Kirron Kher to play sutradhar in an upcoming show

The India’s Got Talent judge actor will be featuring in a show aired on Zee Entertainment’s new channel Zindagi

Bollywood’s most loved senior actor and parliamanetarian Kirron Kher talks about playing the sutradhar (narrator) of a Pakistani television show to be aired starting June 23 on Zee’s new channel Zindagi.

The show titled Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain (meaning how many layers are yet to be unfolded) which shares the same title as one of Gulzar saab’s poem, revolves around women’s issues. The show is an anthology series with every episode revolving around the daily life issues every woman faces.

When asked about the reason on why she chose to do this show and was it the format of the show or the issue that compelled her, the actress said, “I think it was the entire package. The show is which very popular is Pakistan will surely be well received by our Indian audiences because it is not just the similarities in our cultures but to an extent I believe that the concept of women empowerment affects everyone on the subcontinent equally.”

Kirron Kher who is currently the only Indian on-board for this show and the channel says, “It feels wonderful and the fact that I would be presenting a set of stories relatable to every woman and they would connect to me is very flattering”.

When asked about how she plans to use this show to create awareness about the pressing needs of women safety and equality in India, a very concerned Kher said “Women’s safety has always been a major concern and now being an MP from Chandigarh I have been looking into the matter. I already have a lot of plans lined-up and I’m working towards it. And when it comes to equality, that would come with a change in the mindset. A change in the upbringing and thought processes of the people living in a patriarchal society like ours.” She recounts the memories of her Moral Science lessons in the convent school that she attended and said, “The little concepts like gender equality we learnt in there should be looked at as a subject of concern by everyone.”

Kher who has previously worked in a Pakistani film called ‘Khamosh Pani’ had won the award for the best actress for the film at the Karachi International Film Festival for her outstanding performance. The channel Zindagi throws interesting equations with respect to improving India-Pakistan relationships. Talking about how she felt about that, Kher said, “The concept is great and people from both sides of the borders love each others’ films and songs and very much appreciate it. In fact Bollywood songs are so popular among our Pakistani brethren. And here in India we are huge fans of Sufi music. That feeling of belonging will continue between people of the two nations.”

The Bollywood actor had hosted three television shows in the past starting with Zee TV’s show Purushkshetra. The show was well received by audiences and got the limelight for bringing out the discussion of alternative sexuality for the first time, while also highlighting women’s issues and the impact on women living in a male dominant society. Her current show revolves around women empowerment and talks about women’s issues yet again. Kher said, “it feels great to be back with a show like this which is based on women yet again.”

Kitni Girhain Baaki hain will be aired every Monday to Sunday at 10:30pm starting June 23 on Zindagi.