Koffee with Karan 4: Why does Nargis Fakhri think that Ranbir Kapoor isn’t marriage material?

Koffee with Karan 4: Why does Nargis Fakhri think that Ranbir Kapoor isn’t marriage material?

Nargis made her acting debut opposite Ranbir in Rockstar and the two were even linked-up thereafter. But looks like the firang babe isn’t too fond of her first co-star…

The coming episode of Karan Johar’s popular celebrity show Koffee with Karan is going to be explosive. The episode will feature two very hot beauties – Nargis Fakhri and Frieda Pinto. While most B-town celebs prefer being diplomatic on the controversial Koffee couch, these two ladies don’t seem to shy away from speaking their heart and will be making some bold confessions. That’s one reason why Nargis-Frieda episode will air in the late night slot (11 pm). But how do we know, you ask? Well, in the teaser video of upcoming KWK episode, Karan is seen playing the rapid fire round with Ms Fakhri and the Slumdog Millionaire actor. When KJo’s asks Nargis to name an actor who is mama’s boy, the Madras Café actor is quickly snaps ‘Ranbir’. Further when asked to name a gossip queen, Nargis again picks Katrina Kaif’s alleged boyfriend. Interesting, hai na?

That’s not all! The Ranbir Kapoor bashing saga continued when KJo turned to Frieda. While answering one of the questions during rapid fire round, Ms Pinto says she doesn’t mind getting married to Ranbir Kapoor. Here’s when the Dhating naach girl come in the picture again and quips ‘I was gonna be quite on that one.’ Looks like someone thinks RK is a misfit for marriage, no? But we fail to understand why Uday Chopra’s alleged ladylove couldn’t stop taking digs at Ranboo. Were the rumours about Nargis-Ranbir love affair true? Possible or else how would the Rockstar babe know so much about Rishi Kapoor’s ladla beta. Well, we are just guessing and trying to live up to Koffee with Karan’s controversial image. Wink Wink!

While we can’t wait to watch this dhamakedaar episode of KWK, you check out the teaser video and have fun, just like we did.

PS: While watching the teaser video, we had a feeling of Déjà Vu. Remember Koffee with Karan season 3 when Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor had come together? Giggle…

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  • najatlovekiss

    this is cheap publicity for nargis fakhri, nobody in Bollywood have ever call Katrina a gossip, she doesn’t care about what others do nether talk about them, she just want to say this so people will talk about her, that is cheap. yes ranbir slept with her because that is the kind of girl she is,

    • Ronnie

      I definitely do not support this indignified act by Nargis. But why RK and Nargis sleeping together, leaves Nargis scandalized, and RK the champion stud ?

      • najatlovekiss

        i didn’t get her to name Katrina as a gossip, i don’t care if ranbir slept with her or not, she should take katrina name out of her m****h,

        • Harvinder Gill

          When did she call Katrina a gossip? Watch the episode, she called Ranbir a gossip queen. She never once mentioned Katrina, she did however, mention Deepika. To me it seemed like she was giving Deepika some vindication here as everyone under the sun lashed out at her because she dared say something negative about RK (the new ‘ladla’ from the bollywood royalty). Nargis basically said it like it is….he used her during their movie together (she thought it was real – even his mother playing her best friend) and then stopped acknowledging her after the movie was over. So her dislike for him is obvious, I liked her honesty.

  • milan227

    If she was indifferent to him, she wouldn’t be so snarky about him

  • Indira

    I really don ´t think that Nargis makes this for publicity. She is hard working and is making her Own Road in Bollywood !
    She was great as an actress in Rockstar for her first movie for a girl who never act and never learn to act before and Rockstar would not be Rocstar without Nargis because the success of the film is not Ranbir Alone but. Nargis and all the team. This was a magic movie !
    I really believe than RK and her were too much in love but only God knowns the reason of the end of Their story. I think she suffered a lot after their break up. RK at that times was with Katrina so it´s unfair to do like this with Nargis and to play with the sensibility of a women and with Love. Idon ´t think she retaliates because she is a true person she don ´t cheat with heart !!!

    • Priya

      Bahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa thanks for the laugh

    • Divya

      LOLLLLL “Rockstar would not be Rockstar without Nargis” you are so funny!!! Nargis ruined the movie so you’re technically right I guess

  • Divya

    Why does Nargis think she can even talk about Rambir? Nobody even knows or cares about who she is and on top of that I don’t think there is any actor out there that’s worse than her. I think it’s best she stopped talking before she loses the few projects she gets.

    • Harvinder Gill

      Then in that case RK has the worst judgement out there…no? He stated ‘Nargis is one of the best actresses I have worked with” (look it up it was everywhere when Rockstar released)…..hmmm, that’s quite a statement from someone he can’t acknowledge anymore. Quite fickle ain’t he?

  • Rohini Verma

    Shut up Karan Johar. Stop bashing Ranbir. He is not a cheater ok! I would love to marry him!