Kumkum Bhagya: Is Mrunal Thakur becoming more popular than Sriti Jha?

Kumkum Bhagya: Is Mrunal Thakur becoming more popular than Sriti Jha?

The Ekta Kapoor show is witnessing some major drama

Balaji Telefilms’ Kumkum Bhagya starring Shabbir Ahluwalia (Abhi), Sriti Jha (Pragya), Arjit Taneja (Purab) and Mrunal Thakur (Bulbul) has recently become the talk of the town. Usually, the lead actors often walk away with the love of the audiences and popularity. However, things seem a little different.

The two tracks running simultaneously include Bulbul’s love track with Purab and Pragya’s post marriage dilemma with Abhi. But the junta seems to be more interested to see Bulbul’s love story than Pragya’s complicated marriage. In the recent episodes, we saw Purab run away from his wedding to Alia (Abhi’s sister) when he figures out her plans. He tries to meet Bulbul so that he can convince her to marry him. With all the complications – fans are eagerly waiting to see how Purab and Bulbul will meet.

When we met Mrunal on the sets of Kumkum Bhagya and queried her about this, she said, “The audience wants Purab and me to marry, no matter what. But will Bulbul agree or not remains to be seen.” According to us, the audience seems more interested in knowing Bulbul’s fate. Ever since Mrunal’s track has gained importance, her popularity has soared to new heights. So does that mean Sriti’s track has taken a backseat? Well not ‘coz the makers intend to, circumstances just compelled them to concentrate more on Bulbul and Purab. Of course, it is indirectly intertwined to Abhi and Pragya’s future as a married couple.

Even on social networking sites, Mrunal seems to have gained a lot of popularity and fan following. Knowing Sriti, we are sure the actor will not have a problem with it.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pia

    noooooo…we are more interested to know pragya and abhi,,we liked both to much…they are looks cute together,,, specially jab ladai karte h

  • Anjali

    I love purab and bulbul jodi and i am big fan of both

    • Guest

      Pragya is awasome…..plz dnt compare her with ayone.

  • Sara DON’T

    And you can only expect media to make these pathetic comparisons! Whoever wrote the articles doesn’t probably watch the show.

    The most beautiful thing about this show is that the 4 main characters and their stories are inter-linked. Circumstances of one have direct impact on the other. Shabur, Sriti, Mrunal & Arjit are like the four pillars holding a roof together.

  • mahi

    no v lik pargya more thn bulbul

  • zenith

    are you guys for real from where tis comparison nonsense came sriti herself as a name in the industry she is one of those actress who have immense respect from audience tis popularity nonsense is nothing infront of the name she have gained in the industry wohh kya bholtey naam hi kaafi hai to watch a show coz sriti’s selection of shows wont go wrong she is one of those most respected actress in the industry even mrunal said she is a fan of sriti and plz u should watch the show kumkumbhagya trp went up coz of abhi pragya track and we love whole team kkb

  • Priya Bhatia

    i dont think post is true……sriti is more popular

  • Priya Bhatia

    i love sriti jha more……she is very delicate different n beautiful……mrunal cannot match her

    • Guest

      Mrunal is so beautiful than sriti ja

      • Priya Bhatia

        see i really do not know who u are….but if u really have a decent choice so bulbul aka mrunal apko pasand aa hi nhi skti…..i mean she is just yaaaaaaak….talks pathetically…..her voice so creechy aur na hi kisi angle se khubsoorat h…..uska ek bhi feature of her face obvio is not worth….she is the ugliest….aur jo ye dikha rakha h dat she is more beautiful than her elder sis is totally out of my mind dat is only coz pragya is a very simple girl she does not dress up a lot as well as bulbul is modern girl but jahan tak shakl ki baat ki jaaye toh mrunal fail h infact completely fail h……ap sriti k previous shows dekhoge toh apko pata chalega….!!!!!

  • d

    why do u guys write shit. U guys dont see the show that is why this bakwas article came up. If u had seen it u would have not written this shit. The show only became popular aft abhi and pragya got married and their cute fights well if u dont believe me check the trps when bulbul’s love story was on and now when abhi and pragya’s story is on. This show is on num 2 thanks to abhi and pragya. To be honest bulbul’s love story was rushed

    • Priya Bhatia

      yes it is…..this i have noticed too…..i support u totally dear!!!

  • rukhsar

    i luv pragya and abhi

  • simmi

    No ways..as a audience I am more interested in abhi pragya story. Sriti is very talented actress..there is no comparison b/w sriti and Mrunal.

    • reema bhadra

      Me and my mother r more interested in abhi and pragya story.both their acting are phenomenal.sriti is magnificant.i like her a lot.

  • han

    nope.. PURAB & BULBUL all the way! <3

  • maddy

    Dont get me wrong I really like sriti and pragya! But the pragya and abhi story is soo typical; every other bollywood drama: get married, hate each other, then slwoly fall In love. I mean its the same story again and again just with different people so that makes abhi & pragya a little boring.
    But I LOVE bulbul and purab; their cute and romantic and have adorable scenes: its so good to watch them and predict how they will end up together rather than just knowing the story of pragya and abhi.

    • Priya Bhatia

      hey typical what….toh bulbul aur purab k scenes me kya khaas h

  • Ranjana Rai

    Pragya is awasome,,,I jus love her….Its oly coz pragya and abhi are there am watching the serial,

  • deipa

    Both r gud… but sriti jha is a versatile actor she had done many roles..and as a matter of fact sriti is more talented n an experienced actress n works from many years on tv..

  • sanaya

    This show is great I love it abhi and pragya are the best there so cute together