Koffee with Karan deleted scene: Is Salman Khan’s father the original Vicky Donor?

On the famous celebrity chat show Salim Khan told a story that shows him to be the original Vicky Donor. Read on to know how…

When he sipped Koffee with Karan, his son by his side, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan joked about himself being touted as Vicky Donor. In a scene deleted from the final cut of the recorded show Salim narrated an incident that was not just hilarious, but also showed off Sohail Khan’s (Salman’s youngest brother) quick wit and sense of humour.

The writer said that one time a lady who had come to meet him at his home in Galaxy apartments was sitting in the drawing room chatting with him. One by one his sons came in and went out, each one introduced to the guest by their father. He went in order, from Salman as the eldest and then Arbaaz as the second and finally Sohail as the youngest. Upon which the lady exclaimed at his having three such astonishingly good looking boys. Before anyone could say a word, Sohail’s quick wit leaped to the fore and the director of Jai Ho said, pointing at dad Salim, “Thanks to Vicky Donor!”

We don’t know why this scene was deleted from the final cut, but it made us go lmao. Go ahead, enjoy and start rofling, BollywoodLifers.

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