KUCH TOH LOG KAHENGE: Sharad Kelkar to replace Mohnish Behl

KUCH TOH LOG KAHENGE: Sharad Kelkar to replace Mohnish Behl

The Saat Phere actor will be Dr Nidhi’s new love interest

Looks like the producers of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge have heard a few of our readers’ pleas. While they have stuck to their decision to replace Mohnish Behl, they have changed their choice of the new actor. Instead of Anuj Saxena, it is Sharad Kelkar who will now enter the show in place of Mohnish. We hear the Saat Phere actor was approached when talks with others failed, as he has a good rapport with KTLK producer Rajan Shahi.

Wethinks Sharad is a much better choice than Anuj, especially if Dr Ashutosh is going to return with facial plastic surgery. Sharad makes for a much more convincing Mohnish than Anuj. Dr Ashutosh would require not only plastic surgery but also liposuction to look like Anuj! Whereas Sharad has much more in common with Mohnish’s physique and facial structure. Of course, you might insist that Sharad won’t be playing Dr Ashutosh, especially if you have watched the last two episodes and the promo of today’s episode in which it is revealed that the venerable doctor dies in an accident. But it would be difficult and unbelievable to make Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) now fall in love with another older man. And if Mihir Virani can come back from the dead in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, so can Ashutosh. Tell us if you would like to see Sharad Kelkar as Dr Ashutosh, or Anuj Saxena. Click on the poll below to vote.

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    • seema nikam

      no one can replace mohnish behl pls try and bring mohnish back no one can take his place

  • Anu

    There is no one who can replace MB….he is the one and only Ashu…without him there is nothing left in the show…he is the heart of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge.

  • swati

    No one can replace Mohnish Bahl….he is n will remain Ashu….bring him back…

  • Ramona

    Only Mohnish Bahl can play Dr Ashutosh if thats not possible end this show its become a joke now

  • Vasanthi

    No one can take MB’s place as Ashu…..Bring him back !!

  • Madhu

    No onven if the top actor of the television cannot replace Mohnishji. Plz bring him back.

  • Madhu

    No one even if the top actor of the television cannot replace Mohnishji. Plz bring him back.

  • sravya

    no one can replace MOHNISH BAHL.please bring him back

  • Ananya

    Dr.Asutosh can be MOHNISH BAHL only….
    we wouldnot accept anyone in place of him….
    MB z only & real Ashutosh….

  • Pranutan


  • Manas

    No actor can replace Mohnish Bahl as Dr. Ashutosh … Bring him back in KTLK …

  • Manisha

    We want MB back as Dr. Ashu no one else will be considered on his place. WE want are original DR ASHU back that is only and only MB.

  • Ruchi

    MB=Ashu and Ashu=MB Please bring him back.. koi bhi xyz MB(Ashu) ki jagah KTLK mein nahin le sakta..agar yeh possible nahin hain toh show ko end kar do ASAP.. aur hum par raham karo..

  • Mehwish

    We demand the return of Mohnish Bahl ONLY.

    We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!We want Mohnish!

  • Ashni

    No MB NO KTLK .Bring him back we dont want to see anyone else.

  • swati yeole

    We want Mohnish only.
    MB=Dr Ashu
    Dr Ashu=MB

    pl bring MB back,have mercy on viewers and bring MB back.
    Dont kill Dr Ashu inthe serial.

  • smita p

    Pl we want MB,
    Pl dont kill Dr Ashu.
    MB ne Dr Ashu mai Jaan layi aur abhi pl usko chodko mat jao pl..

  • vasanti p

    Pl dont kill Ashu character.
    We love Ashu
    Ashu means MB
    We love MB.

  • Harsha

    plz dont bring kelkar as a replacemnt..bring him as an anther HOD of KGH…plz plz plz..
    bring MB back as ashu aftr sumtym…plz plz
    we want MB…we want MB! plz sumone hear our PLEAS..

  • shardul Y

    Is MB back is that difficult for Rajan Sahi and Sony like Lokpal Vidheyak???
    Whats going on yar??
    We want MB

  • shaileshyr

    Dont play with audiance emotions.pl bring back MB.
    MB …pl listen..

  • nishu

    pls listen ………….. we want MB back asap either we stop watching ktlk.

  • akanksha

    nobody can replace Mohnish bahl..he is simply the best..
    Sharad, Anuj or any xyz can never be a better ashu..
    The show would probably end up as a big time flop..

  • Harsha

    Please bring back MB. No one can step into his shoes as Ashu.

  • rajee

    none can replace MB…
    we want MB back as ashu..
    no MB = NO KTLK..


  • Shannu

    We wants only M.B.back

  • mng

    No one can replace MB … pls bring him back. It is a humble request if someone is listening!

  • Priya

    No one can replace MB. Try and accomodate his health issues and carry on the show with MB. KTLK loses its life without him.

  • Alka

    Please bring Mohnish Bahl as Ashu back in KTLK..arey koi hai jo hamari (viewers) feelings ko samjhe aur MB ko KTLK mein vapus laye..TV-Actor ki toh baat chhodiye koi bahut bada film-actor bhi MB ka place KTLK mein nahin le sakata..

  • mahuya paul

    please bring mohnish bahl.

  • Ruchita


  • Sahabnam

    Mohnish Bahl Mohnish Bahl …ONLY Mohnish Bahl
    Mohnish Bahl is PERFECT for Ashutosh….MOHNISH BAHL ROCCCCKZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shabnam

    Mohnish Bahl Mohnish Bahl …ONLY Mohnish Bahl
    Mohnish Bahl is PERFECT for Ashutosh….MOHNISH BAHL ROCCCCKZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamal

    we want mohnish bahl back on ktlk.or koi nahi

  • Deba

    WOW….fantastic replacement….great going Sony….they will rock d show….& most imp. Sharad is very professional actor,unlike mohnish ;)

    • samar naeem

      Hey Deba…u really think so….u think that sharad will ba a good replacement….dreams of flying high without wings…ktlk will be doomed without MB Sir…n he is a senior actor so he knows what to do and what not

  • samar naeem


  • raj

    mohnish bahl ko wapas layo

  • Henu Madhan

    No one can replace………………….
    If MB will not be in the show I will stop watching.
    Not even I many will stop watching it…………….
    PLZ we all want it backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    PLz mb backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • swetha

    rajansha end serial please if u dont get mb back.if u run the serial without md it is waste of time and money.no one can accept this.viewers ke satt ristha nebahankiliye eyh tareka chunliya.kiseh accept karti app koyi dusreko lagadiyatho.is that fair.soch lijiyeh.

  • samar naeem


  • Lidvin

    Pls retain MB. Am already loosing interest in the show.

  • pooja pange

    No one can take place of MOHNISH BAHL as Ashutosh…
    I want only mb sir as ashu…bring back mb sir back

  • ab


  • swetha

    mb please come back.we are pleaseing u sir.fans ki liye thodi be fikar nahihai upko.entni sare reqvest ki badh me be app se koyi javab nahi hai.app si yeh umeed nahi hai.ristha eysa nahi nebhati sir.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecome back sir.it is our humble reqvest

  • Padmaja

    Plz bring back mb nahito serial gaye

  • Ravi Asawa

    we want Mohnish Bahl only in KTLK.

  • rajee

    we want MOHNISH BAHL back as ashu…

  • Padmaja

    We want mb

  • Shanu

    We wants M.B. back

  • Madhu Swara

    We want mohnish bahl back … Anyways I have stopped watching ktlk … If mohnish bahl comes back then I will start watching the serial again… Get mohnish bahl back …. No mb then no ktlk

  • Shanu

    We want M.B. back as Dr.Ashu,take some rest and back to KTLK

  • Rupa agrawal

    we wants mb in ashu role. ashu ka role koi nahi kar sakta phir chaye vo tv indurestie ka ho ya filmo ka.mb ko wapes lavo.mb nahi to KTLK nahi. mb nahi aayega to hum KTLKdekhna chor dega.KTLK koi nahi dekhga to ye flop ho jayega, isliya sk ko lane ka koi matlab nahi hai.isse to acha serial ko band kar de.ya jab tak mb mane ya unki health thik ho jaye serial ko rok de. phir bad ma chalu kar de. hum intajar kar sakte hai par ashu ke role me kisi aur ko nahi dekh sakte. so mb ko vapes layo

  • Monali

    You better tell me who in this world can give the same “I care for you” eye-expression as Mohnish did??…Who can give the same smile which used to make the viewers forget everything else??…The hesitation, the anxiety,the care,the love ,the pain,the joy everything that Mohnish Bahl shown in Dr. Ashutosh can never be remade by anyone else….Better we stop the discussions on the replacement here & wait for our INTELLIGENT & UNIQUE CVs to do the job & make our earlier fav show into a crap…… :(

  • loida

    we want Mohnish bahl back.

  • Ashni

    We only want MB as ASHU no one else. If no MB then no KTLK for any of us and u will not have any audience to watch your show. So better to stop it and save ur money and time.

  • abha

    Please Bring Back MB, D SOUL OF KTLK…No ONE CAN TAKE HIS PLACE…………….

  • Bindu

    No one can replace Mohnish Behl. Neither Anuj Saxena nor Sharad Kelkar. Pls show a happy ending right now to the serial with 2 or 3 episodes with the original actors (KK & MB) and end the show. Ur serial will be memorable & unique instead of dragging it with new faces resulting low TRP and forced shutting of the serial. No body can create the same magic which this pair (specifically for this story) has created! You still want to drag, drag it, maybe no of viewers falling does not matter to u, maybe,what matters to u is airing the serial and making revenue only. Anyway,a big THANK YOU for making such a wonderful serial (UP TILL now) I won’t be watching your serial beyond this week. Thank you again.

  • misha

    we want Mohnish Bahl.

  • pinky

    No one can step in d shoes of MB N do justice to d role of Dr Ashutosh
    ASHU = MB
    We only want Mohnish as Ashu.

  • pinky

    No one can step in d shoes of MB N do justice to d role of Dr Ashutosh
    ASHU = MB
    We only want Mohnish as Ashu.

  • sudha

    Plzzz bring back MB

  • Amjavali


  • sanu

    A decision is already made … even if we request infinite times no one is ready to consider. Still hopeful of MB hope there s a miracle if he can reconsider

  • Mittal Mukherjee

    Ashu means only MB. No comments further.

  • RSharma

    MB MB MB… or no KTLK.

  • sanu

    With this it confirms that the fans are of least importance to any channel.. all they need is TRP’s … be it .. good bye KTLK for cheating fans

  • seema

    Pls. get MB back for KTLK

  • praveen

    Bring back MB anyhow without him it is nothing i hv stoped watching it completely so plz bring him back or do one thing end the show in 8-10episodes by showing some differences within family & later by accepting it i think all d viewers will accept it rather than watching ktlk without MB


    no replacement [pl.we want mb sir back jst try n undrstand ktlk will lose its charm widout him

  • asha

    Please bring Mohinish behl back . No one can replace him

  • Bhavesh

    MB was the prime reason which made us hooked everyday to KTLK…PLs bring back MB TO KTLK..

  • Surekha

    If MB sir not there in this serial, plz remove Kanika also, and put new pair in this remaining part of the serial.
    Who are interested in the story; they can view, otherwise,No fans will view this Serial any more.
    So disappointed.

    • MS

      Are u mad for all the fans KTLK is all about MB and KK only. already MB is out we must try to bring him back and must not say to leave KK from KTLK. becoz as no one else suit Dr Ashu as MB like that only KK only suit Nidhi no one else can suit it. we want as a pair MB and KK. Don’t spoil the story. we will be waiting for MB to be back.


    ONLY MB…

  • g.m.shirahatti

    Both the actor and theproducer have shown dscant respect to the viewers;The serial should have worked as per the contractual conditions .Why was not followed?If there were any breaches the acotor should have expressed it strongly .Iam told the producer is in the habit of disrespect to the artistsYou fellows haaave taken us for granted.tv is one way mediem .you can reach us with all your facination we cannot reach you .This you take unduadvantage MB has lost name and producer credibility.FOR ME THE SERIAL IS DROWNED>KUCH TO LOG BADD DUVA DENGE.

  • Jaya

    Please bring Mohnish Behl back to the serial. We cannot watch the serial without him. Nobody can replace him.

  • g.m.shirahatti

    Both actor and the producer sould be blamed for this disaster.Both have shown scant respect for the viewers.The actor says that the shooting did not take place as per the conract ifso why he did not stic on the conditions we are also told that the producer has no concerns about the artists.If thatis so why other artist didnot bycot TV is one way mediem you can reach us with your facinations we cannot reach you so you take us for granted MBhas lost the name and the producer channel lost the credibility.FOR ME THIS SEARIAL IS DROWNED KUCH TO LOG KOSENGE.

  • Ammu

    Please bring MB back….only he can do justice to this role. If he cant, end the show uniting AshNi.

    @g.m.shirahatti – Other actors in KTLK stuck on inspite of their tight schedules and only Mohnish left because of his acute backpain. Everyone knows about this!

  • Shiv

    We the audience r fools. The producer does not come out to the audience give us his version. Sony head honcho wants to make TRP by creating a track and milking on the most talked about issue (MB or replacement). Pseudo journalism jumps in with juicy news to sell their print.And actor does not budge, may be it’s genuine health problem. But such a appeal, petition from viewers can give him the edge to work on his terms(reduce hours or better script).
    Yes we r in somber, dejected mood to this show going down!!!!

  • Anu Dandapat

    We want Mohnish Bahl back in Kuch toh log kahenge as Dr.Ashutosh.Nobody can take place of Mohnish as Dr.Ashutosh .Get Mohnish Bahl back in KTLK. We want only Mohnish & only Mohnish. Otherwise serial will be a flop.Please public ki demand ke bare mein socho. We want MB MB MB MB MB .MOHNISH BAHL ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.My vote is only for MOHNISH MOHNISH MOHNISH.



  • radha




  • Gajendra sahu

    Serial band kr do audience bewkuf h jo ab ktlk ko dekhenge the main spirit of the serial mohnish ji k bina serial jyada din nahi chalne wala isse achcha h nidhi ki shaadi rohit se karake kissa khatm karo.

  • radha




  • malmi

    I think nobody can be a Dr.ashutosh and nobody replace to as a Dr.ashutosh. Only MB can do this role forever.Fans of KTLK wants to see KK and MB only as a Dr.Nidhi & Dr.Ashutosh..PLZ DO NOT REPLACE ANY ONE TO DR.ASHUTOSH…It’s means “ANYONE”. MB is heart of KTLK. How we think to replace dr.Ashutosh to another one..NO WAY……..









    • Sameera.

      U r absolutely ryt radha…totaly langur guy hai sharad…



  • Ashni

    Pls bring MB back it is a request to you from all KTLK FANS.Even if you have to accept his terms and conditions pls do accept and bring him back. We only and only want MB as ASHU.

  • Jane

    Hi guys,

    Professionally I feel an amicable settlement should be reached between the producers and Dr. Ashu. Keep the part of Ashu and Nidhi suspended for some time, until all the other dramas within the serial are completed, then finish off the serial with a return of the original Dr. Ashutosh and Dr. Nidhi, living happily ever after. This can be mutually beneficial to all. Don’t drag the serial too much. All the best to KTLK and its team.

  • jaya dhekale

    I don’t think anyone in this whole world can replace Mohnish .If u KTLK team can understand this work on Mohnish only otherwise wrap up this serial.but don’t spoil Nidhi & ashutosh’s love story they both r really ideal for KTLK.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ think over it guys

  • sanya

    sarad is not apt for dr.ashutosh it is only for mohniosh.so please sont team plz him back to ktlk.please dont spoil the happiness in holy occasions. we are attaches to mb

  • sohinder

    No MB No KTLK

  • Sameera

    Without MB the show is totally rubbish…plz cme back ashu..miss u..

  • smita

    Plz dont replace Mohnish Behl. plz bring him back for few episodes aftr sorting out issues & then end the serial with happy ending. U can start 2nd season of KTLK with new face of Dr. Ashutosh. But plz dont replace Mohnish sir.Dont change d story & soul of the story…………

  • naj

    mb mb only pls otherwise bye bye alteast request him to end the show in a happy ending as we want to dwonload the whole serial for our future children and show them what is actinge what a beauty it has created all over the world so only mb MB MB MB other wise ram ram its dead

  • Surendra (44)

    Please come back Manish behl without u KTLK as like CURRY WITHOUT SALT. So plzzzzzzzzzzzzz back. we wait for u.

  • mamta

    the show is over for us as the tenor of the serial will change with MB out .It is great acting to be able to convey emotion with just eyes and he could do it . Kelkar certainly cant . You are going to destroy a good serial just for trps . You may get new viewers who need titilation but will lose those who made it successsful as we certainly will not watch vulgarity . there are so many of TOUCHING serials -why cant this be left the way it is. Even Valentine day was better than all other sreials and there was no touching . Can nothing make Rajan Shahi see this ? MB, KK, and the dialogues make it rock .- so keep it that way and you will have one for the archives .End it if you have to – just do not change the tenor . If someone has to go it DB – such bad acting – put her in coma





  • mamta

    the show is over for us as the tenor of the serial will change with MB out .It is great acting to be able to convey emotion with just eyes and he could do it . Kelkar certainly cant . You are going to destroy a good serial just for trps . You may get new viewers who need titilation but will lose those who made it successsful as we certainly will not watch vulgarity . there are so many of TOUCHING serials -why cant this be left the way it is. Even Valentine day was better than all other sreials and there was no touching . Can nothing make Rajan Shahi see this ? MB, KK, and the dialogues make it rock .- so keep it that way and you will have one for the archives .End it if you have to – just do not change the tenor . If someone has to go it DB – such bad acting – put her in coma NO I HAVENT U JUSt DO NOT WANT TO Give MY viewpoint

  • Sujatha

    If MB cant continue in KTLK please request him to cooperate for few days and end the story with a happy ending. Titli and Raja ki kahani ko aise bakwas mat banado. Sharad will not at all fit for the ashutosh role. MB can dipict love,angry sadness everyfeeling through his eyes itself. Uske samne sharad ka acting kya cheese hai. Kuch bhi nahi. I know it is injustice for the part of Krithika if you end the show. But it is better to start a new serial with Krithika in a lead role. Definitely we would love to watch it. Please do not spoil this masterpiece serial a bakwas one or like other daily soap. Itni pray karne per Bhaghavan bhi maan letha. Sony tv wale and MB ko kya hogaya hai. Otherwise viewers ko bhuljao

  • sujal

    well i can accept Shrad as DR AShutosh, Mr mohnish is a ver irresponsible man .. he quits the show does not mean other actors and directer.. whole KTLK team wrap it up and end the show .. hallo this is not the end of the world .. he JuST QUIT .. ok …
    lets encourage the team and accept with the new changers ..

  • rashi

    mohnish is the only one who can play this role….if u can bring mohnish back as dr ashutosh then welcome on television else END UP THE POOOOR SHOW…. a very humble request to u …plz dont use your FOOLISH MIND SONY TEAM AND KUCH TOH LOG KAHEGE TEAM,….YOU RUBBISH PEOPLE…DONT MAKE THE SHOW GO TO HEELLLL………JUST END IT UP…IF U CANT BRING MOHNISH BACK AS dr ashutosh……

  • Himadri

    I can’t take easily replacing mohnish with sharad. Both are very good actors but the role was started with mohnish and he perfectly did it. We are used of seeing him as ashutosh and if the hero will be changed,i’m damn sure TRP of the show will fall rapidly. I only watched the show because of the jodi of kritika and mohnish,if this replacement happens i’ll toh quit seeing it.

  • Rupa agrawal

    mb ko vapas lao. nahi to serial ko hi band kar do.we dont want anybody in ashu’s role.

  • sawrajkaushal@gmail.com

    i think rohit roy is the best for this role.he can jistify with cracter nd show the age facter

  • Ravin

    Best of luck for least trp’s

  • RS

    This sony tv and KTLK director producer don’t care about their viewers just they say we do all for are viewers but i think its bull sheet if they dont care than they must stop saying this. their viewers had cleared that they want MB only as Dr. ashu but they cant full fill their viewers demand. i don’t Known wht to say they don’t deserve are love and affection. i will say one think only DR Ashu is only MB no one else can be. i cant say my best wishes will be there with u people.

  • Agnes

    The title of KTLK is nowhere seen in da serial. It wd be nice to see on 6th March episode that Dr. Ashutosh(MB) who met with an accident,though late night but still comes to keep his promise with Dr Nidhi and then the serial cud have a turn saying on KTLK. But nw its no use of the serial that also w/out Mohnish Behl. Sorry script is not good…. Failed.. failing

  • dp

    pathetic producers .. close the show down immediately .. a trp of 1 is not justified with the new actor

  • syedrehman

    Mohinish behl is good actor thanks .


    Horrid decision. This was the only serial that made sense and loved to watch it especially for the chemistry between Mohnish Behl and Nidhi. Please dont spoil it. Hate to see anyone else replace him. Please Please please dont replace him by anyone….


    the best replacement in my opinion will be SAMEER SONI.

  • shaheen

    also read somewhere that monish quit because his wife was not comfortable with monish shooting intimate/romantic scenes with dr. nidhi. if this is true then its very foolish of her and ruining her husband’s career.



  • MS

    No one will suit Dr. Ashu excepted MB. We are commented from so long not even MB nor sony Tv and KTLK director and producer considered wht we are saying. they have replaced Dr. Ashu that means they don’t care about their fans. My mom used to like this serial very much but she is also upset and she is also telling now there is no use of seeing this serial. this people has broken so many fans heart. I will still say they still care for their fans Bring MB back.

  • anu

    Dont ruin the serial.It is the only serial worth watching among all the other hindi serials..Nobody can substitute MB..I from kerala and we just love it

  • jignesh

    Hi Team,

    As being BPO worker, i have been watching this serial even at night 2 pm repeated telecast on the same day.so i prefer to watch this serial with Monish behl and of course Nidhi. they are both look so compatible according their roles and acting. they have acted so fantastic and carry on the serial of their mere presence. we would request to detain the Behl to quit the serial. There would not be any perfect replacement. if failed to do so, definitely TRP will drop considerably.

  • prit

    please take amar upadhyaya,,,sharad kelkar no good choice

  • prit

    take amar upadhyaya..he is simply best..he ll look good..i hope this is seen by the ktlk ppl team

  • RS

    No MB is only best for this role no one else not even ronit roy though he is very good actor i really like his acting very much. but DR. Ashu is only MB and for us he will be only Dr. Ashu.

  • tiya

    cheee…why sharad kelkar….?? He is not a good actor…infact sk can never have those eyes speak without talking…i think team of ktlk you should talk to anup soni (as dr ashu role..)….but if mb sir come back…its awesome..we all miss u mb sir..:(

  • Ashnia

    Dont have any words to explain what you (KTLK team) have done to this show. You(KTLK TEAM) guys really need to find a way to bring MB back if it cost you to accept all his conditions. Because he is the one who will give you the TRP not any xyz. And if you(KTLK team) cant bring him back then just END the show and save your time and money Pls.

  • minarva panda

    Please come back Mohnish Behl without KTLK. I missed you.apto yeh seriel ki jan hai.SONYTV,KTLKteam jitin bhi romance seen verde o apkebina achha nahi lagega. apki ghar to apkebina sun san lagatahai.apkeliye Nidhika intejar saha nahi jata esa lagatahai jise purana ashutosh lotoke ayenge.such ap ayenge nahina.bahutsare log apko chahatehai.

  • Madhu

    Main aur TV nahi dekhunga…kunki Nidhiji ka halat BAHUT BURA HOTA HAI DIN PE DIN..Asutosh plz dont quit the SERIAL..log BAHUT KUCH KAHENGE..

  • MS

    This people have replaced MB and Sk has started shooting also. this people don’t care about their viewers. My neighbor anuty has removed Sony channel from her channel pacakge. she said this people should know we viewers are not fool wht we say we do. i think she is right me and my group of frnds and whom i know who love this show for MB. they are also quiting the SONY CHANNEL. they must known wht a public can do we public dont need u people but u people need us. I don’t know about other fans but we have already quit the sony channel. but i will miss my two serial in sony BALH and CID. but this people should know wht happens when they break their fans heart Byeee SONY Channel

  • Jay

    I agree with this i m from Gujarat and i m also quitting SONY CHANNEL. BYEE SONY TV. Bring MB back as Dr. ASHU

  • Ashni

    I did have quit the SONY and my other Friends and family member are doing the same. IF NO MB NO KTLK AND NO SONY CHANNEL.

  • amrit

    Sharad Kelkar is no match for Mohnish Behl. the director & other wise men has initiated carcinogenic death for KTLK by killing the chemistry of love and music by the replacement. May God bless the wise ….heads.

  • naj

    i too quit sony if we public become one lets quite sony until mb is back

  • R

    Yeap i m also Quiting SONY TV. We must show them wht happened when a public get together.NO MB NO KTLK AND NO SONY TV. WE WANT MB BACK AS DR. ASHU till than BYEEE SONY TV FROM TODAY SONY IS BAND.

  • lilly

    SK is not even near to the level of excellence set by MB…he looks so nonserious n untidy…am missing MB alot..AM NOT ONLY QUITTING KTLK BUT ALSO SONY TV..they just dont deserve sincere viewership…BRING MB BACK OTHERWISE SONY TV U ARE GONNA SUFFER

  • ramesh

    hii i m from Dubai i used to watch this serial but they have spoil this serial. The fans are requesting from long time but this don’t care i think. i was waiting that they will be bring back MB back as DR. ASHU. But they have break are hearts than why should we love this people they don’t dsrve it. i am also with this people i m also quitting the show also and BYEE to SONY TV. when the channel don’t care about their viewers than why should we see this channel BYEE SONY TV NO MORE SONY TV byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


    I hate sarad ….we love mohnish


    we want mohnish…we want mohnish…mohnish nahi to kk bhi nahi..





  • H

    I usually don’t watch daily soaps. but at my friend place first time i have watched KTLK. MB and KK the both look so good and how lovely they have portrait that character. and it was different from other soaps. i used to don’t get time to watch at 8 clock but any how i try to watch at 11′clock if i miss that also i used to watch at late night. the only serial and my life first daily soap. i used to love this serial.but now i feel so sad. they have broken so many fans and viewers heart. i think for them their EGO is big than their fans. BUT now i will never ever watch any other daily soaps who known they will also break are heart like this. i think this people are right they must know we are the viewers they can’t break are heart like this they have to pay for this. I have quit the show that time when it was confirmed that they are not bring MB back and replacing with SK. But now i quit this channel also i don’t want Sony Channel also who don’t care about their viewers wishes. BYEE KTLK and BYEE SONY TV. NO MORE SONY TV.

  • Rishi

    MB please come back.The chemistry between u n KK is very much interesting.

  • Dr Rajdeep Singh

    I wish KTLK astounding success.Anyone with tantrums(if in MB case it is true) has no place in this society or even in any project. KTLK with its wonderful concept,stupendous Dr Nidhi and competent team is bound to excel.Sharad is a wonderful actor and will do justice to his challenging role.Kudos to Sony for taking this brave step.MB was indeed par excellence.Let MB repent for not being part of KTLK

  • R

    SK may be a good actor. but not acceptable as DR ASHU. We want MB only as Dr.ASHU. In every serial i think there are different kind of people. becoz every person thoughts are not same but this people should know that there are so many viewers they love them so much. for them they must sort out their disputed and show wht their fans want to see. don’t kill the beauty of show. i will say that only WE WANT MB only. Till than NO KTLK and NO SONY TV.

  • mng

    Does the voting really matter ? Anyway SK has already shooting and now there will be new touch romance .. nainoki bhasha is lost for ever. I dont have interest in KTLK anymore. what a mess… emotional drain and time investment …There is no age gap romance anymore .. Sk and KK look same age.. beard doesnt make a person old. Also the essence is lost . It is not the same story for me. MB rocked ! and will be Dr Ashutosh for me for ever.

  • OM

    Yes i also think it dosen matter to this people. But they have spoiled all fans mood and break so many fans hearts. now not interested in watching KTLK any more. and now i don’t want to see Sony Channel also not Interested in seeing it. MB will be only Dr. Ashutosh for us. so NO KTLK.

  • lilly

    i used to wait whloe day long to see the wonderful MB in ktlk…but now have totally lost interest in the serial..watching SK is unbearable for me…he can never ever replace mb..QUITTING SONY TV AND KTLK…hope they learn the lesson and bring MB back…no matter how…MB PLZZZZ COME BACK

  • MS

    WE were waiting that they will listen about their viewers and bring MB back. but….. KTLK is end for us. byee KTLK and enjoy u r new TRP…. god knows wht it will be. MB come back for u r fans.

  • tharanga

    monish we r waiting 4 u.pls come back 4 ur fans

  • dp

    lets all boycott the show.. bring trp to zero.. get MB baack or close the show

  • ssaas

    the new replacement completely ruined the show…Dr Ashutosh’s character was meant to be like that from the beginning-shy,ambitious,moody

    Mr.Mohnish played the character accordingly.Such a relationship was what made KTLK stand out from the other “fairly tale soap operas”.I’m not going to continue watching this crap anymore i’m afraid… LET”S ALL STOP WATCHING THIS CRAP GUYS!!

  • boss

    please bring back monish((( w t f

  • Ashni

    pls bring MB back plsssssssssss.

  • abhishek dixit

    please monish behal back in ktlk pls…….

  • sagyan

    pls bring mohnish behl back in kuch to log kahenge

    • ben

      Agree wholeheartedly, MB Pl.come back . Sony should make an all out effort in this direction

  • soubhagya

    mohnish behl’s exit is not acceptable

  • Saha

    Hii, I am writing this on behave of my friend who is a great fan of this serial and specially she used to see becoz of MB and KK chemistry and she love MB as Dr Ashu. but this friday she was very sad when in place of MB she saw SK. She had a hope that MB will come back. For me it doesn’t matter who is their in serial or not becoz i don’t watch this kind of serial. I know that this people only care about their self not about their Viewers they know only one thing That is TRP. But my frnd she still has a hope that at-least SONY TV will bring MB back. i have try to make her to understand but she is really a fool. and i can’t see a sadness on her face becoz she is very quiet and innocent frnd of mine. Please Sony Tv try to bring MB back for my frnd. I know my frnd doesn’t matter for u people but she is a viewers and for all other viewers who are requesting you Please bring MB and MB come back for u r fans. Prove my frnd right That u people care about Your viewers bring MB back. Hope this wht i m writing will be readed.

  • Ramesh dubai

    WE are still hoping that sony tv will do something for their viewers and even MB will come back for their fans KTLK producer and director don’t break ur viewers hearts ONLY MB can do justice to this Role as DR. ASHU and MB and KK they look really good together. BRING MB back and MB Plz come back for all of ur fans who love u so much. we will be waiting that u come back till than we can’t see KTLK without you MB…
    We hope again we can see are fav onscreen couple that is (MB as DR. ASHU and KK as Nidhi).

  • mng

    Sony tv is not doing anything :( they have already started shooting with sharad k and he entered the show on friday . Very unfortunately, hope they can some how get back MB

  • Raj

    i can say now only one think that’s it bring MB back NO MB NO KTLK

  • Rupa agrawal

    please bring back mb .we miss him very much.serial is so boring without mb.

  • hitu

    Want MB back in the show dear frnd it is a requsted try to post u r commented on KTLK facebook that we want MB back.

  • Ashni

    Pls bring MB back in KTLK else no one is going to watch this show or even SONY channel.

  • supriti

    pls mb back in the show KTLK.with out MB the show is so booring.

    • sonali

      ya its true…

  • Ramesh

    MB u our only are Dr. Ashutosh we will not accepted any one else bring MB back. Come on SONY TV KTLK director and producer do something its ur viewers demand bring MB back.

  • Sneha

    MB u our only are Dr. Ashutosh we will not accepted any one else bring MB back. Come on SONY TV KTLK director and producer do something its ur viewers demand bring MB back.

  • Saayali

    arre yaar please wo mohnish behel ko please serial me laa do.


    Cannot imagine any one else in place of Mohnish behl….he is such an attractive man in Nidhi’s life that no one can match him…..please bring him back …..

  • pranali

    plz bring back mohnish behal .we miss him very much.serial is so boring without mohnish behal.

  • Vafia

    Sharad has entered today’s episode. Just see how he justifies the character . I think by the end of the week there should be more comments. Ab to log Bahutu kuch kahenge.


    change of dr ashutosh may be good later on but today it was shocking and bad feeling also even i don’t like the acting of munish i was just crazy to see the acting of NIDI ONLY

  • gulati

    please tell me why MB changed

  • ramesh

    SK is not acceptable as Dr. Ashu We want MB back i have just seen that new banner of KTLK don’t know wht to say Bring are original Dr. Ashu back till than byee KTLK….

  • Jay

    KTLK bring MB back we want are Dr. Ashu back the show has lost his charm without MB no used to see this show any more. first we used to wait eagerly for 8′clock to see sony tv and KTLK it was all becoz of MB. but now we don’t have that eagerness and no interested is left to see this show any more. MB come back…….

  • Swaroopa

    We want MB as Dr. Ashu…. I watched the show of course b’coz of the story line but more so b’coz of Mohnish…. he was the perfect fit… i actually switched the channel when i saw the change… on friday last, i thought yeh kuch kahani mein twist hoga… but when it was finally declared and sk was presented as dr. ashu… we all were upset… we love sk but he is not ashu at all…. we want mohnish back….

  • OM

    we want are Dr. Ashu back. Sk doesn’t suit on this role. me and my fmly used to see this show. but now my fmly members have not left any interested in this show without Mohnish Bahl this show has not left that charm. plz bring are charm back.

  • swpnali shubha

    please mohnish is best for Dr ashotosh so please call him again then we r left the serial

  • hitu

    MB come back we will never ever accepted Sk as dr. Ashu we will quit this show but NO SK as Dr. ashu we want Mhonish bhel back come on u fool people sitting there do something for your viewers. there will be some solution to bring him back without changing are Dr. Ashu. we want are MB back on show otherwise KTLK is Flop a big flop………… Sk we don’t want to see u as Dr. ashu. may be u will be a good actor but we only want to see are Dr. Ashu MB come back for your fans who love u so much…

  • S

    This voting u people do dose it really matter. we all fans have made it clear wht we want to see. but this people have not yet listen. WE want MB back as Dr. Ashu… Only MB…..

  • nagarathna

    i stopped watching the serial, will never do it unless monish B comes back

  • R

    Tum logo ko samja mei aata hai ya nahi hum sab kya bola rahei hai. MB ko wapas lavo nahi to yea show ki band bajei gie vo bhi achi taraha sei abhi bhi waqut hai. nahi to band karo yea bakwas hum log ko dekhei na hi nahi hai. Mohish bhel ko wapas lavo………

  • nisha

    producer ji what u have done, its not fair sir
    i was a big fan ok KTLK boz of MOHNISH SIR AND NIDHI, but now i have stopped seing this serial, may b sharad is good, but as a Dr Ashutosh Mohnish sir is best plz call him back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jay

    Sony TV and KTLK team do some thing and bring MB back. there will be some solution to bring him back and MB u must also understand and come back for your fans.

  • Tanu

    SONY TV,KTLK TEAM aap aur MBji ke bicch agreement huatha na seriel complte karke chhodenge.ase kise ho gaya.Itin sunder seriel ab acha nahi lagata.AshuNidhi ko chodker jo bhi charecter change hota o chalega.Main charecter change hona bahut buri bat hai.SK KK donoki jodi FIT nahi lagte.NEW Ashu to senior lagte nahi. please MB ko wapas layea.ab to kuchbhi nahi hua.jiske sath KTLK baremain discuss karta hun o sab MB ko cahete hain.Viwers to request kiya jo apki marji.

  • anita

    please bring back MONISH BEHL INTO THE serial if u want us to watch the serail …….there is no charm left without him ……nobody can come near him in acting …he is superb…. we want MB back in the serial otherwise stop telecasting the serial …

  • Babita

    we want monish behl back with immediate effect ……he is running the show ………

  • R

    KTLK producer jo kar na hai karo SK aur KK romatic scence batvo ek dusrei kei jitna haath pakda na hai gale laga na hai jo kar na hai karo kuch fayida nahi honei wala hai MB bina chuvei hi jo romatic lagta tha na vo SK kabhi nahi lagei ga tum log ka show to janei wala hai aur tum log nei apni viewers ki nahi suni na. abhi bhi waqut hai MB ko vapas lavo.. DR Ashu srif MB hi hai aur koi nahi ban sakta…

  • Monica

    No one can replace Mohnish Behl. The show can never be the same as it was when Mohnish Behl played the lead character.
    It was sad to know about his health, but even now if can return to the serial it would be gr8.

  • sony watcher

    The fact is no one can replace Mohnish Behl, he was a real character in the play…and the chemistry between the two was exceptionally excellent.

    Now bringing the new character in the play, the entire depth of the play is lost, and i am sure TRP in next will also be lost.

    i wish mohnish behl be back in the play. Else stop airing this.

  • sony watcher


  • darshak

    replacing Mohnish Behl will get it down the lovelines of the soap/serial. I Raj saying that I really not watching the serial after replacing Mohnish Behl. So, if Mohnish Behl will come back then i will watch that soap rom my bottom of my heart because Mohnish Behl & Nidhi were the perfect match in the serial & for them I was watching.

  • ramesh

    Bring MB back in KTLK. without MB this show is nothing. so jo bhi TRP thi na vo MB kei wajei sei thi. tum logo nei usei nikala diya ki uski wajei sei TRP nahi bada rahi hai. par ab to jo thi vo bhi nahi rahei gei TRP kya show hi nahi rahei ga. Sk aur kk ko ek dusarei ka jitna haath pakada na hai pakadei galei bhi lagayie par vo romance nahi creat kar payiegei jo MB nei kiya tha bina chuvie unki ek nazar hi khafi thi ya to srif Nidhi bola na ya Hey Doc bola na usa mei romace tha par ab show to dekhei ti hi nahi hai par galati sei bhi promo dikhta hai to hum channel badal dei tei hai. hum log abhi bhi humarei Dr. Ashu ki wait kar rahei hai jo MB hai aur vo hi rahei gei…

  • mamali

    MB is always Dr,Ashutosh.usuki jagape koi accpt nahi hota

  • Ashni

    SK is so expressionless in this show. He is totally not suitable for ASHU.And he does not look mature enough to creat a age gap. MB was the only man who can handle this character very beautifully. Pls bring him back.

  • nat

    mb is only mb your right sk has no expression at all he can hug kk as much as he wants but that feeling is not coming the feeling the viewrs should feel while watching not sk this show is for viewrs where as mb used to make us feel to be in love or we wished we were in mbs shoes woow that impect he had

  • thima

    MOHNISH sir ki jaga koi nahi lesakta.sk to bilkul achcha nahi lag raha hai.poori duniya mei ashu ka role koi nahi karsaktha sivye MB sir ke. so please MB ko vaapas bulaiye.meine to har jaga message choda hai.

  • Angel

    yar ye sharad kelkar Dr Ashutosh ke role me bilkul suit nhi kar raha. plz replace him with immdt effect. otherwise ye serial nhi chal payegi.hamari ankhe is sharak kelkar ko ye role me bilkul sweekar nhi kar sakti..plz plz change him. mohnish behl is best one. no other..

  • madhumita

    Kuch to Log kahenge is unimaginable without Mohnish Behl.Kritika kamra and M.B look so much in love with each other that Nidhi’s romance with any other man would look contrived and artificial. Mohnish Behl must be brought back.

  • viewers

    Hii, hum sarei viewers kab sei bola rahei hai MB ko vapas lavo. come on do something and bring him back. he was the best for this role. without touching kk he has created that magic of love. now it doesn’t matter how much u show the romatic scence between SK and KK that love is missing when it used to be there when MB and KK used to act. And we don’t find KK also good. the pak serial was best we can’t even compare this show with DK. But due to MB this show was giving justice to DK and the great legend actor Mr. Rahat Kazmi. KK could never stand the great actress Marin Khan. its still time bring MB back for all ur viewers. MB is the best for this role sorry SK u doesn’t suit for this role.. The show has lost is beauty…

  • sayada

    Hum kisse request ke MB vaapas aajaye. 15 days se isi kaam mei lage hai hume to kuch samajh hi nahi aaraha hai.abhi bhi hum sab fans intezaar mei hai ki kab MB SIR vaapas aaye aur hame surprise deh.hum viewers se hi serial hai hame naaraaz karen to kaise chalega.

  • Ashni

    Totally agree with you NAT does not matter how many hugs and hand holding they do and show, it is not touching our hearts, it is just like they are doing it for the sake of it if u know what i mean. And in MBs case his just one intense look to Nidhi use to give me butterflies in stomach. But now it looks strange hard to explain. When Nidhi talk to him(SK) it is like she is telling someone else about Dr Ashu. They have destroyed such a beautiful story for the sake of TRP. And i m sure they r going to regret it v soon. Unless they decide to bring MB back before it is too late.

  • Kanupriya

    Mohnish is a better actor dan sharad.

  • M

    MB ur the best come back.

  • H

    dear check the voting and than say who is better for the role don’t say anything what u people feel. we all have made it very clear who is better not even better MB was best. and who is flop. So stop this by saying this show is not going to work. BRING MB BACK…..

  • nivi

    love u sharad………..i m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that u r in my fav show ~~~kuch to log kahenge”"”…..always do the role in this serial….plzzzzzzzz never leave this serial……

  • Edson

    bhai ek baat toh pakki hai ki yeh Suhasini ne sabhi type ke mardo? ko try kiya hua hai ek baari . yaar uski hrek baat mein yehi toh hota hai, MAIN IN SAB MARDO KO JAANTI HOON . bta raha hoon bhai logo shakal chahe uski achi hai yaa nahi par fsa isne kaafi mard rakhe thhey adashi se pehle lol..:D

  • Jaswin kaur

    pl. bring Mohnish back before people stop watching the serial. He is the most suitable for the role of Dr. Ashutosh.

  • Angela

    get well soon monish and plz return to KTLK UR THE BEST

  • AKS

    I have stopped watching the serial eversince Mohnish Behl left the serial. He looked more convincing as Dr Ashutosh. And please, don’t bring him back by showing that he got amnesia or something. I want to see a clean story of two individuals of different age groups getting married and raising a family together. It will be intresting to watch different viewpoints while tackling siituations of life…kids, education, boyfriends of daughters.. But before that, Get Mohnish Behl back…please

  • Vafia

    MB sir plz return to KTLK before marriage takes place and surprise all the viewers and fans.

  • seema maurya

    dear sir aap mohnish sir ko hi lekar ayo is siriyal mai nidhi ka sath wahi theek lagte hai

  • Vafia

    Bonding between MB N KK was performed outstanding. However SK tries to convince his performance but cannot create magic.MB used to dilever his dialogues very patiently which has made impact on the viewers. Age of a person makes him or her calm.The mature age needed for the show dose not match SK , that’s why hyperness is seen in his performance. KK nowadays looks very much disturbed. The vibrancy which she portrayed in the beginning of the show has been lost since MB quit.. There should not be the replacement of the main lead in the show it hurts the sentiments of the viewers. MB N KK were the best couple according to the story demand. I wish to see MB returning to the show and recreate the magic, the freshness and the excitement which was lost since the exit ..fill the show with more light moments with armaan n. nidhi they togeather can create hilarious situations.

  • Vafia

    Try ,try, try till you succeed this is what fans are trying to achive for the comeback of MB to the show, but it seems he is not keen to listen to the request of his fans. . Comeback of Mallika will never ever impact on viewers because she is just made to ruin the life of main lead. Return of MB to the show will fill excitement in viewers and hopefully story line would improve which is very much dragging . Creating twist one after another will never help instead some happy moments some bonding, some adjustments due to age gap must be shown. Now a days interest in watching the show has been diminished. A well executed show has lost its charm . An unusual love story has lost its freshness.. MB N KK tog filled the characters with life and had fully justified the performance..

  • Vafia

    Magnetism of MB performance kept us glued in front of the screen. Since his exit from the show drastically shuffled the story line. The maturity of character portrayed by MB was very acceptable , SK cannot match the standards with MB. SK might not coppy MB but due to replacement he must not forget the maturity performed by MB which is not seen in his act. KK now days seems lost her eagerness in the show she seems dragging herself . The character of nidhi when acted with MB was portrayed with entthusiasm and vibrancy which was appreciated by viewers. As per demand of the story SK N KK do not fit tog. Instead MB N KK were the most suited as per story. MB N KK accordingly motivated each other in order to bring out the best performance. A well executed show has lost its charm. If MB returns to the show somehow it will regain its maturity and enthusiasm of the co stars who worked with him, so we can watch some good content and no more crap. Which has disappointed us in last 2 mths.

  • Vafia

    The most unrealistic thing went wrong with KTLK team was its replacement of an established actor the main lead. The script written was very much suited MB , he had enacted also very well. No other actor would be able to enact th role of Dr Aashoutosh . MB had portrayed it with his patience which is the utmost quality needed in a doc. KK with MB portrayed her role with ease which made her chemistry work with MB and was very adorable. . Many people think holding hands or hugging each other leads to being romantic. I think contact with eyes and mesmerising each other is the most touchy feeling of romance. MB N KK were very good at it. They used to emote their feelings without a word been said which made the viewers watch the show.SK could not match his act with MB which was very much appreciated. The main attraction of the show is the main lead, if the main lead is only replaced the urge of watching the show will fade and no twist and turn will help to revive the show.

  • Vafia

    Love stories are created only once, performance gives life to the character portrayed. KTLK upto 109 episodes with all ups and downs was progressing smoothly, exit of MB from the show gave a complete pause to the show.replacing the main lead disheartened all the viewers. A beautifully executed show lost its charm. MB N KK with their unforgettable performance made the viewers glued in front of the screen . Since MB exit the show has become lifeless. The show has incorporated all the unwanted twist, return of Mallika and jagan. It seems the show should not breathe easy only roller coaster rides are necessary to add more nuisance to it. We still miss MB N KK togeather the bonding between them was very much adorable .the emotions between MB N KK was very naturally portrayed. We cannot see emotional bonding between SK N KK.

  • Vafia

    If Mallika and jagan can come back to KTLK why can’t MB return . Memories are to be cherished , MB gave us a lot of good memorie when he was present in the show.. Now we watch the show but we don’t enjoy to that extent when KK N MB were present togeather. We are still waiting for the presence of MB in the show.. Jal bin machali is similar to KTLK without MB.. plz re enter MB on his place cause all the co stars are desperate to enact with him.

  • Vafia

    Now days TV medium has gone up to tremendous heights on which actors don’t have to struggle much as the shows make them popular through their acting skills which is aired 5 times a week and the specific character played by them gives them a strong recognition. Dr Aashoutosh played by MB was a remarkable character portrayed by him, that is why we cannot see anybody else on his place. The story demand was fullfilled with the pair made with MB N KK both had complemented each other. Awkwardness and being hesitant was natural as per the vast age difference. With SK N KK the age difference is not seen. We would still like to see MB N KK tog cause emotions expressed by them was natural and yet touchy.

  • Vafia

    Certain characters are written keeping the specific person in mind.. Dr Aashoutosh was written keeping MB in mind which was portrayed with sincerity and outstanding performance which is still remembered. SK without copying cannot match his act. Replacing the main lead has destroyed the whole charm of the show.MB N KK with their being hesitant and awkward in front of each other was performed beautifully . Many people think comming close to each other is romantic , to my thought it would be possible if the age difference is hardly any thing, as seen in the act SK N. KK the age gap is not seen, but the story demands age gap in which MB N KK very much fit.and has performed to the mark.. MB N KK togeather are very much missing from the show. We are just writing which is not taken under consideration nor been responded as if not read.. We want to hear the good news of MB returning to the show.. Every problem has solution, plz resolve all the problems. We are waiting to see the good content , and enthusiasm I

  • Vafia

    Certain characters are written keeping the specific person in mind.. Dr Aashoutosh was written keeping MB in mind which was portrayed with sincerity and outstanding performance which is still remembered. SK without copying cannot match his act. Replacing the main lead has destroyed the whole charm of the show.MB N KK with their being hesitant and awkward in front of each other was performed beautifully . Many people think comming close to each other is romantic , to my thought it would be possible if the age difference is hardly any thing, as seen in the act SK N. KK the age gap is not seen, but the story demands age gap in which MB N KK very much fit.and has performed to the mark.. MB N KK togeather are very much missing from the show. We are just writing which is not taken under consideration nor been responded as if not read.. We want to hear the good news of MB returning to the show.. Every problem has solution, plz resolve all the problems. We are waiting to see the good content , enthusiasm and vibrancy in the show.

  • Vafia

    Nidhis tiff to Mallika is like nehle pe dehla. A good change in mood of nidhi, inspite of tears. It is just a waste of time and words to bring back MB..An actor is in the mind of viewers till the show is aired and the story is interesting, adding replacement just shakes the rhythm of the show which disturbs the performance of the co stars.SK is an good actor but is not a good replacement for the show , I rather think no other actor can justify that MB gave us.with his performance. The bonding between SK N KK is not very appealing., MB N KK were very much compatible and the age difference was also seen which was the story demand and was appreciated by us.. I just love to watch music channel but the promos and performance of the main lead made me watch the show,, the replacement and negativity added to the show just drowned the show drastically.

  • Vafia

    Ktlk team has very much ruined the content of the show. They have tried to recreate a chemistry of the lead pair which cannot be accepted. Bonding between two personalities can be created just once, a replacement could not recreate again. While performing an act two things are more important expression n emotions, which was beautifully performed by MB N KK tog..SK just cannot emote nor can express his feelings it is felt that all his expression are the same. Put an end to Mallika’s evil tactics it is quite irritating . Some happy moments, some bonding between lead pair, some hilarious situations with armaan n nidhi will make the show breathe happy.Why have NP n hiraman

  • Vafia

    Rajshri production introduced the viewers with positive MB, transformation of a person from negative to positive was very much appreciated. MB performance in KTLK was outstanding which we still remember. The replacement in the show made loose it’s charm, a beautifully created chemistry got ruined with change of person.MB N KK were very much attached to the character performed. SK N KK tog just cannot justify performance, the vibrancy, enthusiasm and urge of togetherness is not seen at all. KK seems disturbed. The co stars armaan n hiraman kaka has disappeared from the show.some light moments should be added to ease out the show.. Life is full of surprises , will MB be able to surprise his fans by re appearing on the show which is incomplete without him. It is just a request on behalf of all the fans who are willing to see you as Dr Aashoutosh which cannot be justified with the replacement act.

  • Vafia

    Performance of MB has got stuck in the minds of viewers that’s why many of them cannot accept SK in his place. Fans are still wanting to watch MB on his place but are disheartened .I had never before commented on any show, but KTLK had exited me the most and will be my first n the last show which I watched with eagerness, exit of MB from the show disturbed me and made me write on this site. The creative team is not wanting to hear the plea of fans. SK tries to make his best but cannot match his act with MB, cause Mb has his own style and aura which cannot be aped perfectly with any replacement. KK is trying to create her bonding with SK but is not able to. MB N KK are still been missed due to their chemistry was perfectly matched with their performance.

  • Vafia

    The show is on with all ups n downs. Differences between ashni has been calmed down. The one thing I don’t like is the seen between MB N KK should not been re shoot between SK N KK cause it destroys the originality of the act. The chemistry between MB N KK was too good , as MB not the part of KTLK any more he is still missed. The story n performance of KTLK would have been more different if MB would have been its part, his dialogue his expressions n emotions were outstanding. SK is good at romance. KK is performing up to the mark but plz enhance her look, she looks more dull these days. Plz re enter armaan on the show as he adds happiness to the act.

  • Rohit Sovni

    Sharad kelkar is much better than mohnish behl…
    I like him.

  • Rohit Sovni

    Please re-enter Armaan on the show as he adds happiness to the act…!!!