Krrish 3 dialogue promos: Very filmi and done-to-death!

Mon, October 14, 2013 5:01pm IST by
Krrish 3 dialogue promos: Very filmi and done-to-death!

Just listen to these one-liners from Rakesh Roshan’s upcoming superhero flick and you will agree with us

Don’t get us wrong. We love Krrish and we adore B-town superhero Hrithik Roshan too. In fact, we are excited to watch Krrish 3 but we have our genuine concerns. After watching the snazzy digital effects in the Krrish 3 promo we wondered if this movie could hold our ever-demanding attention, especially when we have happily satiated our eyeballs on visual treats like Superman Returns and Avengers. But it was Hrithik who assured us about the film and said that the movie is at par with Hollywood productions. But assuming from what we have seen till now- and we are not jumping the gun, mind you- Hrithik’s superhero film has not really shaken us up.

And now here are the dialogue promos which have made us even more uncertain, if not cynical, about this superhero flick. Sample this-“Krrish ek soch hain jise koi kaal nahi maar sakta,” says a distressed Priyanka Chopra in the promo. Now wasn’t that supposed to be the classic line from RGV’s Sarkaar. Even Vivek Oberoi, who is playing villain in the movie mouths this line-“Marte toh who hain jo janam lete hain Krrish“. As if these cheesy lines are not enough, you will also get those giant tongue wagging creatures and mean mutants.

Considering the songs, the promos and now the dialogues that have been released by the makers, we just hope that the superhero flick does not let us down.

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  • A.Rawat

    Go and get a life apart from publishing crap..!!

  • shekhar

    I wish there was a hate button for this news..!!

  • VikrAm j.

    Aren’t we expecting Krrish 3 to be too big and high and that too in 90 crores..
    once time upon a time, a movie entitled drona was released. Where as the songs were appreciated, the film itself couldn’t live up to our expectations. It took 150 crores but could cash in only 10 crores…

    I too love our first super hero, and eventually want its every sequel to be a blockbuster. But i am afraid the ever growing buzz or expecting too much from the movie would let the movie down…

  • salman

    he has always said the story content n emotional connect will be at par with other superhero movies never vfx comparing 300million with a 20million dollar movie here anyways the last clip of krrish carrying kaal in his clutch flyin thru mumbai is almost at par respect roshans for deliverin this at 100cr give him 1800cr he ll knock ur socks off

  • tsk

    what the fu*** u r?

  • tsk

    whats wrong with dialogues the what the f**** u r?

  • avirup

    please do not discourage…bt whenever khan’s movie come….u admin makes good news….becuse u guys are beibg paid by them….idiotic website….

  • Punnu

    Why so much hatred for a film made in your own country by your own country men? You lap up hollywood films which are made on huge budgets and only have special effects and if we indians are taking steps going towards getting bigger and better you as indian are pulling indian efforts down this is not journalism, encourage so that we indians can make such movies work so many others can venture this area and we can get better than hollywood hope all intelligents beings understand this

  • abhishek

    No matter wht u r gonna say abt d movie….its gonna rock nd will shut every one’s mouth up….

  • Prasoon

    iss Prathamesh Jadhav(writer of d article) se naa ho payega….

  • asad

    i like your bolling

  • krrish

    i lovet