Kushal Tandon: Salman Khan was always biased towards Tanishaa and Armaan!

Bigg Boss 7

The small screen actor took the Bigg Boss 7 house by storm this season – be it for his lovey-dovey equation with Gauahar Khan or for his fights with Tanishaa Mukherji

Kushal Tandon has added much needed tadka to the latest season of Bigg Boss. With his exit we wonder what’s in store for the Bigg Boss 7 audience and for the actor himself. Was Salman Khan responsible for the Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’s actor’s untimely ouster? Will Bigg Boss 7 be lacklustre post his exit? We find out from the not so politically correct actor what the inside story really is….

Are you happy to be out of the Bigg Boss house – or do you have regrets?

I absolutely do no have any regrets, because I stood for people whom I respect. I took a stand, so I do not have any kind of regret.

You have been in the house for 46 days. How would you describe the experience of being locked inside a space with total strangers?

It was fantastic and different. It was a one-time experience and I had fun. When I came out, I was really overwhelmed with the response I got on Twitter and various reports. All of them have took a stand for me and want to see me back in the house.

So given a chance, would you like to enter the house again?

To be frank, I would not like to go to the house again as a wild card entry or anything. It’s fun to be outside.

When you entered the house, what were you were looking for? Did you expect to make friends? Were there a lot of people that you perceived differently and then saw a different side of when you stayed with them?

Yeah, everybody is different. People change there by every passing hour. When I entered the house, I knew that I will get along with only five or six people and not all 15 of them, because it’s almost impossible to get along with each and every person.

Was Bigg Boss 7 a risk, considering that TV stars generally have a clean image when compared to other people who are known to be controversial?

It was not a risk. See, I always stood for right and I always fought for people. I never really had a personal fight with anyone. It was always for other people. One (read: VJ Andy) cannot discuss a girl’s size and her lingerie on national television. It’s totally disrespectful. At the end of the day, I am a guy and I had to take a stand. Mere liye Bigg Boss ke log important nahin hai, bahar ke log zyaada important hai. So now that the entire nation is with me, I don’t think it was a risk at all.

One of the most talked about things in the house was your chemistry with Gauahar, which is sizzling. So people outside were speculating whether this relationship will last outside the house as well. Is Gauahar that special person in your life right now?

Yes, she is special. She is a very ‘good friend’ and of course, the friendship will continue outside the house as well.

So there is no romance in the air at all?

She is…ummmm….a very good friend.

Many spectators believe that Salman Khan is biased towards Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli. Do you think Armaan and Tanishaa got away away easier than other contestants because of their closeness to Salman?

Salman was always biased towards both of them. If you watch the footage, you will see that I have never abused any girl and Armaan Kohli has abused almost every girl in the house. So when a guy like him has abused the entire house and hasn’t been told anything and in the same task, when I just told Tanishaa. ‘Look at your sister and look at you’, I was scolded by Salman. So aap gaali deke maafi maang lo toh woh theek hai, par at least maine kisiko gaali toh nahin di, na!

Do you think that Armaan and Tanishaa are bullies in the house because they know that Salman Khan is always there to support them?

Yes. See Armaan has bullied the entire house, but he never bullied me. So, yeah…

You were definitely one of the strong contenders in many ways. Do you think your exit is a designed exit? Do you think circumstances were created so that you walked out of the house?

It’s nothing designed, actually. All of what happened was very spontaneous. So now that I have left the house, it’s a loss for them, because I was giving them so much content that other housemates won’t be able to give.

Candy Brar entered the house right around the time you made an exit. There were also speculations that this is a very well timed exit. How do you react?

See, it’s not Kushal Tandon’s house, it’s the Bigg Boss house. So bringing Candy in to add some spice was really hilarious.

So what’s next for Kushal Tandon?

I am looking out for movies. I have been having meetings. So let my work talk now.

What is that one thing you hated most about the Bigg Boss 7 house?

Nothing, yaar! All good. No hard feelings.

Who are those people from the house that you will miss a lot?

Apurva (Agnihotri) and Gauahar.

Gauahar has gone back into the house. Do you think that with you she was well protected and now that you are not in the house, the situation is going to be worse for her?

No, yaar! She is a very strong girl and I am sure she will do fine. Baaki bahar se I will always support her.

Did she discuss this decision of hers to go back in the house with you, since you both left the house together?

Yes. We had a lot of discussion on this and I told her to go back.

We had a word with Viveik Mishra after he was evicted and he revealed some secrets about you and Gauahar. He told us that you and she were locked inside the loo for a good 15 minutes. What do you have to say about this?

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  • mahin khan

    Plz kushal cme bak to big boss house we want u bak…:(…nd wanna see u again..

  • Jargan

    Is it, stupid kushal.. Guahar nay ullu bana k nikalpadi

  • Mariah

    Kushal pls come back…….without u BB7 is so boring

  • Anonymous

    My Khusal – You talk about being disrespectful. You got hurt baby coz tanisha pushed your back.. looser you couldnt sit inside the box for more than 3 mins and dumped ash tray on tanisha – where did your respect for women go then? Did you not cross your line..

    when you crossed your line while doing a task and tanisha reacted – you cried like a baby doll.
    when andy crossed the line (not that I support andy) – you hit him back and say that the entire country with you.. you buffoon!! :) Look at yourself.. :D

    • cynthia

      Kushal was descend enuff not to hit Tanisha bak wen she pushed him thrice ,,,he kept his cool..didnt u c that..juz dont c one side of the story n point at others juz coz salman on tanisha side

    • rose123

      You are absolutely right.
      looser thinks he’s a hero or wat.
      Spoilt guy who disrespects everyone including a panditji
      he mocked him so many times.
      hate u kushal

    • Nancy

      Totally agree with you. Saying he was “man enough” is hilarious. No woman should have been treated the way tanisha was. He respects women my a**! And to say he didn’t hit her back! Oh my gosh! What kind of a guy do you expect I hit a women back? Only the worst kinds!

  • cynthia

    Kushal was man enuff to stand up for his frens…he was man enuff to held his head up n walk out of the house with dignity..he didnt fake nor cry n beg n say sorry coz he knw wat he did was rite.Tats a Man .Kudos Kushal

  • sharmila Gurung

    We want kushal to come back. Love to see gauhar and kushal together…..

  • lucy

    salman is alright,i hate gohar n kushal

    • Kim Rai

      Hi Lucy,
      Learn how to spell the names correctly and then comment.. I think you are one of the family member of tanisha… Because except her families, rest of the world hates her…

  • preet

    Pls Kushal come back to big boss house we want u back …:-( :-( :-(

  • samara

    Kushal Tandon is a proper man who stood up for two women who were being disrespected by Andy in the name of a task. Kushal lost his cool and touched his neck because Andy was pathetic. In the episode of the tanisha drama, she got physical with him on purpose, not once, not twice but three times and she is still in the bigg boss. Salman khan is the real poonch of the Mukherjee/Devgan family and has lost all his respect, name, reputation and standards for nothing. Kushal and Gauhar have risen to the top from being nothing.

  • samara

    Kushal is a proper man who stood up for two women who were being disrespected by Andy in the name of a task. Kushal lost his cool and touched his neck because Andy was pathetic. In the episode of the tanisha drama, she got physical with him on purpose, not once, not twice but three times and she is still in the bigg boss. Salman khan is the real poonch of the Mukherjee/Devgan family and has lost all his respect, name, reputation and standards for nothing. Kushal and Gauhar have risen to the top from being nothing.

  • tanmay

    Kushal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cme back to bb house nt make us ‘tadpofaying’.

    • maggi

      Think twice b4 commenting on salman khan, salman is always right. kushal and gauhar are cheapest and pathetic people on the show, who doesn’t have sense to speak … its good that finally kushal is thrown out of the house and why gauhar came back to big boss without kushal??????? Big boss is not kushal tandon or gauhar khan’s show…..
      Salman Khan love you….. you rock always

  • Yaz

    If Kushal was so upset that Andy was talking about Gauhars lingerie, why didn’t he just forget about the task and confront him then.Why wait for the task to finish?? He’s just making excuses now!! Loser!!

  • khan

    This is true Kushal did say bad stuff to Tanisha but so did Armaan say bad stuff to all the girls (basically everyone)! Why didn’t Salman Khan say anything to Armaan? never watching Bigg Boss 7 again and telling my friends and family not to! Same applies for Bigg Boss 8 and so on. Because its ridiculous and annoying.

  • Sophie Renita

    I just want to say who does Arman think he is? He is 45 year old has been he was never in the A league anyway. The way he speaks to Tanisha is appalling. I don’t know why Tanisha puts up as if he’s her husband?? He is a bully and should be pulled up by BIg Boss and Salman. Why the kid gloves? He has had a face to face almost bash up with Andy, Asif, Ajaz, Kamya, Kushal and Sangaram. He thinks he owns the Big Boss household. I mean really come on Big Boss I think your biased. That too all the way from Australia. Be fair to all.

  • Ritesh Kataria

    Hello Friends & Kushal Supporters :-)

    I am with you Guhar you are a very nice girl. Also it dose not matter whether you are a a item girl or not what matters is that you are a good human being and you are always with the right. I Like Hrithik Roshan :-) He should be the host. Salman Khan, you have proved that you are not a good person at all by the way you have told about Kushal Tondon publicly on national television … Kushal is the best and I am sure all would agree with me …. Salman please don’t ask house members that do they need Kushal back in home or not ?? Ask the majority of public and have a voting done I am sure Kushal is back than :-) …………. You are very dishonest person Salman … Not Expected At all Buddy …… !!

    Guys lets stop watching Salman Khan’s Forthcoming Movies …. Shahrukh & Hrithik … are the best :-) Kushal is 100 times better than you Salman and please stop giving explanations these days every Saturday about yourself and Kushal…… Big Boos is flop if Kushal is not back again ………. You are our real start now Kushal & soon you will be in Bollywood my friend ……..


  • padma prasad

    salman pls don’t be sooooo partial with Elli cause she is also bitiching aganist others in the house.

  • nilesh

    Please bring kushal back to bb house or else u r going 2 loose 50%fans of bb

  • Prashant

    I hate salman khan. He has a very big ego.
    We all stop watching his movies he will become
    A zero and understand what is true fan falling.
    He should get fired from bb7. He is not doing
    A fair job. Guess who will win bb7???? Any one
    Could it be tanisha or arman the two losers in the
    House. This is my last year to watch bb7. Not a
    Fair show anymore.

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