Krrish 3: Hrithik Roshan proves that he still can’t beat Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan!

Krrish 3 box-office

Yes, Krrish 3 has entered the much ballyhooed 100 crore club by collecting some 36 crore yesterday to aggregate 108 crore. However, the fact remains that despite the hype, it failed to break the Chennai Express opening weekend record

Krrish 3 collected 72 odd crore on its opening weekend; meant that it came in a distant sixth in the highest opening weekend stakes. Shahrukh Khan holds the top spot for the Chennai Express 100.42 crore collections, with Salman Khan being a close second with 100.16 crore for Ek Tha Tiger. SRK is in third spot for the 92 crore collected by RA.One with Sallu close being in fourth spot with the 88.75 crore collections for Bodyguard. King Khan is in the fifth spot for Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s 80.72 crore opening weekend. Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 and Agneepath bring up the sixth and seventh positions.

The real question is, will Krrish 3 break the all time high aggregate of 227 crore collected by Chennai Express? It is difficult, but not impossible, simply because you, the Indian public, have time and again demonstrated a high tolerance for garbage and have voted with your wallets. It is not difficult to see why. Turn on the television and all you see is a litany of woes. The economy is in freefall, not that you care. Pakistan is constantly invading one border and China the other. Sri Lanka simmers away down under and Nepal and Bangladesh are always irritants. That takes care of the without.

For the within, life is a box of chocolates. Gangrapes happen everywhere, not just in Delhi. Add corrupt politicians, fake godmen, digging for nonexistent gold and a general feeling of malaise and there shakes a perfect cocktail for which there is only one solution – escapism. It is a public holiday, the mood is festive, you are tired of acres of Ram Kapoor on television and the air is loud with Chinese firecrackers and the atmosphere filthy with the same, with the added flatulence from your mithai excesses. The only solution is to escape into the cool confines of a cinema where Rakesh Roshan gratefully relieves you of your hard earned rupees and belabours you with a Bournvita commercial in the name of superhero cinema.

As always, since Krrish 3 is a shoddy take on several Hollywood sources, let Hollywood have the last word. Bollywoodlife’s sister publication, the trade bible Variety, gave the film a kind but condescending review, calling it a “silly, square and charming Bollywood superhero picture.” It drew 14 comments. A Hollywood rag, which shall not be named, said, “Only viewers with low standards will be impressed.” Hundreds have trolled that site, because, in that one line, the audience recognised themselves being named and shamed. Hie thee to a cinema showing Krrish 3. The Roshans await.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • asif khan

    hritik is bad actor i dont like hritik every movie apne aap ko super hero samjta hai

  • kool killer

    han bahat saare hollywood film se inspired hua hai bt more btr than salman s ghisi pitti south remake…go to hell hrithik hater…

  • Ani

    What the hell is ur problem……how come u suddenly think of Socio political issue goin on in our country with this movies release…….film has a content …a few good performers….nice plot…it deserves to win …..its our film and we should respect it…specially if u r comparing with holly tweets …… 85 cr only is the budget and see the VFX …outstanding….1200-2000 cr hollywood people….if we spend that much amount….u r no where to be seen… out….dont underestimate the power of a common man,………….

  • rupesh

    nonsense story…
    krrish3 is a superb movie way ahead of chennai express and sallu’s remakes

  • Jaishil

    Diwali was on Saturday / Sunday. Pre-diwali day slump is what this article ignores totally.

    What this article also did not note is post weekend Monday colelctions DROP. The reason why Krish 3 raked a record on Monday was an end of pre-diwali , diwali slump when people are busy with social commitments. Or go out for picnic / vacations.

    I agree Krrish 3 is a horrible movie for a super hero especially if you have seen the much better hollywood ones.

    But then Box Office and good movies dont go in tandem always.

    Boss for me was much better than Chennai Express. Equally marketed. But Box Office thought otherwise.

  • izhaar

    I want to remind the author that krrish 3 broke a single collection day ever that too in 4 th day which chennai express only scored 11 crore.
    second.. chennae express is a crap movie looks like same rohit shetty car explosion and south copy ..
    if u believe that krrish 3 special effect cant meet hollywood u r true but can u agree that krrish 3 gripping indian emotional story so specical effects dont matter much like hollywood and here we have our own superhero hrithik .

    I also believe that no nay bollywood movie can match hollywood in special effects so even Dhoom 3 cant match special effects like bond’s movie or mission impossible type special effects . so according to you we should watch only hindi movie with south copied action masala ???????and not hollywood driven bollywood movie .
    answer me …

  • Ted Dibiasi

    lol CE released on a holiday and non diwali period.

  • Shubham bichkar

    Out standing movie

  • K.Darshan

    Garbage was chennai express. I have never watched a non sense movie like that. Krrish 3 at least by copying the ideas of hollywood movies is entertaining people. So yes Krrish 3 might beat chennai express by a close margin.

    • vikash

      Outstanding movie.broken all record .garbage was ek tha tiger and chennai express.

    • R.Khanna

      now just because krrish 3 is out there is no need to start hating, that’s why actors and bollywood is being destroyed, because of stupid people like you darshan, Shahrukh Khan did a Great Job with Chennai Express, and It Broke All Records, because it was a good movie, if it wasn’t then it couldn’t have broken the records, Krrish 3 is also a very good movie, just depends whether it will break the record or not, so just shut up and watch instead hating and saying nonsense.

      • Francis

        Those who are saying Chennai express is good movie then they are big fools. to get the success sh khan & Ro shetty catched rajanikant’s legs. and worldwide rajanikant fans watched this movie. success not because of s khan Mind it. ( mind less fans)

  • koushal

    worst review i hav evr seen

  • Kishan

    Everybody well knows Divali festivities keep ppl busy n if k3 is garbage CE was what, according to you? U just ignore the better side n rant on a trifle weekend record? Go get a life n some sense!

  • sultan

    i love king khan
    srk is the best he is very good man i like srk
    i love srk making any movie

  • savs

    why do these so called intelligent writers talk as if they have directed and acted in more than 100 movies and now after retirement they have started writing and the way they talk as if they know every thing about cinema and rest all others who are in the industry for 2 decades are fools and jokers and copycats. Grow up man, stop sitting n your couch and comment whatever you feel like. Your job is to analyse a movie by an audience pint of view not your personal “brainless” view.

  • yadav praveendra

    Hrithik Roshan starrer movies is the most watchful i’ve ever watched.The film krrish3 was free from bad words and hot scenes so it can be watched with family members. So I enjoyed the movie a lot.

  • Mazin Scott

    So again, one blind SRK follower… What do you want in a family entertainer?? Non-veg jokes? HR is far ahead of the SRK’s useless comedy attempts and Salman’s exaggerated style icon fate. At least, he’s honest to himself and to his characters. Not trying to be a collegian at his age like SRK etc. do at age of 41-42. LMAO on the title.

  • Naved

    Krrish 3 and ra one proved that bollywood should stay away from superhero movies …… they should concentrate on thrillers … madras cafe proved that we can make intelligent thrillers … so its better if we stick to that genre … wid bigger stars ….

  • Roy

    The best review for Krishh 3 I have read till now. Crap of a movie. I felt like I was watching Cartoon Network when I was seeing the movie. Thanks for the honest review.

  • Jet

    some poki has written this story in favour of SRK (media manipulator and Salman (women basher)

  • uday bhanu

    Is the author of this article is in right senses?He needs a mental check up immediately. I think he is on payroll of the so called superstars

  • Himanshu

    The fact is up-till now including Thursday it has earned only 180 crore according to only authorized source BOI.. It will not beat even 3 Idiots records of 202 crore forget about Chennai Express 208 crore. Generally this is common to have a difference in producers figure and BOI like for CE difference is 15 crore for ETT its 13 crore but in case of Krrish3 it’s almost 50 crore.

    Also in the previous cases of other films No records breaks like in the case of YJHD, ETT, Dabang. For the long time 3 idiots was at the top. When Chennai Express break its record it was as per the BOI as well which is 208 crore. But here the situation would be different because as per Producer they will be highest domestic grosser but not as per BOI. Big Trade pandit like Taran Adarsh uses Producers figure and all other channels do the copy paste. They don’t have any real source to give the exact figure. BOI is the only reliable source but according to them no records break apart from biggest single day collection. Also Wikipedia follows BOI.
    As per BOI

    Krrish 3 has grossed 42.50 crore nett in six days of its second week. The grand total for thirteen days is 164.50 crore nett. The collection of its Telugu and Tamil version will be around 10 crore nett in two weeks. The daily business of Krrish 3 in week two is as follows.

    Friday – 7.50 crore
    Saturday – 10.50 crore
    Sunday – 13 crore
    Monday – 4.25 crore
    Tuesday – 3.75 crore
    Wednesday – 3.50 crore

    TOTAL – 42.50 crore

    So total including all version (Tamil & Telgu also) is 174.50 till wednesday…

  • Carol

    For me all three: Sallu, Hrithik and SRK are doing crap movies. The worst of all is that excellent movies like Lunchbox, D day and so on got such low BO collections, that´s why no India peolple think the movie industry is what these three actors show. It´s sad India is not proud of their real good actors and movies and watch this nonsense: dancing superheroes who behave like kids or old men who behave and love like teenies.

  • Jainesh

    U reviewer sorry to say bt u did emphasize clearly on criticizing k3 in ol aspect dat u cud bt I think u shud also gv sme credit to ol d indian animators who worked so hard for d movie and atleast took a step towards wat hollywood is alreadt good at… I think thn u wl be reviewing d3 too because of its animation.. I guess…