KUCH TOH LOG KAHENGE: Sharad Kelkar to replace Mohnish Behl

The Saat Phere actor will be Dr Nidhi’s new love interest

Looks like the producers of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge have heard a few of our readers’ pleas. While they have stuck to their decision to replace Mohnish Behl, they have changed their choice of the new actor. Instead of Anuj Saxena, it is Sharad Kelkar who will now enter the show in place of Mohnish. We hear the Saat Phere actor was approached when talks with others failed, as he has a good rapport with KTLK producer Rajan Shahi.

Wethinks Sharad is a much better choice than Anuj, especially if Dr Ashutosh is going to return with facial plastic surgery. Sharad makes for a much more convincing Mohnish than Anuj. Dr Ashutosh would require not only plastic surgery but also liposuction to look like Anuj! Whereas Sharad has much more in common with Mohnish’s physique and facial structure. Of course, you might insist that Sharad won’t be playing Dr Ashutosh, especially if you have watched the last two episodes and the promo of today’s episode in which it is revealed that the venerable doctor dies in an accident. But it would be difficult and unbelievable to make Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) now fall in love with another older man. And if Mihir Virani can come back from the dead in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, so can Ashutosh. Tell us if you would like to see Sharad Kelkar as Dr Ashutosh, or Anuj Saxena. Click on the poll below to vote.

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