Kick movie review: Salman Khan’s film delivers more than your expectation

Fri, July 25, 2014 1:41am IST by
Kick movie review: Salman Khan’s film delivers more than your expectation

Here is what we think about the Salman-Jacqueline starrer magnum opus

What’s it about:

Devi Lal (Salman Khan) gets a ‘kick’ out of doing the most odd things in life. He doesn’t live the stereotypical life of an average Joe. Instead he goes about doing things that make him happy or in his words give him a ‘kick’. Before you wonder what is the ‘kick’ concept, let me tell you that the makers have written the story in such a way that all his idiosyncrasies and strange habits and behavior make sense when the story unfolds to its logical end in the climax. Devi Lal becomes Devil in the second half with a police inspector (Randeep Hooda) playing a cat and mouse game with him. Nawazuddin plays the baddie, but in the most unconventional way. Jacqueline provides the glamour quotient and gives Salman the much needed sizzle and sex appeal. Sajid Nadiadwala smartly weaves in a social message and even subtly promotes Salman’s Being Human at various junctures in the film.

What’s hot

One word – Salman! This guy has never looked so good in any of his films, and we are talking about his IMDB biography from Wanted to Dabangg. The Salman of Kick seems like a different person. He’s more confident, relaxed, at ease even when he’s doing Ahmed Khan’s difficult dance steps in Jumme Ki Raat, or giving those tight closeups which looked slightly embarrassing in his previous films. A lot of credit goes to his stylists Ashley Rebello and Alvira Agnihotri for presenting and dressing him up in a classy yet massy style. His fans will eat up his every dialogue, move and mannerism in the first half. Jacqueline not only looks like a million bucks but she’s sprung a huge surprise in Jumme Ki Raat where she does a Beyonce meets Shakira one minute solo act which will have your jaw drop in awe! Words can’t explain the sheer awesomeness of that moment. She also has great chemistry with Salman and that only adds up in making the songs look so much better. Randeep Hooda has some brilliant moments courtesy dialogues by Rajat Arora. But Nawazuddin steals the thunder every time he comes on screen. The actor has got an amazing role in Kick, and he leaves no stone unturned in ensuring he plays up to the gallery with those smart alec one liners. Production values are top class and the film looks rich and stylish. Nargis Fakhri’s Devil song comes at the right point giving the film a shot in its arm. She looks stunning and the song looks hauntingly beautiful on the big screen

What’s not

We wish the first half had bit more tempo and the action began rolling a little early on. Also there are scenes in the first half between Salman and Mithun that somehow drag on endlessly and serve no real purpose. The sentimental stuff that happens in the second half needed to be toned down as it doesn’t fit with the mood and theme of the film. Salman’s french beard look came across a bit rushed and takes time to adjust with us.

What to do

Kick isn’t just reinventing Salman’s work portfolio, but it is also going to rewrite box-office figures and previous records set by the actor. Kick is a full on entertainer that will give you the much needed ‘kick’ in cinema halls this weekend!

Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Tushar P Joshi

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • Sam

    Awesome… Cant wait to watch it in the US..

  • Sudhie23

    finally a proper review that makes some sensez!

  • Nilesh

    4.5 Rating by Tushar Joshi before movie release!!! What a non-sense… This is going to be a disaster of Salman Khan

    • Abc

      stupid movie is released today.

      • avijit

        tere baap ne tuje paida karke yehi bola tha….galti se mistake ho gaya…shakti kaapoor kee aulad

        • rt

          teri maa ne bhi mujhe yahi kha tha

      • devil

        Abe abc alphabet madarchod tera naam hi kutte ke tarah hai,tune zindagi me kabhi movie dekha,jaakar apni maa aur bahen ki blue film dekh,1000 baapke 1 aulaad,aur kabhi comment mat karna…..hahahahahahaha……..

    • mahim

      dekhne kyu gaya kutte

    • sri22

      u idiot they watch movie a day before release…thats why ur not a reporter..crackpot!

    • Kemo

      Dude grow up learn something about media & entertainment value chain and how it works…

    • devil

      abe madarchod tere zindagi me kabhi film dekha hai,teri maa ka bhosda,karodo baapke ki ek laaute aulaad,basi tarkari,abe bhikari aur comment kabhi mat karna…………………hahahahahahahaha….

  • Rahul Mehta

    yaa.. its proper review..

  • Nazeer Khan

    very good movie….2nd half is too good …..

  • Sanjeev

    nice movie

  • aniket

    Its really good suspence movie

  • Rupesh

    I don’t Like….. copied….

    • mahim

      teri maa ki ankh salle chindi chor phle hi bola tha ki tamil reamke hai gandu phir dekhne kyu gaya tera baap hai kya

      • pawan

        bhan ke lad teri kyo fat rhi salman ka land hai kaya’

      • devil

        abe madarchod salman bollywood ka hunk hai tu bahen chod nahi samjhega,pahle film dekh phir bolna,1000 baap ke 1 aulaad.hahahahaha

    • devil

      Copy hai to tera Gand kyu Phata ta hai bhosidike, Acting dekh bhai ka.. Ainda aisa comment kiya na Lund pe Ghungru Band ke aisa Gand marunga ki padosi Sochte Reh jaenge ki Kirtan ho raha hai ya Mujra. samjha madarchod hahahahahaha

  • Pavan11

    positive review! nice

  • Devil

    kitna paisa liya……..iske liye

    • mahim

      salle chor hai kuch bhi likhtey hai srk k chamche …..sallu bhai is best

      • rt

        abey sallu k chamche mahim

        • devil

          abe madarchod tu sharukh ka chamcha hai uski chaddi dhota hai,hahahahahaha

  • Rahul

    Lol. 4.5 stars? Did you spawn from a seedling which was sown by Taran Adarsh in his dank basement on the teats of immoral degenerate?

  • Siddhant Awasarmol

    best movie guyes i hats off to salman paisa vasul movie

  • NavneeL AnanD

    PAISA VASOOL movieee….d film proves dt we can again speak out loud that “SALMAN is the BEST”…

  • Ashish

    Ye saal Tushar kutta bika hua hai.. bahut chor hai saala

  • avijit

    laudaa kaaa baaal………..proper review hai, watched 3 times today,…… super nice….jo behen kaa lauda testis….bola hai acha nh hai, uskaa maa kaaaa

  • shivam agrawal

    Abbey bhosdi walo paisa woh kamara tum logo ke gand pe itna chul kyu??..laude log kaisa kuttiya giri karte ho…. but no doubt I k ow salman is a very good guy añď our bhai.. eid mubarak in advance bhai log…

  • Dolgov Mohan


  • Skipper

    Biased….when it comes to Salman Khan movies….what happens to critics ..I dont know…but they cant dare to write what reality is

  • Kemo

    Awesome Review Tushar! Almost what I felt about the film and also the best “Salman Khan” has never looked so smart and handsome after Hum Dil De…

  • Yash

    chutiya movie.

    • devil

      abe chutiya madarchod,har chutiya ko sab chutiya dikhte hain,next time comment mat karna salman ke upar.

      • Yash

        Tu Apni kyun maa chuda raha hai….Yahan tu apni maa chudane ke liye aaya hai kya.. Sale salman tera PAPA hai kya? LOL

  • janu

    only 3.5

  • Baba

    Best movie which gives kick n message

  • neeraj kumar singh

    superb,awesm,fantastic ,again watchable,bhai k jalwe mashallah,

  • abhay

    –In the climax, Sallu takes off his mask, & it is revealed that Kamaal R Khan is the real hero!

    –Kick: Salman Khan wears a mask because he is ashamed of his own movie Kick.

    –Salman Khan wears mask on his face while riding a bicycle, just to escape from police if someone comes under bicycle.

    –Salman Khan with the mask on in ‘Kick’ is actually Krissh’s kid who got disappeared in the end of the movie Krissh 3.

    –When it comes to save Environment, always respect Salman Khan, he never waste a single paper on script of movie.

    –He came, he did nothing, he still conquered.

    –Humshakkals ka baap #KICK.

    –Earlier they used to wait for moon to come out, now they wait for the release of Salman Khan’s movies to celebrate Eid

    –Kick movie is a 2 hours 30 minutes advertisement of Suzuki Hayate where Salman Bhai keep saying “Isme Kick hain”

    –The Film #Kick has nothing to do with Football !

    –Everyone wondering what happened to the Mask of Zorro – it went to Sallu in Kick.

    –Why is Salman Bhai A.k.a Devil sabke Piche & Sab unke Piche ? Because he Steals South Indian Movie Scripts for remake !

    –Kick being promoted by Bhai on Pogo. At least he got the target audience’s IQ right.

    –Kick is a story of a poor man who learns to ride bicycle and defeats Modi’s bullet train.

    –Salman realizes at the very last min that he doesn’t even need a bike to beat the train (or mayb he was savin the bike’s life)

    –Kick is the intense struggle of a mask wearing man who struggles to narrowly avoid speeding trains on his cycle.

    –Instead of going for a salman khan movie donate your money to 3 beggars.

    –Salman: Main heroine dekhta hu, script nahi.

    –People if you are going into a Salman movie expecting logic then the joke is on you.

    –Salman Khan – REMAKES me aata hoon, ORIGINAL me nahi

    –Salman Bhai leaves his Bike & Steals the Cycle just because of Petrol Price Hike !

    –*Krishh 3 Behid the Scene* Hrithik Throws away his Mask ! *Kick Start Scene* Salman Bhai Picks up the Mask & Re-Designs it !

    –I got a reason to tell people why i resign all my good paying jobs. “Woh kya hai na..kaam mai kick nahi aati”

    –An exclusive genre that is above scrutiny. No matter what critics write, it will earn not less than 200cr.

    –#KICKDAY ? People celebrating it more than the Independence Day.

    –KICK is a kick to people who wanted to kick the makers of Kick.

    –Autowala : Bhai, Taran Adarsh gave 4.5 to Kick. 0.5 is less than 5 Salman : 0.5 is for VAT Autowala: Bhai aap toh ‘Thinker’ nikle.

    –Salman gave review about the movie in the trailer itself ‘Dil me aata hoon, samajh me nahi’.

    –Salman ki movies me story khojne wale ko Janta maaf nahi karegi

  • Zaheer

    start like ready movie mid dhom 3 end like wanted=Kick

  • Bohhahahah

    how much were you paid for this review

  • mustak.imam.chowdhury

    Kick. Jai ho. Dabangg. Dabangg2. Bodyguard. Ready salman Khan movies is best movie l love salman Khan