Krrish 3 first look: Hrithik Roshan unveils motion poster!

Thu, June 27, 2013 4:21pm IST by
Krrish 3 motion poster

The much-awaited first look of the superhero movie was unveiled online

Hrithik Roshan unveiled the first look of one of the most awaited flicks of the year, Krrish 3, in a live digital interaction with his fans. The motion poster does not reveal much, but does set the tone for things to come, especially through the background score. What we could make out was that the poster juxtaposes the face of evil and the face of goodness – played by Vivek Oberoi and Hrithik respectively.

Obviously, a huge and elaborate promotional campaign has been planned around this expensive superhero flick, which is slated to have some of the best special effects ever seen on the Indian screen so far.

The theatrical trailer will be launched with the Shahrukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer Chennai Express on August 8. While Vivek Oberoi will be seen playing the baddie, Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut will also be seen in key roles in this third installment of the superhero series.

Take a look at the motion poster and tell us if you like the movie’s first look!

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  • siddique shafi

    hi…krris 3

    • dipesh nepali


  • shishir

    it simply boost up our curiosity level.cnt wait for it.

  • Solomon

    where is krris 2???

    • dipesh nepali

      whet is krishh 2 ??????????????????????/

    • Shamim

      Koi mil geya = krrish 1st part
      Krrish = krrish 2nd part
      Krrish 3 = krrish 3rd part

  • sumit

    Whete is krishh 2…???

  • anubhav

    krrish 3 poster is 80% copied from the poster of the greatest superhero movie”THE DARK KNIGHT”.JUST MATCH THE TWO

  • aman


  • SCM

    i thought that media is stupid but now it seems really there is no Krrish 2 and direct jump to Krrish 3!

    It would have been great if what Hrithik originally told before release of Koi Mil Gaya that they will make its sequences as Koi Mil Gaya 2, 3 etc. if film got success or else better use Krrish 2 instead of Krrish 3 (seems stupid but must be using this becaz of some numerology thing!!!)

    btw poster is not at all impressive, hope the film is!

    • Raj

      This trend start with “Rambo”. There was first- Blood, than Rambo, and than direct Rambo 3…
      So Roshan follow that.. And Hritik himself accepted in an interview…

  • dips

    whr iz krish 2..?? :(

  • roshan k

    waiting such long time but zabardust yaar kirrsh 3 Hrithik……….

  • abhilash srivastav

    i know this movies is super hit

  • Jasif

    Most ppl say where is krrish 2 bt it is third instalment in koi mil gaya series and one should refer to Rambo film series to clear his/her confusion.

    Poster is resembling to Dark Knight Rises bt has its own charm which garns attention of ppl.

    • hemant

      this movies will break all record of bollywood

  • harry

    i m big man of Hritik roshan i m very happy to hear that krissh 3 is releasing on this diwali and dont worry rakesh sir this movie break the records of bollywood movies

  • Nilamber

    can’t wait any more!!! But the Roshan’s have to answer where is KRRISH 2?

    • Raj

      This trend start with “Rambo”. There was first- Blood, than Rambo, and than direct Rambo 3…
      So Roshan follow that.. And Hritik himself accepted in an interview…

  • Sunny Kumar

    I can’t wait but i have to wait for krrish 3 because i’m big fan of Hrithik Roshan.

  • khushaljain

    i like a krrish but where is krrish 2

  • Nilesh

    Hi hritik u r super dancer

  • blue

    Koi Mil Gaya (Part 1) the 1st part of the series
    Krish (Part 2) the 2nd part of the series,
    Krish 3 (Part 3) it is named 3 because it is the 3rd part of the series (story line)

  • Dileep

    The hunk..the most good looking man in any cinema…none other than hrithik roshan…come buddy and let shut the bloody orals emanating bakwaas
    against u….


    hi krish ,advance welcome from me

  • Evence

    when we will get more about K 3???

  • Upendra shah