KiKu Sharda: I have a great chemistry with Delnaaz Irani and Vishal Kotian

The ace comedian talks about his new show Akbar Birbal, his equation with his co-stars and the USP of his new comic show…

Sitting dressed as a Mughal Badshah, Kiku Sharda was a pleasure to see. In spite of the excruciating heat and electricity cuts on the sets of the show, Kiku knew how to keep everyone in splits with his one-liners. Of course, the heat did take a toll on the actor, but Kiku was forever smiling… so cute! Read excerpts from the interview.

How are you working and tolerating this heat?

I am very hot and am in the hottest area – but am okay!

How easy or difficult is it to dress up at Akbar? And how much does all that jewellery weigh?

Besides sitting dressed up like this and wearing so much of jewellery, nothing else is tough. Comedy is my forte and I love doing what I do. Frankly, I have not measured the weight; I normally avoid checking my own weight let alone my clothes and jewellery.

But you look nothing like the Akbars we’ve seen lately…

I may look different from Hrithik Roshan, but I also have abs. It’s just that I prefer to hide them and keep. (Laughs) I am playing the lighter side of Akbar.

So what is so special about Akbar Birbal?

This is the first historical comedy ever to be made. Earlier, I have been part of the first horror-comedy show called Bhoothwala Serial. Comedy is inborn in me and I love the whole genre. Moreover, when you mix comedy with other genres it is a lot of fun and I am glad I got this opportunity to do it.

How is Akbar Birbal different from all the other comedy shows out there?

This is a fiction show based on the equation of Akbar and his minister Birbal. The other shows are non-fictional. Like Comedy Nights with Kapil is a stand comedy along with celebrity interactions. Akbar Birbal is in a story format. Something like FIR, the interesting part is that this show will be a blend of history and comedy.

You are currently doing Comedy Nights with Kapil, FIR and now we hear that you may be hosting Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa as well, how do you plan to manage all of it together?

Yes I am doing several shows at one time but it’s nothing new for me. I have been doing that since ages now, it could be difficult but not impossible. I love doing comedy and somehow believe that I can manage.

How is your equation with the Delnaaz Irani and Vishal Kotian?

I have an amazing chemistry between them. In fact, we have all worked together with each other some time or the other. So there is this great rapport between us which makes working together a lot of fun. I have worked with Vishal in Shree Aadi Maanav before. We have a blast working together.

What do you think will people take back from Akbar Birbal?

See, history is the USP of this show. It is educational in a way too. Kids will love watching this history chapter and not get bored of it either. We have all grown up with the stories of Akbar-Birbal. This will be my comic take on the character that I have loved since childhood. The morals will remain the same but the feel will be different. I am hoping that the audience loves it.

As a comedian, which is your favourite comedy show?

I think it is Comedy Nights with Kapil.