Kunal loses it for ‘Don 2’! Err… his hair, that is!

Like Arjun Rampal, the dishy Mr Kapoor too has cut his locks for an SRK movie

Kunal Kapoor is one of the few actors who could carry off long hair, wethinks. Yet, when he sported short hair as the freedom fighter in Rang De Basanti, you still loved him, right? Say yes! ‘Cause you are going to see him in his short hair avatar once again in Don 2. Kunal has sportingly cut those tresses that were his trademark style for the Shahrukh Khan movie. And since he’s doing a couple of other projects at the same time, he will be seen in a short haircut in those, too. So it is going to be a while before you see long hair on Kunal’s pate again. Fortunately the tall, dark and handsome Doga (super)hero has no regrets. As he says, “Oh, it was a wonderful relationship…we shared some great times, but I guess we sort of grew apart!!”

Kunal may have just cut his hair short, but a few other B-towners have taken more drastic measures. Like Sanjay Dutt, who has gone bald for Agneepath. And Arjun Rampal who went almost-bald for RA.One.

We like Kunal’s new look. Heck, we’ll like him even if he has no hair! The guy is just mega-gorgeous. But what do you think? Do you like his new hairstyle? If you wanna check it out in the Don 2 trailer, click here.