Kill The Rapist? trailer: Brutal and disturbing!

Director-writer Sanjay Chhel’s new thriller talks about the rampant issue of rape in India, but takes a violent approach to the subject

In a country where a rape case is reported every 22 minutes, sexual abuse is a dark reality we all live with. In the light of the rape cases that have grabbed headlines in India recently, Sanjay Chhel’s new movie Kill The Rapist? gives a disturbing account of stalking, threatening, molestation and rape that a girl suffers at the hands of a thug. The promo looks intensely dark and highly disturbing.

In the trailer we see a girl (the protagonist, played by Anjali Patil) threatened by a local goon. She is stalked and manhandled. In spite of reporting the incident at a local police station, her plea goes unheard. In fact, the lady police officer gives the victim a disdainful look and says -‘Cycle ki chori aur rape bahot common hain yahan par‘. If these lines – reflecting the cases of cases that are so commonplace in the capital city – are not distressing, the visuals will depress you with their explicitness.

The director gives an atrocious account of a rape case where the girls (Anjali, Sadiya Siddiqui) take the ultimate route of violence and brute force to seek revenge against the rapist. While we think that violence can never offer a solution to solve any problem, Chhel asks the pertinent question: What if the state machinery and the so called ‘protectors’ are not efficient enough at keeping the city clean and safe? Can a girl resort to violence if she is ravaged by a beast? Can killing the rapist set the example and become the norm?

Watch the trailer (or skip it, if you are faint-hearted) and dare to answer the question!

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