Kunaal Roy Kapur to direct a dark comedy

The Delhi Belly and Nautanki Saala actor is all set to make his second film

Kunaal Roy Kapur, who directed a small budget movie – a mockumentary— President Is Coming in 2009, is planning to get back to direction with another dark comedy. Kunaal, who came into the limelight after playing the funny character of Nitin Beri in Delhi Belly, has completed the script of his next movie and has also found a producer. “If you want to be a part of edgy offbeat films then there are very few been made. You have to start generating your own content if you want to be a part of different films. Directing is more involving than acting. You get to poke your nose into other people’s business and tell them what to do, which is always nicer than acting,” said Kunaal.

But the Nautanki Saala actor won’t act in this social satire. “I won’t act in it. I want to try to direct it right and not put my finger in too many pies,” he said. Then who will he cast for this social satire? “I am in the process of casting, and things should become clearer soon.”