KUCH TOH LOG KAHENGE: Why Anuj Saxena lost out to Sharad Kelkar

Sat, March 10, 2012 11:00am IST by
KUCH TOH LOG KAHENGE: Why Anuj Saxena lost out to Sharad Kelkar

The Kkusum actor was almost finalised as Mohnish Behl’s replacement when a look test undid him

We were the first to tell you that Anuj Saxena was the most probable replacement for Mohnish Behl in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. Anuj had already met the show’s producer Rajan Shahi for playing the new Dr Ashutosh. Many of you who read the story commented that he was not the right choice, and we too wondered whether Anuj would be convincing in the role.

The latest buzz we heard about this is that the production house and channel concerned were all set to have him sign the dotted line till they did a look test. Anuj has recently cropped his hair really short, army style. When Kritika Kamra (who plays the female lead Dr Nidhi) and he came together for a look test, everyone realised that this pairing wouldn’t work. Anuj did not look mature enough for the role. Dr Ashutosh is a middle-aged man in love with a 22-year-old girl in the show, and the Kkusum actor just did not look old enough.

That’s when the production house and channelwallahs dropped the idea of casting Anuj and scrambled to finalise the deal with actor Sharad Kelkar instead. Sharad revealed recently that since he didn’t have any projects in hand, he had been experimenting with his looks by growing a stubble. When he met the producers for starring in KTLK, they were impressed with his new look and urged him to continue with it for the show, too. That’s how Sharad is now the new Dr Ashutosh instead of Anuj. The ways of television!

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  • satheesh kumar n

    I am a father of 2 children and i have never seen a serial like this with a involvement of characters in such a way that it impress all the viewers with a immense pleasure. I am very much dissapointed with the exit of Mr.Monish behl and i cannot imagine the character without him that match Dr.Nidhi(Ms.kritika) also. we all miss you Mr.Monish please come back … U are simply superb with your expressions, dialogue delivery and your body language suits the character with a maturity. no one can forget when you sounds-Hi nidhi, Hi doc and especially the character of Dr.Nidhi and Armaan will definetly miss u as you potrays. A big thanks to the producer, director and sony tv for giving a wonderful serial. Chaye kuch to log kahe please come back Mr.Monish……

  • pradip

    After the exit of monish i am not watching KTLK. Pls come back without you the show is nothing

  • thouseef

    hi sir i am very disappointed with the exit of Mr.Monish and i cannot imagine the character without him that match Dr.Nidhi we all miss you Mr.Monish please come back sir plssssssssssssssssssssssss,U are simply superb no one can forget when you sounds-Hi nidhi, Hi doc and especially the character of Dr.Nidhi will definitely miss u as you portray.please come back Mr.Monish. with out u that serial is not completed u r the most wanted person in that serial sir, so rejoin sir be half of our family member we request u to plsssss join sir…i am watching it because of you. Pls be back sir. I want to see you with Dr. Niddhi. It is shocking news. I am waiting for u in KTLK. me and my family people eagerly wait for this serial every day sir, scene now u r not there so we r not going to see this serial until and unless u will come back sir pls……….

  • Vinay Chachan

    After the exit of monish i am not watching KTLK. Pls come back without you the show is nothing.

  • bharti

    makers suru kyu karte he serials agar sambhaal nahi sakte first u attract public for TRP or jab watchers attached ho jate he to aap characters replace kar dete ho no one can be imagened as dr ashu except monish behl without monish behl we r not going to watch kuch to log kahenge

  • KK

    i cannot imagine anyone in this character except mohnish.no other actor can replace him even though how much romance they show it’s going to do nothing to the show.anyway most of them stopped to watch this show with MB’s exit only.

  • Saha

    Hii, I am writing this on behave of my friend who is a great fan of this serial and specially she used to see becoz of MB and KK chemistry and she love MB as Dr Ashu. but this friday she was very sad when in place of MB she saw SK. She had a hope that MB will come back. For me it doesn’t matter who is their in serial or not becoz i don’t watch this kind of serial. I know that this people only care about their self not about their Viewers they know only one thing That is TRP. But my frnd she still has a hope that at-least SONY TV will bring MB back. i have try to make her to understand but she is really a fool. and i can’t see a sadness on her face becoz she is very quiet and innocent frnd of mine. Please Sony Tv try to bring MB back for my frnd. I know my frnd doesn’t matter for u people but she is a viewers and for all other viewers who are requesting you Please bring MB and MB come back for u r fans. Prove my frnd right That u people care about Your viewers bring MB back.

  • MS

    They think SK matches and he look matured for this Show No he doesn’t look. i think this story was of older man and younger girl. but this pair doesn’t suit. Your first choice was right u people. That is Mohnish bhel. are first and last Dr. Ashutosh. he was a perfect person for this role and he has given justice to this role. After her exit from the show i have not watch any epi of this show. Please Sony Tv don’t break are heart like this Please bring MB back SONY TV u can do something for u r all viewers. NO MB NO KTLK. MB Come back Please Sony Tv bring him back.

  • Harsha

    no one excpt MB sir can step into dr.ashu’s character! producer could cut half his sceness..but he din’t convnce MB sir….nw gt ready for the results…no one is goin to see KTLK!

    • rahul baheti

      it would v better if Monish Behl will v there 4 d role of DR.ASHUTOSH …………………………………………

  • sandhya

    I was shocked to see someone else in the place of Dr.Ashuthosh. The actor they selected didn’t have that much maturity that Dr. Ashuthosh has. The chemistry between mohnishji and krithika was superb because of that we were watching the serial. Sony TV can u do something for ur viewers. Plz do something to bring back mohnishji. Otherwise no one is going to see KTLK. Mohnishji plz come back…..

    • hina

      ya …. plz bring back mohnish behl plz he looked so nice in kuch to log kaehin ge. i watched this serial only 4 mohinsh behl …. i will never see this serial , till mohnish behli come back plz bring mohnish behli plz

  • mamta

    When ktlk had Mb We watched it at 8 then 11 then 2 ,next !2 noon and then again at three . That is five times a day . After that we watched the omnibus on Saturday which Sony cruelly took off . right now have been watching earlier episodes for the umpteenth time , they good every time you watch them . Watched 9th march once and did not feel inclined to watch it again . What TRps is Sony TV talking about ? I seriously think It is Sneha Rajani who should have been asked to walk to destroy something relaxing for us old timers as even the cricket is awful with all the great players leaving . SK has huge shoes to fill – will he beup to it ? they may have to ask Mhnish to dub for him



  • Sujatha

    Sharad doesnot look matured as requires to the role of Dr.Ashutosh. Please bring MB back in the show. you are breaking so many hearts.

  • nishu

    manish behl is right match with dr nidhi verma
    sharad did no match with her, kindly request come back in this show,i saw the kuch to log kahege for manish i dont like show without manish plz come back manish.

  • hitu

    WE want MB as dr. ashu no one else

  • Monika Patel

    Sharad Kelkar is a very bad choice to play Dr Ashutosh.He is not convincing as 18 years older to Nidhi.MB’S acting wasnt great but he was very convincing as Dr Ashutosh and they looked good together. Wasnt there another better choice??

  • mamta

    Yesterday,s episode which I saw only to see how SK is going to substitute . Was very disappointed as all the actors seem to be in daze and the story line is taking a strange downhill plunge – mallika/suhasini intrigue back again as ludicrous as they are and DB,s shrieking also back . Simply disgusting – can now understand why MB left and so will we all . Good luck to Sony

  • Prit

    i used to watch KTLK only for Mohnish ! so plz, plz get him back in serial! no one can replace him!

  • Pragya

    SK does not fit the bill. He does not look 42 at all!

  • Rakesh Sinha

    it’s very disappointing for everyone here to see that new Ashutosh as he’s not matching with Dr.Nidhi at all…….we want our old Ashutosh.plz bring back him without any delay(Monish Ball).

    • mamta

      Watched the episode to see the replacement and was so diappointed as SK is trying very hard but just does not have the intensity of MB. Also does not look as old as he is supposed to . He is just reciting the dialogue by heart with no feeling . Too bad and sad

  • Chaaru

    SK does not fit the bill!!! He doesnt look 40 plus.. and obviously looks much younger to Dr. Mallika too…MB suited perfect..if possible, pls get him back…actually now I lost interest and stopped watching the show after the change..

  • sangeetha

    SK is superb with the moustache beard and new look. awesome
    pls dont change he look. MB was also gud. his style is gud and different. but SK is also a gud choice for new ashutosh. keep it up, dont change hte look.

  • Mohammad

    Please bring MB.He was the right person in this serial.I have no interest left in this serial.One more thing i want to say that i have not from Lucknow but one i was working in an MNC in Lucknow and i found Lucknow a five million people’s city and the friend of Mallika came from London and said its a small city.I have to say that don’t say Lucknow is a small city.Its not realistic.Lucknow is almost a metro city.If you will show Lucknow is a small city the people of UP will not like it because its not the truth.Lucknow is second largest city in North India after Delhi.Please correct it in the episodes where you have focused Lucknow a small city.

  • Hari

    Direc/Produ,please MB ko wapas layea.Mahine main 10or12 days shoot karne ke liye contract kiye the.abhi to 20 mint ka episode hai.10days shooting kafi hai.Mohnis ke bina o seriel boaring lagta hai.Hum viwers hai apki show dekheke enjoy karte hain.aapko to paisa milta hai aur acting karne balokobhi.Itin request karneke bad bhi kisiko fark nahi padta.Hum kuta jesi bhook rahi hai.MB ko sulayea seriel ko end kare.

  • alka sahasrabuddhe

    mb ka koi replacement ho hi nahi sakta get well soon and come back mb please

  • Amrita debbarma

    Sir plsssssss MB Ko fir se wapas le aiye unke bina KTLK bilkol adura hai

  • leo

    kudos Sharad Kelkar… the best fit…. Mohnish was a misfit for the role…