Krrish 3 song God allah aur bhagwan: Extremely disappointing!

Wed, October 9, 2013 6:36pm IST by
Krrish 3 song God allah aur bhagwan: Extremely disappointing!

The latest track from the most awaited superhero film disappoints!

A double doze of Hrithik Roshan and the svelte Priyanka Chopra‘s presence in a chiffon saree adds very little, almost nothing to the latest song from Krrish 3God allah aur bhagwan. Are we disappointed? That’s just an understatement. Not even the sweet voice of Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghoshal does any good to this track penned by Sameer Anjaan. Rajesh Roshan’s latest composition from this film is very ’90s and unoriginal! In the earlier Krrish, the Sonu Nigam-Shreya Ghoshal pair doled out some soothing numbers like – Pyar ki ek kahani, Koi tumsa nahi this latest songs is no match for the soundtrack of earlier films in this series. This song that is meant to be a celebration of the superhero fails to create the happy mood. Apart from identifying a couple of steps that Hrithik did in Koi Mil Gaya, you will not have any visual to take back with you after watching this number.

Bollywoodlifers, you tell us – What’s your take on this song – will it be a hit or a definite miss?


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  • harry

    i like that video….its even not that bad … you are reviewing…..

  • harry

    i like that video….its not even that bad….as you are publishing…its extremely disappointed . are you mad ?

  • Parth

    ohhs hut up.its fab song

  • prakash biswa


  • Sahir-CE-HNY-Rocks

    Definate Miss

  • sunil

    One thing I want to ask the reviewer if she like the songs of Chennai Express. I think its definitely a YES. Because it stars the Superstar SRK. I also like the song ‘Titli’. But only the female version. The male version is like listening another song. I completely dissatisfied with Vishal-Sekhar. Worst album of their compositions. The 1234 song & Lungi dance song were the actual disasters. Chennai Express is a good film but not the best of SRk. I am not saying Krrish-3 songs are very good but from the day 1 of teaser launch of Krrish 3 there are reviews like teaser is not good, trailer is average & coping from Hollywood, songs are not good; what is this? I think you are not ready to take Krrish 3 over Chennai Express. Please wait till the release of the movie after that you review the movie. Every movie has flaws. So Krrish 3 also will have the flaws, but the movie will definitely be a must watch, as it is directed by Rakesh Roshan and he knows the pulse of the audience. Ex- Koi Mil Gaya & Krrish, though critics not liked the movies still its favorite for family watch.

    • Bulbul

      I would really appreciate your feedback and any comments on this song.

    • saqib

      I appreciate sunil’s comment..
      Yeh bollywood life jaise critics ke wajhe bolywood aage nahi bad pa raha hai……..zindagi bhar yeh ready,bodyguard aur boss jaisi movies ko appreciate karte rahenge……….i don’t know abt krrish 3 movie but def it is a good attempt from roshans….

  • Ashish

    i liked the video !! its \m/.
    why the hell you writing these types of review.

  • Bulbul

    Who are You to Judge the Music ……..the public will decide whether the Music is good or bad. Don’t make review like this.

    I love the video………..

  • Bulbul

    Who are You to Judge the Music Krrish 3……..the public will decide whether the Music is good or bad. Don’t make review like this.

    I love this song

  • murtaza

    Its nice
    ice…song n video both…its celwbration song…not bhangra moment…

    Nice album

  • Rishabh

    This is celebration song . The lyrics and Video are use to describe the happiness of people. Not able to understand whats bad in that.

    • Bulbul

      I would really appreciate your feedback and comments on this song.

  • hi

    song is.fabulous…. better than the latest.. songs we hear… its.a positive and nice song… for family and for children to learn.. all krrish 3 songs are nice… they hv simple lyrics.. which family will enjoy toghether… :-)

  • Kishor

    Saale ye kaun log hai jo krrish3 k baare me galat afwah faila raha hai…krrish3 k baare me koi v galat news nahi hona chaahiye warna thik nahi hoga…

  • RAJA B


  • Kishor

    U hate hrithik thatsy u dont like the video but it is very good song..people will enjoy it..