Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Daadi overhears Aaliya and Tanu’s plans to defame Pragya

The episode begins with Sarla and family entering to wish Bunty and Babli for their birthday. Aaliya and Tanu spot Pragya (Sriti Jha) alone and taunt her about making her a maid in the house. Pragya is wondering where Sarla is but Aaliya and Tanu’s constant comments do not stop. They drop a hint and Pragya tells them that she won’t sit quietly if they insult her more. Aaliya scares Pragya telling her that Sarla might be too shocked to even live. Daadi, Daasi and Sarla are discussing about Aaliya and Tanu as they look at them taunting Pragya. Sarla heads towards them and takes Pragya away.

Sarla asks her to not worry when Pragya tells her that she needs to take care of her health. Sarla tries to tell her something when Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) sees them and asks Sarla to not bother Pragya. Abhi and Pragya start bickering and Abhi takes Pragya away. Abhi mocks Sarla for scolding like a school principle and then, gives her one of those party caps. But she hurts herself and they share some cute moments as Daadi looks on. She prays that Pragya and Abhi get back together soon. Aaliya and Tanu give Nikhil instructions about taking some controversial pictures with Pragya that they will show on a projector at the party. They ask Nikhil to act like Pragya’s ex-boyfriend who is willing to get back together with her. They talk about how Pragya will never be able to say anything. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi finds out the truth about Pragya’s pregnancy)

Daadi overhears their conversation and decides to come up with a plan. The party begins with kids playing musical chairs as Daadi is looking for Pragya. She sees Pragya talking to a bunch of guests and drags her in a corner to tell her everything. Just then, Bunty and Babli ask Pragya to dance with them but Abhi stops her because he thinks she is pregnant. He forbids her from dancing at the party. Pragya gives them their gifts and they thank her by calling her ‘chachi’ shocking everyone and Abhi.

Mitali interferes and takes the kids away when Abhi asks Pragya why they called her chachi. She tells him that they called him chacha and he calls the kids back to confirm. But Daadi interrupts saying that it was nothing. Mitali’s mother-in-law jokes about the kids calling Tanu ‘brahmarakshas’. Tanu storms out when Abhi also joins in and mocks her. Daadi tries to tell Pragya about what she overheard but couldn’t since Aaliya was right there. The kids then cut their birthday cake. Abhi tells Pragya that she has cake on her mouth and he tries to remove it.

A jealous Tanu looks at them with a frown on her face as they feed each other cake. Aaliya explains to her that in some time, the smile will fade away. Meanwhile, Daadi is worried and wondering how to tell Pragya everything. Just then, Purab asks Daadi why she is worried and she tells him everything that she overheard. Purab and Daadi decide to stop Aaliya and Tanu from doing whatever they are planning. Will Aaliya and Tanu succeed in their plan? Stay hooked with us to find out.