Krrish 3 movie review: A formulaic superhero adventure powered by showy visual effects

The superhero entertains by wielding his magical powers coupled with the commendable visual effects. Krrish 3 is a brave film made strictly to woo kids and hardcore Hrithik Roshan fans. Unfortunately, discerning filmgoers will be left disappointed with Rakesh Roshan’s heroic attempt that delights only visually

With great power comes great responsibility said Peter Parker aka Spiderman. While watching Krrish 3, this line rings in your mind quite repeatedly. There’s no escaping from the fact that the onus of responsibility is almost always placed on the director’s shoulder especially when he is making a superhero flick. It is indeed a tightrope walk to keep the audiences thrilled with the superhero’s prowess and simultaneously weave a concrete plot to expose his vulnerability and his human side.

Hrithik Roshan starring Krrish 3 delivers on the power front, but it doesn’t quite move you emotionally. So you see the desi man-in-black doing some unimaginable duties-from bringing an ill fated air-plane to a screeching halt in order to save lives of people on board to carrying the top chunk of a collapsing skyscraper on his mighty shoulders. He even takes on genetically mutated creepy creatures single-handedly. Visually these adventures look stunning, but unlike Koi Mil Gaya – the first part of Roshan’s sci-fi franchise- that had its heart at the right place, Krrish 3 seems soulless.

Even if the brisk pace of the first half of the film keeps you thrilled, the second half is crammed with sketchy VFX’s. The highly predictable and unimaginative plot doesn’t add to the thrill quotient either. In the end, you get a movie that may delight you with its indulgent special effects, but the formulaic story leaves you disheartened.

The plot:

Happily married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra) our superhero Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) now lives with his scientist father Rohit (HR again!) in Mumbai. While Krishna does odd jobs to hide his true identity from the world, Rohit is a scientist who is busy working on a project that can possibly employ dhoop or the sunlight to restore life into dead beings.Krishna becomes Krrish on a daily basis to save the island city from various ordeals with his heroic efforts while wifey Priya flaunts her anglicised Hindi as a reporter with a leading news channel.

All is hunky dory until a life-threatening epidemic hits Mumbai. Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) the owner of a giant pharmaceutical company has antidote for the scourge. (No prizes for guessing that he only created the virus to rake in moolah and teach the world a lesson). Belted to a wheel-chair, the menacing man functions through his army of mutants aka maanwars (a curious combination of maanaw and jaanwar) Kaya (Kangna Ranaut) the unique blend of chameleon and human, is a devilish babe who can change forms at the drop of a hat. She is ably supported by the frog-man, the rhino-man and a battery of other mutants who work for Kaal on his mission to destroy the world by creating lethal viruses.

Just when the world comes to believe that only Kaal can save the human race from the deadly outbreak, Rohit creates the antidote using his superhero son Krrish’s DNA. This angers the villain and that triggers a mighty face off between the evil and the good- in short between, Kaal and Krrish.

What’s hot and what’s not?

If you believe that superhero movies are not meant just for kids then Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3 may let you down on many levels. Don’t get us wrong. We salute the senior Roshan for putting Krrish, India’s official modern superhero, on the global map with his incredible vision and courage.

In fact, we had loved Koi Mil Gaya for the vulnerability of the lead character Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) and the emotional chord it struck within us. The beautiful plot weaved around a simple tale of underdog’s victory over the challenges he faces in life, KMG made us cry, laugh and relate with its characters. The simplicity of the story-line was rooted in a strong emotional foundation. The effort was honest to the core and the saga was worth telling. Even in the sequel Krrish, the director had maintained a fine balance between technical bravura and a thrilling story.

Krrish 3 takes the same tale forward, but it ultimately becomes just a showy technical attempt packed with stunning visual effects. The dialogues are preachy and the line-hum sab mein ek Krrish hain is repeated frequently throughout the movie.

While you may not necessarily mind to keep your behinds glued to the seat as our superhero indulges in stunts in this sleek-looking drama, what will definitely get on your nerves are the shabbily shot tacky songs that are so oddly placed in the film that even Krrish- the ultimate saviour-can’t rescue you from the torture they inflict. Barring Raghupati raaghav number, all other tracks are a pain to watch and  a task to listen to.


Hrithik Roshan breathes fire in and as Krrish (3). While portraying the podgy and old Rohit, the honey-eyed actor shows a mighty command over acting skills. Both his body and body language is the stuff the superheroes are made of. His effortless dance moves and his physical attributes easily make him every bit of a superhero that he is even off the screen. The effort he puts in to perform some intense scenes and grueling action sequences is unbelievable. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have much to do in a movie that’s essentially a superhero flick and judging by her act in this one we refuse to believe that she is the same Barf! babe who can bag awards and accolades for her acting skills.

Kangna as the mutant Kaaya looks edgy and powerful. Her tall frame, the ease with which she enacts the character and her toned body work in Kangy’s favour. Vivek Oberoi as Kaal is impressive. The dude has done a fine job of conveying his bottled up anger, frustrations and helplessness as the menacing villain who seeks revenge , rather passionately.

Our verdict:

All in all, Krrish 3 is a sincere attempt to raise the bar of superhero movies in India, but it has eventually turned out to be an indulgent affair that can keep kids (and Hrithik Roshan’s ardent fans) entertained over the long Diwali weekend. Don’t walk in the theatres with the expectation to get an engagingly hatke story and you are likely to come out with a smile that comes from watching your kids happy and giggly.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Prathamesh Jadhav

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent