Kick song Jumme Ki Raat making: Jacqueline Fernandez slaps Salman Khan!

While filming for the song, Jacky slaps Salman. What exactly happens? Read on to know more…

Kick co-stars Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez recently created ripples with their smash hit Jumme Ki Raat where the duo were seen giving us some of their best moves. The making of the song showcases a compilation of all the hard work, repeated takes and the fun moments the two stars experienced behind the scenes to make the song a sensational number.

Salman Khan is seen vigorously rehearsing his killer steps to get his stint right. The goof ups here and there by the bhaijaan make the video hilarious and fun to watch. Jacqueline on the other hand is seen working at her sexy thirty second Shaina stint where the Sri Lankan beauty is seen donning a hot Dolce and Gabbana red lace dress. The hottie is seen talking about her chemistry with Salman Khan and singing mighty praises for the hunk which she can’t seem to stop at any point whatsoever.

But amidst all the fun and action, there comes a moment where Jacqueline out of nowhere slaps Salman on the sets. Why does she do that? We won’t give it all away. Watch the video and find out!