Kirron Kher or Gul Panag: Will Sikander Kher support his mother or ex-girlfriend?

Here’s the latest goss about the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Sikander Kher’s mother Kirron Kher (BJP) is up against his ex-lover Gul Panag (AAP) for Lok Sabha Elections 2014 from Chandigarh constituency. Reportedly, Sikander is not too happy with this and we hear that he is quite torn between the two. And as if this wasn’t enough, Gul and Kirron had quite a verbal war on social networking websites!

Gul said, “I doubt if I’ll have the energy to run around like this and serve my people when I’m 60. I guess that’s why there’s normally a retirement age.” You know how women are with the sensitive topic about age, no? So obviously this didn’t go down well with Kirron Kher. She lashed back, said, “My father is 101 years old and still happening. He said, ‘Good Luck Puttar. You have always been a winner.’ For me Life starts at 60.”

Asked about this verbal war between his mom and once lady love, Sikander says, “I stay away from politics. I am not campaigning for my mom and I will not even be going to Chandigarh on poll day. But I am happy for her. My mom has very strong views on most subjects and I wish her all the best.” He added, “Elections ki baat hai, it’s common for candidates from opponent parties to lash out at each other.”

On being asked to pick between political parties, he says, “There is a saffron wave blowing through the country. BJP should emerge victorious,” Sikander asserts, quickly adding, “Why did you ask me these questions? This is not a battle between my mom and Gul only. It’s a three-way fight between Kirron Kher, Gul Panag and Pawan Kumar Bansal (Congress).”

That’s not all. If Sikander had to pick between his mommy dearest and ex-lover, here’s his pick. He says, “I want my mother to win. She will be good for Chandigarh. When it’s your mom who’s contesting, any child would root for her.” Well, after all they say, nothing like mother’s love, hai na?