Kiku Sharda: We are here to spend quality time together at Nach Baliye 6!

The super cute duo are looking forward to rekindling their romance by dancing together in the reality show…

He has the charm, the wit and a nicely rounded belly to go with the job he does and she carries herself with a certain grace that very few women have. Today Kiku Sharda is one of the most sought after comedians in the television industry and has worked in shows like FIR and Comedy Nights with Kapil, as well as in several movies. Priyanka Sharda and Kiku dance together to have fun… and only fun. Having being married for 11 years, the sense of comfort between them is evident. Together, they have come to Nach Baliye 6 to rekindle their romance and begin their relationship afresh. We got a sneak peek of how they plan to make the most of this dance competition.

Why are you participating in Nach Baliye 6?

Kiku Sharda: This is an opportunity to spend time with each other. See, it’s all about dancing. The compatibility that we have, the chemistry – that’s a part of it, but in the end it is a fact that we enjoy dancing together.

Priyanka Sharda: The compatibility and comfort comes from the fact that we have been together for that long – 11 years. I believe and I think Kiku will agree with me that that we haven’t been able to spend too much time together. It has been eight years since we had our son, that we took a holiday together, only both of us.

Kiku Sharda: That is something that we both miss, I miss it, she misses it, but it’s a fact – work, children and family have become a priority, while spending time with each other took a back-seat. And you can’t help it also; but now, we both would like to change that.

How will Nach Baliye 6 help you when it comes to your personal relationship?

Kiku Sharda: It’s been 11 years that we have been together. Now we need to make a deliberate effort to get out of our routine and spend some quality time together.

Priyanka Sharda: Like he said, it’s just that we need to make a conscious effort to spend time with each other. With Nach Baliye 6 we are hoping that we get to spend that time.

Kiku Sharda: I really believe that in tough times when you’re together, the bonding kind of strengthens. You will know each other better, because in tough times, if you last together, you know that you can make it till the end. And here tough times aate hain, because there is stage fear, pressure to perform, nervousness – and it is that pressure that will get us closer.

Kiku, you are an actor and you still get stage fright! Priyanka, how difficult was it for you?

Priyanka: It was difficult, without a doubt. I haven’t done this before, but Kiku is very sweet and supportive. He keeps telling me to enjoy, have fun, take it easy and be myself. He makes it better for me; it is because of his support that I can deal with the stage fear.

Kiku: I keep telling her, we don’t have to prove anything to anybody. All we need to do is enjoy this; we need to enjoy the process of dancing. If we get too technical about it – that ‘Oh my God! We left that step incomplete’ or ‘How was I supposed to do that step… it had to be done that way; that had to be done this way’, we will never enjoy ourselves. Rehearsal mein we will do everything, but if you go on stage and you don’t have a smile on your face, it makes no sense. The whole purpose of being here is defeated. That smile has to be there when you dance, only then does the performance liven up.

Priyanka: He laughs with me, at me and he is making me more comfortable at every step when he thinks that I am being too hard on myself. All he says is. ‘We have come to enjoy over here so bas, masti karo’. So, there’s no pressure whatsoever from his side. And that makes me enjoy, like he said, the process of dancing!