KRK’s Chennai Express movie review: No gaali, no kiss, no sex!

Sat, August 10, 2013 9:15am IST by
KRK Chennai Express movie review

The controversial and self-styled actor-turned-film critic is quite happy with the Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer

Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK has given full marks to Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express – a film which has garnered extreme reactions from other critics such as entertaining or ‘boakwaas’.

At the beginning of his review, KRK does a little Lungi dance from the movie, and wishes everyone a happy Eid. We don’t know what to expect from his review.

But KRK tells it like it is – Chennai Express is a simple love story with comedy. There is no gaali, no kiss, no sex. And towards the end, “You fall in love with Chennai Express,” he says. He adds that there is “Kahaani mein mithaas“.

He claims Rohit Shetty’s direction is a lesson to filmmakers who feel swear words, sex and kissing scenes are necessary to make their movie a success. Rohit has yet again proved that he is the best, and Shahrukh Khan has hit the bull’s eye this time as far as his director is concerned, says KRK. He gives 5/5 to Rohit.

Shahrukh acting is ‘bahot badhiya’ as usual, and Deepika Padukone is mindblowing, opines KRK.

The film is a sure fire hit, concludes KRK. Watch video of his Chennai Express review and tell us if you agree with it!


Rating: 5 out of 55 Star Rating

Reviewed by Shweta Parande

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

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***** Excellent

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  • iqbal

    SRK_Not Sol

  • Gopi

    this krk is a racist he supports srk just because he is north indian and he hates salman khan because he marathi manus.

    • Ibsy

      He can’t be racist because all the people you mentioned are south Asains. Have some intellectual riggor.

    • Javed Khan

      Chill buddy…Salman’s family belongs from Indore…they still have their family members over there…
      So Salman is totally out of martha thing…

  • pabina

    KRK sudharne laga hai

  • Carol

    And that´s the worst thing to get a good review of KRK means you´ve done a really bad movie because this man got no normal taste!

  • M. Altaf

    I saw Chennai Express with few friends yesterday after I watched KRK review on youtube. KRK 100% right about the movie. Cinema hall was full and every one seems to enjoy the movie. Good Work KRK… Keep it up. Thank you

  • ralph

    I think Bollywoodlife should fire that girl who did the wierd review, and hire this guy, he knows the pulse of bollywood films.. and not trying to pretend that he knows about movies like the other girl.

    What the other girl was doing was trying to put a hindi masala film into a hollywood mold.. which will not work at all.

  • surya

    I have seen this movie and became disappoint.It is really bad movie.Pls don’t waist your money for such joke.

    • riyaz

      Salluka lallu

    • dinesh

      pagal kya pta movie kya hota

  • rahul rohan

    I like this movis very much:-P;->B-)

  • shubh

    A full type boring movie. I have just watch this movie due to rohit shetty.

  • Samy

    best review of the month by krk…

  • Samy

    best review by krk *****

  • Aria

    Chennai Express is more than that. I compare it to the perfectly made gulab jamun. Its the loss for those who have not got a chance to taste it.

  • vipul

    Many thing common with Abhisek movie RUN, only added better picturisation and masala with Tamil twist. Not to be rated as very good movie.

  • kaif

    mind blowing movie best of srk;s any masala movies and best of rohit shettys all movies.

  • kaif

    shahruks films were not doing blockbuster business because he was experimenting a lot in past few years hence not giving blockbuster like salman khan who always works in masala movies and same film contents and now after om shanti om srk giving a masala movie chinnai express which broke all previous records and create a new history and which shows how big market king khan has,he is the biggest star in India as well as in overseas.

  • Kalaiselvan

    Chennai express was very good family entertaing movie…

  • soch tha nahi jayenge. magar apki review dekhaneke bad theatre gaye aur cx deke. l enjoyed movie. so thank from Greddy

    i like the movie

  • jack

    to be honest it is a honest review. watched the movie. it is a true family entertainer. must watch the movie in theater for the exquisite locales (in our INDIA), rocking music.

    It is a nice comic, love (romantic), action movie.

    Excellent performance by Shahrukh and Deepika. Live as a nice pair in this movie. Forget the logic. Enjoy the fun ride.
    Don’t miss this movie. Don’t miss this entertainer.

  • Salahuddin Siddiqui

    A movie with North & South culture together keeping all entertainment items intact . A brilliant idea to bring India together. Well done job by SRK & his team. Hope this movie will give a new direction of thought in Indian cinema.

  • Majbal

    good one
    no sex no kiss so such a famly movie .
    srk did a good job n rohit good job you guys r the man

  • shajjath

    I think u r the real mad giving this movie 5 stars but this movie is actually stupid. I doesn’t supposed to get 2 stars..!!!

  • key

    Totally crap movie.Actually there is no story or humor to enjoy. Please dont waste time and money.

  • Bhakti

    FYI Rohit has not used swear words but he hasn’t totally stayed away from it also. In the Golmaal 3 he does make Kareena speak words that ring swear words in our ears. What does one have to say about that?

  • Pratthhgdysg

    great movie yaar rohit again…

  • Ashraf Khan

    awesome movie. must watch movie.

  • Ganu

    Very very boaring movie, I saw it because it earn vast within few days, but there is nothing intresting in movie…..
    So boar……….it earn because of SRK but movie is super boaring………

  • Asad khan

    SRK is great khan

  • sony

    krk is really mentally ill person.he need serious mental treatment.