Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th November 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Ishwari holds Sona responsible as Dev falls sick

After dinner, Mamaji announces that it’s picture time and asks everyone to pose for pictures. Bejoy sees Sona (Erica Fernandes) stand behind and asks her to stand next to Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) for a family picture. Dev takes a picture with Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) and Sona when Bejoy suggests that Sona and Dev take a picture together. Radha and Bejoy start taunting each other and Sona announces that she has made ice-cream for everyone. Ishwari asks Dev to avoid the ice-cream since he will fall sick but Dev insists that Sona has made it for him. Nikki and Ria go to meet Ayaan who seems addicted to his phone. Meanwhile, Sona sees Vicky holding Elena’s hand and forcing her to talk to him.

Sona interferes and asks him to leave her hand. Vicky and Sona bicker as he challenges and asks her what she will do if he doesn’t leave Elena. Sona makes a call to Dev which makes Vicky leave Elena’s hand. Neha and Radha are bad mouthing about Sona’s family members in front of Ishwari, but she is too stuck up on Dev’s birthday. Neha starts complaining about Sona and Dev’s PDA. Ishwari decides to check on Dev since he had the ice-cream and might catch a fever. Just then, Sona checks that Dev has high fever. Ishwari tells Sona that she shouldn’t have given Dev the ice-cream. She starts scolding both of them for being so irresponsible. Sona gives him some pills to treat the fever. (ALSO READ: KRPKAB’s Erica Fernandes bags the Best Actress award at Asian Viewers Television Awards)

Ishwari goes to get some blankets and socks for Dev. Vicky and Elena call each other up to flirt with each other. She asks him to forget her and stop sending her gifts. She hangs up and just then, Radha walks in asking who he was talking to. He tells her that he was talking to Elena and instead of getting mad at him, she is proud that Vicky is way ahead of her. She tells him that he played the right game to teach the Bose family a lesson. Sona tries to ease Ishwari’s tension but in vain. Sona feels weird seeing Ishwari panic so much.

Dev wakes up after some time and Ishwari rushes to make some home-made juice for him. Sona tries calling doctors but no one answers the call. Dev goes back to sleep leaving Sona worried and sleepless. Ishwari cribs and makes the potion for Dev in a hurry. Just then, a marble cup falls on her toe and her toe starts bleeding. Mamaji comes to help her out but she refuses to take any help. Radha and Neha enter the kitchen when Ishwari is cribbing about Sona giving Dev the ice-cream. Radha and Neha add fuel to the fire and Ishwari takes the potion to Dev.

She limps and goes to Dev’s room only to find him shivering and Sona fast asleep next to him. Ishwari wakes Dev up to feed him some homemade medicine. Ishwari scolds Sona for her ideas and suggestions. Will things get worse between Ishwari and Sona? Stay hooked with us to find out.