Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th November 2016 Written Update, Full episode: Dev’s fever drops but Ishwari still resents Sona

Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) feeds Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) some khaada and he asks her to stay right there with him. She asks Sona (Erica Fernandes) to get some cold water for him. Dev tells her that he will be fine when Ishwari asks him to tell Sona not to interfere. Neha walks in asking about Dev’s health and Ishwari decides to take him to the hospital. Mamaji takes the car out and Ishwari goes to get Dev out of his room. She gets shocked when she sees Sona come out of the bathroom with Dev.

Ishwari gets mad at her when Sona tells her that she made Dev sit under the shower for 5 minutes to help decrease the temperature. Neha and Radha taunt Sona, who is already guilty about everything. Meanwhile, Mamaji tells everyone else that no one will tell Dev that Ishwari got hurt. Nikki tells everyone that what Sona did is scientific and useful but no one listens to her. The doctor checks Dev and tells everyone that Dev is fine now. Ishwari tells the doctor about what Sona did and he tells her that what she did worked in his favour. He tells them that they should be thankful to her for doing the right thing to keep his body temperature from rising more. Ishwari leaves the room after the doctor leaves. Meanwhile, Vicky calls Elena, who doesn’t answer his calls. (ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th November 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Ishwari holds Sona responsible as Dev falls sick)

He texts her saying that it’s very important and she replies. Radha is adding fuel to the fire to boost Ishwari’s ego but Mamaji tries his best to soothe things. Ishwari is looking outside the window lost in thoughts. Radha storms out of the room and Mamaji tries to calm Ishwari down, who still thinks that Sona is at fault for giving Dev the ice-cream. Sona is sitting next to Dev taking care of him and falls asleep eventually. In the morning, Dev wakes up with Sona and tells her that he is feeling much better now.

Sona tells him about everything that happened with Ishwari and he changes the topic with a joke. He gets up and goes to meet Ishwari. Sona helps him get out of bed. Dev rests his head on Ishwari’s lap telling her that she feels much better now. Ishwari tells him that he is all better now because of Sona and not because of her. She expresses that she is of no use anymore and failed as a mother. Dev tells her that she is the best mother in the world. He tells her that it’s her blessings that worked for him more than the ideas to make him healthier.

He makes her feel better by saying that she is the best mother and she breaks down. She asks him what he wants to eat and she’ll make it for him. He requests her to make some kachori for him. Ishwari is making kachoris in the kitchen and Sona walks in worried about Ishwari. She forces her to sit down and applies medicines on Ishwari’s wounded toe. Ishwari goes back to making the kachoris and Sona offers to help. Ishwari taunts her and refuses to take her help asking her to go sit with Dev.

Will Ishwari’s insecurities make things difficult for Sona? Stay hooked with us to find out.