Koffee with Karan 4: Was Kareena Kapoor Khan’s ‘sister-in-law’ remark on Katrina Kaif planned?

Katrina has revealed that Kareena’s ‘sister-in-law remark’ about her was planned

Kareena Kapoor Khan looked spontaneous as she referred to Ranbir Kapoor’s alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif as sister-in-law. However, looks like this ‘candid conversation’ wasn’t an instant reaction to Karan Johar’s intrusive questions on Koffee with Karan 4. While everyone enjoyed Kareena Kapoor’s candid side, seems like it was all a facade. Why do we say so, you ask? Well, we saw Kareena and her cousin Ranbir bonding on KWK, where Bebo spilled out the ‘open’ secret of Ranbir’s alleged relationship with the Dhoom:3 star. The Begum surprised us when she went on to address Kat as her sister-in-law. But if you thought that all of this was very instinctive and candid, then we must say that you were clearly wrong.

According to Ms Kaif, she and Kareena had discussed about the ‘sis-in-law’ remark. In fact this was planned in advance at Karan Johar party when Kat met Ranboo’s sister. Katrina said at a recent event, “Before the shoot of the episode, Karan had kept a dinner where I and Kareena were there. Kareena said to me she will pull everyone’s leg (on the show). She asked me if she can say it (sister-in-law remark) in a fun way…and that was okay with me.”

Now this definitely is something, isn’t it? We had heard about reality shows being rigged and scripted, looks like even chat shows have now decided to make sensational statements to grab headlines and eyeballs. So next time when you are watching Koffee with Karan, and a celeb makes a controversial statement, you just know that you aren’t supposed to take it seriously. For all you know, the guests and hosts must have had a thorough discussion at a party to pen down some ‘quotable quotes’, hai na BollywoodLifers?