All said and done, the ultimate question is that will Kick be able to make ₹ 200 crore at the box office? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Don

    Bas ek Baat Hamesha Yaad rakhna Don ko pakana mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai


      LoL .. kis DON ki baat kar rahien ho??? Osi DON ko KICK lag gayee gaand py :D

      • rahul

        haha si kaha

      • Liton Khan

        bhaijaan apki baat sonke moza aagaya.

      • andi

        U can hate SRK,u can love SRK but U just can’t ignore SRK…Power of common man,.Admire SRK & SRKians rocks

      • Tushar

        Sallu is the biggest Lallu :D Na Mard na Aurat .Saala Sixer hai :D LOL

        • dghbgjj

          Kabe sale samajhata kya turn apne asp ko ga due land chat

        • jack

          tumko kaise jankari hai bhai k bare may itni tushar, aaya tha kya salman tere ghar may.don’t use bad word agains salman

        • nilesh satardekar

          Who shahruk Jo ki amir khan ke kutte Nam hai ,shahruk to kutta he o bhi amir khan ka ,sala shahrukh to Salman ka mu me Leta he , o bhi bar bar

    • Terminator

      Ussi don ko dhoom 3 India mein hi nahi balk I overseas mein bhi bahut pi he chorus diya hai

    • disqus_FsKlnx2LHM

      Wo mera itne promotion ke baad bhi ”Ra-One” ka flop ho jana,… Wo mera stadium me police se maar khana,… Wo mera america me baar baar torture hona… nahi bhoolunga mai ”JAB TAK HAI JAAN JAB TAK HAI JAAN ‘……………………………………………………………………………………..’ Wo mera paise de k award lena,… Wo mera bade banners ki chaaplosi kar ke film lena,… Wo mera beech party me Salman khan se thappad khana,… nahi bhoolunga mai ”JAB TAK HAI JAAN JAB TAK HAI JAAN…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..” Teri Bakwas Slow story, . Teri boring love story, . Phir Nahi Dekhunga Main, . ”Jab Tak Hai Jaan Jab Tak Hai Jann…” ……………………………………………………………… Tera sada hua chehra banana, . Tera wahi bakwaas ladkio ki tarah rona, . Nahi jhel paunga main . JAB TAK HAI JAAN JAB TAK HAI JAAN…..” SUPER FLOP MOVIE………………………………26/11 MUMBAI ATTACKS, CEASEFIRE VIOLATIONS,SAURABH KALIA TORTURE,KANDAHAR PLANE HIJACK,KARGIL WAR,BEHEADING OF SOLDIER HEMRAJ ……… HONE KE BAAD BHI PAKISTANIYON KO DOST KAHUNGA MAIN..JAB TAK HAI JAAN , JAB TAK HAI JAAN

      • Indian


      • beingshubh


      • anonymous

        Really now I understand why salman hates fans like you by insulting srk you are insulting salman keep peace and dont talk rubbish if srk buys awards then this year farhan would have not won so just dont hate anyone both salman and srk are legendary actors

      • king khan

        Me to dekhunga jabtak hai jaan jabtak hai jaan nhi krunga copy jabtak hai jaan jabtak hai jaan
        Wo salman ka sirf indai me chalna nhi bhulunga me jabtak hai jaan jabtak hai jaan ???? Wo king jo chohte parde se aaya aur ajj Bollywood ka badshah banna nhi bhulunga jabtak hai jaan jabtak hai jaan khano me bhi king se jane jana nhi bhulunga jabtak hai jaan jabtak hai jaan #### wo amitabh ka bura haal krna ???? Phr sunny ko bhaga bhga k mrna nhi bhulunga me jabtak hai jaan jabtak hai jaan sorry king to king hi hota # srk the king off Bollywood

      • Sanam

        Let me tell u one thing ra one was not a flop go check the websites and wiki peadia from where u got that information dude? And dude u r forgetting that salman wasn’t allowed to enter London he didn’t even get a visa . Dude they both r equal in their own form and style . Don’t forget salmans jai ho movie , and also salman had way too many flops ,don’t forget that and above all he never ever got a filmfare awards as a leading actor .

        • Atlantic Digitals

          Jai ho was a hit film the films made 1.26 crs at the box office lekin salman khan ke hisaab se nai chali woh film bas

      • Tushar

        You are just an Idiot itself. Agar SRK paise deker award leta hai toh kya Salman Beeg Manga hai ?? Jo award nahi le pata. SRK ko salman ne thappad mara tu tha kya waha kutte ?? jo tujhe ye sari news pata hai .. Sirf south ki movie per kaam kerta hai Salman. Jai ho ka collection dekha tha humne bhi samjha. Akele 3 weeks tak ek hi movie lagegi toh koi bhi movie itna kama legi samjha. Chutiya hai jo bakwas baat kerta hai. Jab tak hai Jaan Hit hai .. Apni knowledge bada. Dumb Ass. SRK jis feild mein jata hai hit hota hai T.V se leker Bollywood tak, 2 baar KKR won the IPL world cup. He is far far better than any other actor in Bollywood include tera Copy cat Salman, jo saala Namard hai. koi bhi actress uske saath tik nahi paati because vo mard hi nahi hai .

        • nilesh satardekar

          Srk to madarchot hai ,usko nanga karke bare bajar mail dauda dauda ke marna chahiye ,Salman ke jutoke barabar he sala

      • Husen Gameti

        fir bhi log gaad mara ke king khan ko dekhne jate he

        • Husen Gameti

          happy new year this diwali record break movi king khan back

      • alina kapoor

        well done,thank u, god bless u.salman is the best.


        nıc year

  • milan227

    And they said it couldn’t be done!

  • khan hater

    In not fan of any khans……bcoz dey all r overrated…
    y not media questions der box office numbers???
    do u all feel that d numbers of CE,DHOOM3,ek tha tiger,bodyguard r true??
    v should hv one genuine source to reveal d box office figures…..

  • absrk

    one thing i can say ticket price is 20% higher than CE just keep infletion in mind don’t compare SRK with Sallu . It’s like comparing Al pacnio with Jhon Travolta

    • FanOfAname

      oye mr SRK fan…. how many 100 cr + india movie collection SRK has … Salman has 7 which is the highest in bollywood.

  • khan hater

    How many of u believe day this box office numbers r correct???
    y no one frm media questions any khans about der box office numbers????
    for d record I am not fan of any overrated khans…
    do u really think that crap movie like CE earned 100cr @ box office overseas..

    • FanOfAname

      Except Amir khan movies. He is a genius of his generation and an excellent versatile actor. And his movies are worth to watch. SRK’s imotional/crying scenes no body can match. Salman’s dialogue and style.

  • anonymous

    If movies like this crosses 200 cr then it’s a shame for bollywood it’s qaulity is getting worse

    • FanOfAname

      wake up !!!! Even a avg rated eng movie collect more than 500cr then why won’t bollywood. Home prices are more than doubled in less than 4 yrs then why don’t bollywood. India is a growing country and the figures are the sign, one day all avg/good movies will touch 500 to 1000 cr, Count the number of multiplexes open in last 2 yrs. Check the share prices of inox, pvr etc. And in coming days the no of multiplexes will be more and more. And the box office collection will be more.

      • anonymous

        But there budget starts from 500 cr and ours is 150 cr ,even after collecting high there movies is declared flop I just say some more deserving movies like bmb , barfi should make such money kick was just rubbish especially the first half

  • anmol ratan

    its will easily cross 225

  • khsadadbinsajed

    he will be destroyed if he faces compettion

    • FanOfAname

      nope … he will destroy everybody, That’s why nobody come and face him. Ask SRK to release with salman’s movie.

  • khsadadbinsajed

    20% high ticket price with no competesion almost 6000 screens….not good

    • FanOfAname

      People have the money to waste. what does it matter … if any body have probs i have a suprb idea … go and watch in morning show. it will be around 100

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    The train that Salman Khan fearlessly walks past in Kick was Chennai Express. He says he does not give a shit to the Chennai Express!
    Now, some morons are talking about ticket price? Where were they at the time when Jai Ho was released with much lowered ticket price? Where were they when CE was released after one year of ETT with hiked ticket price and in more screens?
    Even if Teesmaar Khan’s Ocean’s 11 remake edited by Joker Kunder will release in 10,000 Screens in Diwali, it won’t be able to go past 160 Crores. Nobody will be watching a crap film story driven films like Marykom and Haider and Hollywood level film like Bang Bang. Who will like to eat baasi tarkari (rotten veges) after the fresh ones?

    • anonymous

      Kick bhi bakwaas hi hai ,mujhe to lagta hai ki salman ki achhi movies jaise jai ho flop hoti hai aur aisi bakwaas movie jaise ett,kick hit hoti hai

      • Maaz Zulfiqar Malik

        kick itni achi movie hai bs ap ko us ki smaj nai ai ho gi sallu ix best
        ok aur agar movie ki samaj na aye to bola mat krien

  • muslim

    The businesses of Bollywood risen every year so what’s the big deal 20% ticket price high 1200 more screens and only few crores in difference?? Why CE why not Dhoom 3 ? 18 crore overseas weekend collection CE collect 47 crore weekend overseas! No 21 in Usa weekend collection for Bollywood even can’t beat ra one Don 2 jthj MNIK don’t even think about CE!! Where is your position see!!!

  • qasim butt

    salu is best and inshaallah 300 cr

  • khan

    yar 2013 k tickets rates aur 2014 k ticket rates main faraq hai SRK KING hai us tak punchna namumkin hai

    • FanOfAname

      salman has the seven 100 cr+ movie in india which is the highest in the industry. SRK ?

  • Liton Khan

    salman bhai great actor.

    • FanOfAname

      Actor don’t know but he is the Rajanikanth of Bollywood. People go and watch him rather than movie, And if the movie is good then it would be a blockbuster …

  • Lovelesh

    why wasn’t people talking about inflation in ticket prices when jai ho released and considering inflation then hum aapke hai kaun would have been first

    • sameer

      Don chale gaya Chennai Express se return nahi ayega vapas.Ab KICK ki hai bari

    • alimuktar

      Nice move jai ho

  • alia sharma

    My dear friends and salman fans ,salman is the best and no one can beat him in his 100cr movie collection,instead of fighting with srk fans,go and watch salman movie kick as much time as u can i did it u also do and dont waist time in fighting with srk fan once the movie crosses 300+ cr no one could talk any shit about salman and not only kick every film of salman to make him blockbuster khan forever.I LUV U SALMAN AND BEST OF LUCK.

  • fahad

    And still shahrukh is the second most richest entertainer in the world mashAllah and salman not anywhere around now dont give excuses of charity evey actor have to do that its a must its just salman does publicity about his one and srk doesnt which is the proper way to do it he wouldn’t have got the unesco award from UN if he would not do any charity work i wonder why salman khan still didnt get such awards :/you dont compare salman with srk by numbers salman fans you will get the kick up your own ass

    • EX-SRK FAN

      Teri Bakwas Slow story, . Teri boring love story, . Phir Nahi Dekhunga Main, . ”Jab Tak Hai Jaan Jab Tak Hai Jann…” ……………………………………………………………… Tera sada hua chehra banana, . Tera wahi bakwaas ladkio ki tarah rona, . Nahi jhel paunga main . JAB TAK HAI JAAN JAB TAK HAI JAAN…..” ………………………………26/11 MUMBAI ATTACKS………, CEASEFIRE VIOLATIONS………..,SAURABH KALIA TORTURE,…..KANDAHAR PLANE HIJACK……,KARGIL WAR,………BEHEADING OF SOLDIER HEMRAJ ……… HONE KE BAAD BHI PAKISTANIYON KO DOST KAHUNGA MAIN……………………..JAB TAK HAI JAAN , JAB TAK HAI JAAN

  • Salman Being Human Fans

    Dude Don was a movie copied from the Icon Amitabh Bachan and Plus Dont forget Salman ne hi Sharukh ko upar laya hai by being his friend ! Ab woh upar aaa gaya toh badshah ban gaya waah ! Even though Salman is humble and All he keeps low but Sharukh keeps mouthing i am Badshah i am Badshah what a Prick ! Also Salman is a Bad Boy With a Golden Heart ! In true sense he is the Dillon ka Badshah and Sharukh is Fukronn ka Badshah !

  • kamlesh kukreti

    oh my frnds jst see the movie and entertain yrself.abe ladte kyun ho.itni v kya hori ,duniya sirf ek hi cheez par chalti hai entertainment entertainment and entertainment