Kunal Deshmukh to make a special appearance in Emraan Hashmi’s Raja Natwarlal?

Apart from donning the director’s cap for the film, he has also acted in it

Emraan Hashmi will be seen alongside Pakistani actor Humaima Malik in the upcoming film Raja Natwarlal, directed by Kunal Deshmukh. We hear that the movie’s director will make an appearance in it. How, you ask? Reportedly, a junior artist didn’t report on the sets of the film and so, Kunal decided to do the role himself. Multi-talented, eh?

A source was quoted by a daily, “The actor was to play a man whose wallet had been picked on an escalator. The scene was filmed in a shopping mall in Mulund. The unit was having some problem with the lighting and the actor who was supposed to play the bit part was absent. So, Kunal sprung into action, and though nervous, gave a perfect shot.”

Kunal confirmed the news, said, “I’d like to believe that it’s my Hitchcock moment and not a Subhash Ghai cameo. Yes, I was extremely nervous as it is not a fleeting appearance. However, it went off well and was canned in just two takes.”

What more! We hear that if his cameo turns lucky for Raja Natwarlal, Kunal Deshmukh may repeat his feat in all his films. He laughingly said, “I’d probably make it a ritual then.”