Kumkum Bhagya full episode 23rd September 2016 written update: Abhi brings Pragya home!

Dadi comes home and tells her sister that she saw Pragya (Sriti Jha). Her sister makes fun of her. She says she actually saw Pragya. Mitali comes and changes the topic. Tanu (Leena Jumani) asks Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) to meet her more often. Abhi says he has some work and leaves. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is happy that she got to spend time with Abhi. Aaliya scolds her for acting so desperate.

Beeji asks if Pragya received her call. Sarla calls Pragya for breakfast. She receives a message from Abhi. She leaves. Aaliya brings Tanu to Abhi’s house. Tanu asks if this is the right time to be introduced to the family. Aaliya tells her she has planned everything. Tanu asks what about Dadi. Aaliya tells her that they accepted her and they will accept Tanu also. Mitali argues with her mother-in-law on the table.Abhi brings Pragya to an office. He asks her to wait in the car till he call her. He leaves to check the office.Also Read: Kumkum Bhagya full episode 22nd September 2016 written update

Aaliya introduces everyone to Tanu. Dadi stops her and scolds Aaliya for bringing her home. Aaliya laughs on her. She reminds her that Abhi has forgotten everything. She tells her that Abhi himself has brought Tanu. She reminds her of Abhi’s medical condition. She warns everyone not to tell Abhi anything about his past. They sit on the table.

Abhi asks Pragya if she is upset. Pragya gets irritated and asks him why did he call her. Abhi tells her that she was testing her patience. He tells her that he has found the job for her. She asks if the job is fine. He assures her she has checked everyone. Abhi comes home. He brings Pragya home.

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